Newsletter June 2005

by Cathy Combs

Shining The Light Of Love And Understanding

As we head into this bright, hot month of June in the Midwest the sun is heading toward its zenith, its longest day, the Summer Solstice. Solstice means “sun standing still”. This holy day represents a time of contemplation and reflection in the Earth-Based spiritual traditions. It is a time to consider and reconsider our relationship with our lives. In that contemplative spirit it seems utterly fitting that I have written and rewritten this monthly newsletter trying to get to the bottom, to the center, of what I’m feeling and thinking.

When the sun is at its zenith it is the symbol of our highest point of activity in our outer lives. In order for us to be balanced it is important to also slow down and give ourselves time to rest between the planting in the Spring and the reaping of the harvest in the Fall. In this spirit it seems fitting that my purpose in writing these newsletters is to be educational and inspirational as a balance of inner and outer focus. By being educational and inspirational I feel like I am inspiring all of us to reach for the zenith of our capacity, and then giving thanks for the blessings we are always receiving. I find this process to be one of the most fascinating paradoxes in our lives. Sometimes it doesn’t seem particularly easy to see the blessings in our lives. When I am feeling that way I gently remind myself of an interesting spiritual principle that reminds me what I dwell on is what I create! I believe this principle. That is one reason it is so important to me to be educational and inspirational not only for others but for myself as well. In my opinion, there is nothing more powerful that we can do for ourselves and each other than be educated and inspired! When we educate and inspire ourselves and each other we are reaching out beyond ourselves and we are tapping into the infinite flow of blessings that is always available. I have needed to remind myself of this Truth lately. I have needed a more relaxed, peace-filled, happily expectant attitude! I
have found it again inside me!

In the spirit of a contemplative educational and inspirational theme I would like to share my thoughts with you on two choices we can make in our lives. We can choose to live a spirit of racism or we can choose to live a spirit of community, or “common-unity” as I have come to think of it. They are opposite ends of the same pole! Racism is just one of many symptoms of a culture divided against itself. Racism is a longstanding system of cultural violence that expresses a profound disconnect; a profound unhappiness with ourselves that we project outward because we have lost touch with our truly generous loving inner spirit. We don’t seem to recognize that we all come from the same Spirit so we rely on thought/action patterns based on appearances; based on many false superiorities that cover up an underlying inferiority. The respectful middle ground is equality. The respectful middle ground is community, a common-unity that expresses our awareness, and our joy and appreciation that we are all sisters and brothers in the common family of our shared humanity. What an inspired, uplifted worldview to live!

In my personal and professional life my heart and mind are steadfastly united in the principle and practice of respect, integrity, common-unity, understanding. I have said before it’s been a long journey and a worthwhile one. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. One of the greatest joys of my life on this journey is mentoring people in every way possible toward personal empowerment and leadership development. I believe that as the worldwide movement that has really taken a quantum leap in the last thirty years continues to gain momentum we will see great strides toward peace, environmental responsibility, honoring and respecting all people regardless of race, gender, spirituality, age, sexual orientation. We will replace fear, shame, secrecy, and hostility with joy, compassion, openness, and respectfulness. The many ills that afflict our divided hearts and minds will largely be a thing of the past as we unite our hearts and minds in the expression of respect for the common good, in respect for our common-unity. I’m excited to do this work and to join with others in this brave effort. Being passionately engaged with life strengthens our resolve and broadens and deepens our understanding of what is happening in our world so we can move in the directions of making the needed changes. There are many changes to be made; many hearts and minds to be opened!

To help this worldwide effort I want to mention two books I’ve mentioned before. One is The Power Of Partnership by Riane Eisler, and the other is The Intelligent Heart, by Bruce MacArthur and David MacArthur. Both of these books are sharing groundbreaking revelations on the greatness of our spiritual capacity as humans. Both of these books are, in my opinion, the zenith of educational and inspirational works expressing the generosity of spirit that I truly love about our shared humanity. As you consider the ideas in these brilliantly written, hope-filled books I hope you are filled with the love and peace and courage you need to live a life of integrity, passion, and joy. I hope you will shine your bright, bright light that is so very needed in this world today!!! As we continue to greet each other eye to eye and heart to heart as treasured equals in a shared humanity, and common-unity we will see our bright, bright capacity to live together in love and peace and respect. We will not be swayed by fear and violence and hatred of any kind because we will see these illusions for the sad, heartless, mindless aberrations they are!!! We will see the goodness of our true nature. We will see the massive amounts of good being done in the world. We will see and live the light of peace and love and harmony each moment, each day, each lifetime!!! Blessings to us all as we lovingly, diligently craft a conscious life based steadfastly in the abiding presence of loving Spirit!! Namaste to you, my sisters and brothers, caretakers of ourselves and each other!!!

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