Newsletter June 2007 by Cathy Combs

My Faith Is Sufficient Unto The Day

I love this affirmation! It resoundingly speaks to the Allness of our Beingness! It speaks to me of the optimism that is the core of my being. I’m making huge changes. I’m moving back to the San Francisco Bay area as soon as I sell my house. It’s time for the next huge leap of faith! The underlying mantra is “I can’t experience the next greater good until I let go of the known good.” I love the activity of faith. Faith embodies a huge love and understanding. I love the energy of faith. I feel the aliveness of the Invisible Presence in the activity of faith. I feel my own aliveness! I feel that faith may even be the essence of Life Itself. Faith embodies the essence of the full blown activity of whatever is coming into visibility. Long before anything comes into visibility the Life Force is active in some kind of way bringing forth the evidence of our internal activity. It’s quite a fascinating Mystery and process. I’ve been crying a lot because I feel the tremendous love embodied in these changes. I’m being asked, “How big am I willing to be? How much faith do I have? How much faith do I need?” Some of that is unknown as yet! If you would’ve asked me a few months ago did I see this coming I would’ve laughed. I didn’t see it coming and yet it feels so right now that the ball is in motion. It’s the paradox of inertia meaning both a static state and a state of motion. Once the inertia is motion it takes on a life of its own and our job is to listen and follow Its direction. I knew I was moving in some kind of direction. I did and still do have a goal in mind but I certainly didn’t know moving west was in the picture. I love the West Coast. I was born there so this is very much a homecoming. I’m excited. I feel like a brand new life is beginning. I very much feel the best is yet to be! This past year has been about expanding into a larger visibility. This coming year will be an integration of that learning and a continuation of the expansion. Everyone has these same cycles. It’s called growth and change!

This process is both personal and universal. We all have dreams, goals, vision, energy. Our mission is to put it all in motion for the larger good. There’s so much good happening in the world. Right along with all the horror of our misguided leadership there is still so much good being done by so many people! This is what I focus on and give thanks for every day. This focus is what will change the world. By giving our attention to the positive, the God Presence, rather than God Absence, the world is profoundly changed for the better! Each act of kindness may seem invisible and yet its impact is visible and the cumulative impact seems to suddenly burst into collective consciousness! I feel that is what is happening with the message from “The Secret” and with all the other works that are focusing on the power of the heart. As we live heart-centered, compassionate lives for ourselves and each other we change the world in ways we perhaps never imagined and yet it’s possible and it’s happening right before our very eyes. That’s the power of faith. That’s the power of inspired thoughts and actions. It’s the power of possibility! It is said that “All things are possible with God.” What I mean by that statement is understanding that God is Energy. As we align with the energy of possibility all things are possible. It is the same principle as “anything the mind can conceive the body can achieve.” This is so because the body-mind-Spirit continuum is a closed feedback loop. It’s like the Genie in “The Secret” reminding us that “Your wish is my command.” The thoughts and feelings we allow to occupy space in our life outpicture into manifestation. I’ve shared this idea many times. This idea has huge implications for healing and for all transformative experience. This kind of process is what my whole life has been about and what it continues to be about to this very day. It’s exciting work. I feel we’ve only begun to understand the awesome potential of the quantum field of energy which is the very essence of our being. We are individualized expressions of Consciousness Itself. What we do with that Consciousness makes all the difference in the world! I come back to that understanding time and again. It’s powerful!

As I’m sorting the seeds, making choices, deciding what to keep for my move and what to release, I’m rereading a book that has profoundly inspired me, “The Power Of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. His work makes it crystal clear that our life is choice! He uses the term “pain body” to describe the experience we create when we use our mind incorrectly and identify with the ego rather than with our God self. The way I’d put it is we choose pain instead of Joy as the center of our being. We identify with God Absence rather than with God Presence. We identify so strongly with the “pain body” we think that’s all we are! By our choices we then create more and more pain because that’s what’s familiar. We reject Joy! I see clearly how those choices lead to a disempowered, embittered life. Life is so precious to me! No matter how difficult it seems to be I know Joy is still there as the foundation of my Beingness! I know clearly “my faith is sufficient unto the day.” I choose to believe I am sufficient unto the day! In the “Now” there is no past, no future, only the newness of Presence! There is Strength, Joy, Love, Energy. There is the I AM Presence.

As we move into the heat of the summer months I feel the Sun shining brightly on our possibilities. As always our spiritual “response-ability” is to be conscious and choose wisely. The Summer Solstice celebration speaks to us of balance. As we develop the spiritual awareness of our Observer Self we see ourselves clearly and calmly. We use compassionate discernment rather than stifling self-criticism as our Guide. We live in the Now. We court Joy as our life partner. We expand into the Allness that is always and already present within us and around us. I wish you great peace and joy as our individual and collective journeys unfold. I give thanks that my faith is sufficient unto the day. I give thanks for all the blessings in my life and for all the unfolding good yet to be. Blessings to you as you find the very same Truth for yourself if you don’t know It already. Blessings to us all as we grow and flower into Fullness. I truly do love this world we live in and I accept the vision that Gandhi shared with us, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I want to see more Love, Joy, and Peace. I know that as I give I receive. That is the irrefutable Law of all the great spiritual traditions of the world. Blessed Be to us all!

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