Newsletter May 2007 by Cathy Combs

The Watermark Legacy

I celebrate my birthday this month. It’s been quite the year! Every year feels like a watermark of some kind. This year especially I feel like I’m drawing a line in the sand, a line on a wall of water. I’m charting new territory in so many ways! In my April Mystery School work at Diana’s Grove we were asked the question, “What do we want to be remembered for 400 years into the future?” My answer was I want to be remembered for being a vehicle for building a worldwide community where anyone can walk anywhere and feel not only safe but welcomed with open arms and heart like I feel at Diana’s Grove. See if you’d like more info about their programs.

I’ve also experienced some healing work led by Dr. Garland Landrith. His work is featured in the movie, “What The Bleep Do We Know?” It’s called tapping, or Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT. It works on the main acupressure points helping us release old childhood emotional wounds by rewiring the brain. EFT changes brain pathways which allows dramatic healing that wasn’t possible before. It was absolutely fascinating to experience this work. EFT is only one of many examples of new work dealing with quantum fields, or energy fields. The movie, “The Secret”, which I’ve now seen four times, also deals with the principles of energy. Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith reminds us that positive thoughts are hundreds of times more powerful than negative thoughts. He reminds us there’s a time delay between our thought and the manifestation of the thought’s impact in our lives! He says, “Thank goodness there is a delay in case we want to reassess the thoughts we’re thinking!” In both of these statements of Truth I feel the everpresent, overflowing Love and Grace of the Universe toward all Its creation! As we live into the trust of the “Unqualified Yes” toward life we open wider and wider to the everpresent Good always available to us. I experienced this awareness again recently when I understood yet again, “Yes, I trust the unfolding movement in my life.” I don’t have to know how It all works. I just have to know It works! The Cosmic Energy is always flowing. As we say, “Yes, I’m ready. My heart is open” the infinite flow of all Good can come to us. It’s always been there simply waiting for us to say, “Yes”. Like my reminder to myself, “Cathy, please focus on God Presence, not God Absence! Be in the here and now, not the past! Judgment is always triggered by the past! I’m using EFT to build new pathways to a new consciousness! Saying that reminds me of a comment Dr.Landrith made, “We’re beginning to understand what God is and God is opening the door and letting us see!” I see EFT as one of the new healing techniques allowing us to live our God Consciousness into full expression. Our “response-ability” is to know we’re worth it so we’ll unhesitatingly say “Yes” to our everpresent Good! We’re not pawns! We’re not victims! We’re co-creative partners with a loving quantum field of energy we call the Universe! I see that reality as the watermark learning of the 21st century! Moving into the “Unqualified Yes” toward life is the thrill of a lifetime. These ideas are expressed throughout the spiritual teachings of Unity, and the principles of quantum physics. There is no limit to what we can accomplish. Never before has it been so important for us to know this! By our choices we cocreate our lives! I’m moving toward Trust. I’m moving away from fear. One expression of this process and what we can do is exemplified by the “Complaint Free Universe” bracelets program. More than four million of these bracelets have been requested in 90 countries! Imagine what life is like as we move away from complaining into the empowerment of trusting ourselves and each other. To me it’s another example of practicing the Presence of the God Essence in us instead of the God Absence! It’s very dramatic the difference it makes in consciousness, in life! That’s the kind of watermark I want to leave in the world. I want people everywhere to know what level of Joy is possible here and now!

Another aspect of this process that means so very much to me is the statement, “It is important to honor our divinity and our humanity concurrently. We cannot pretend our humanity isn’t there. We cannot pretend our divinity isn’t there.” This says to me I am to be compassionate with myself and others while I am in the process of rising into being the full extent of the divinity I AM! That’s what I mean by saying as my own self reminder, “Cathy, please focus on God Presence, not God Absence.” I see that as everyone’s process. That is our watermark legacy to ourselves and each other! Dr. Robin Smith, a psychologist who often appears on Oprah’s show, said recently “I hope everyone goes to bed tonight uncomfortable.” She was saying how important it is to sit with our pain and experience it so we will really do what we need to do to move toward healing in our society. This comment was made in reference to moving toward healing the impact of the racist, sexist comments made by Don Imus. I say every aspect of our cultural experience needs to reflect a respect and dignity toward ourselves and each other! It’s another way of saying focus on God Presence, not God Absence! It is our call to consciousness! It is our call to wholeness! It is our call to recognize our holiness!

One way to do this is to honor and appreciate the many cultures of our world. One of my goals in life is to visit the holy sites of the world. Yet again one of my goals was delivered right to my doorstep. The Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit is in KC until May 13. I felt the Presence of Antiquity as I walked through that exhibit. I could smell the air of Antiquity Itself as I walked through the winding darkened hallways. It was like walking through the caves discovering the earthen jars for myself. I wish I would’ve stayed there longer. It’s worth a return trip to me. It was overpowering to experience that much time in such a short space of time! I was dizzy at times as I walked through Time listening to Its story. I hope you’ll give yourself this gift of experiencing one of the greatest discoveries of our lifetime. I see giving ourselves these kinds of gifts as one of the endless ways we can open our hearts and minds and lives to the endless bounty of Love and Grace the Universe has to give us. That’s how healing comes into being! That’s how world peace comes into being. That’s how prosperity comes into being. As you consider your watermark what gifts do you wish to bring into the world? What gifts do you wish to receive from the world? What do you have to do to be more open to the astonishing Good that is already present? Remember, the Universe says to you, “Your wish is my command!” If all of this is new to you I invite you into knowing you’re worth all the Good there is! You are an expression of Its very being! Namaste to you, dear friend!!!!!!!!

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