Newsletter July 2005

by Cathy Combs

The Circle Is Unbroken

I want to celebrate this month of July by thanking all of you who are reading my monthly newsletter. I’m hoping you’ll tell your family and friends about my website if you haven’t done that already. I feel like we are at such an exponentially important time in the development of our spiritual, social worldview. We have such a clear, profound choice between living from a viewpoint of respect or fear!!! Recently I had the distinct pleasure and honor of hearing an interview of Eve Ensler on The Jane Pauley Show. Eve Ensler is the creator/writer/performer of the play, “The Vagina Monologues”. I saw this play when it came to Kansas City about five years ago. Even if you’ve seen this play I recommend that you go see it again. This play is so timely as a spiritual, social commentary! At a time when Africa is finally stopping the horrendously violent cultural practice of genital mutilation of women, this practice is coming to Hollywood in the form of tightening the vagina as though something is wrong with it; as an expression of making women “beautiful” and “good”. I’m utterly stunned that this kind of practice is equated with beauty and goodness! Eve Ensler also talked about her travels around the world. She spoke of her trip to Afghanistan in 1999 when the Taliban was still in power. She spoke of her experience of eating ice cream with the women there. Eating ice cream in that culture was expressly forbidden because it was seen as too sexual, too sensual; so these brave, brave women would meet in secret and eat ice cream as an act of solidarity and empowerment and as a political act! I must declare how grateful I am, and how much I admire all their acts of bravery!!!!!!

As we celebrate our independence; as we acknowledge in the heat of July the sun is in its waning cycle; as we notice all the things happening within us and all around us it is vitally important for all of us to acknowledge and celebrate that the circle of life in all its forms is still unbroken!!! Even though we do horrendous things to ourselves and each other there is an evergrowing change that is also happening! There is a courage and generosity of spirit that is exponentially growing worldwide. I think of what Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. reminded us: “Keep our eyes on the prize”. To me this means remember our wondrous identity as loving, generous, kind spiritual beings. Remember the amazing people like Professor John Nash, popularized in the movie, “A Beautiful Mind”. This Nobel Prize-winning economist has changed the way the world practices economics in this very day and age. Professor Nash powerfully demonstrated that it is far more productive for companies to operate from a “win-win” practice based on mutual cooperation, rather than our three hundred year old Western practice of competition based on the myth of scarcity! His ideas are being widely practiced today in some of the very biggest companies on our Earth. The profits of these companies are soaring because the absenteeism and turnover are both markedly down, and the morale and productivity are markedly up!!! That’s what love and generosity can do in every area of life!!! That’s what love and generosity can do in any area of our life!!!

In this context of love and generosity I also want to mention Dr. Leo Buscaglia. I had the great, great honor and pleasure of meeting and hugging this beloved man years ago. He was known to many as “Dr. Love” because he emanated such a great, overflowing essence and presence of love. I felt that essence and presence. When we looked into each other’s eyes I felt like I was looking into the eyes and heart of infinity. It was a magical experience I will always treasure. He most definitely walked his talk! He was once quoted as saying, “I like to think the day you were born you were given the world as your birthday present.” Can you imagine that magnanimous viewpoint as your own???

As I consider the work I do I want to remember that the world is my present! I want to treat this magnificent present with great respect. I want to be joyful, loving, kind, patient, and gentle. I want to recognize that change is needed. I want to proceed gently, patiently, kindly, lovingly. Change always happens more easily when we are loving, kind, patient and gentle. Have you ever noticed that Truth? I must practice the change patiently and faithfully. Immediate results may not seem evident right away. I must practice keeping the faith! If I want a new pattern of world partnership I must practice its principles wherever I am each day. If I want a new worldwide consciousness of generosity I must practice it. I must drop my old pattern of fear and separation from Source. I must diligently replace that thought/action habit pattern with love and connection. I must remember that I truly am one with the Source of Love, Peace, Generosity, Joy. I must remember that I am worthy of these exquisite gifts of Spirit. In our face-to-face personal relationships I must remember there is no need to manipulate by guilt. I have accepted that I am worthy. I believe that I am worthy. I trust that people love me for who I am! There’s no need to play the victim in order to get what I want. I also say “no” to people when I feel they are trying to manipulate me in any way! This self-honesty calls us both into a loving awareness of: our impact on each other, our wholeness, our oneness with Spirit! This self-honesty is the key to being the powerful, healthy, healing presence we all are! I must also remember that I am a worthy steward of the spiritual gifts within me. I must remember that as I use these gifts and share these gifts they grow in expression in me and in the world all around me. This same principle works for every one of us! I love the principle that says, “What we share we increase.” We take ourselves out of isolation and desperation! We walk right into a profound love, joy and connectedness! We train ourselves to love and trust. We let go of our hurts. We bless them, release them, and flow back into oneness with our Source of blessings. It’s a conscious daily practice! We move from victim to healer! The whole world is changed for the better! The change may seem frightening because it’s new. We may think, “I don’t know anything else. I don’t know what this will be like.” The key is forgive ourselves for the lesser visions we held of ourselves and others. Be brave! Move into this new beginning. Before long we’ll be at a whole new horizon. We’ll see with new hearts, new eyes into a much more generous, expansive worldview than the one we previously kept ourselves locked inside. We’ll learn we have given ourselves a new world based on the overflowing Spirit of Love in us all! The great spiritual irony that I love, hard as it may seem to me at times, is that Spirit’s view of us is so big, and Spirit’s love of us is so vast it’s difficult for my human concept to hold it. So I release myself into its vastness. Let’s celebrate this precious gift of love for ourselves and each other! Let’s celebrate our independence and our very precious interdependence! Let’s be the change we want to see in the world! Blessings to us all!!!

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