Newsletter July 2007 by Cathy Combs

Wheel Of Fortune~~~In The Flow

It’s July! It’s hot. The days are getting shorter even though the Sun is very high in the sky and very bright. The Life Force is at work in the visible and the invisible realms. There is always some kind of preparation going on in all realms. That’s the fascinating thing about Life. Being in the flow takes great vision, anticipation and clarity. I love Earth-Based spirituality’s attention to honoring all this detail. It’s important! We are physical beings. The Earth is a physical being as well. Understanding Her helps us understand ourselves. As we understand ourselves we understand the Earth better too. There are great lessons in being as steady as a rock, as flowing as a river, as bending as a willow, as tall as a redwood, as gentle as a summer rain. I love Nature. It’s so quiet and elevating and yet it can be so violent. We are the same. There is an inherent Intelligence in both of us. We honor this Intelligence by listening to it. We pay a heavy price when we don’t listen.

One aspect of Life on the Great Wheel of Fortune and “Misfortune” that I find so fascinating is when I have so many difficult days in a row and then seemingly out of nowhere a day of synchronicities happens where blessing after unexpected blessing happens. It’s soooo wonderful. In part I understand this to mean that even though I may have so many things going on at once that I feel under the Wheel instead of on top of It, I need to pay attention to the intention with which I’m doing things. Another way to put that is I need to pay attention to the Spirit in which I’m doing things. If I feel burdened I have forgotten who I am. I have forgotten the Source of my beingness. No matter how few moments I take each day to remember who I truly am and what the Source is, this kind of prayerful attention results in days of synchronicities and unexpected blessings. I had one of those days recently and believe me I gave thanks for it and still do! Like I said last month I know it’s the activity of faith blossoming. It can seem like nothing at all is happening and then all of a sudden there’s the sea of blessings, the “see” of blessings too :) The invisible made manifest! It’s reaffirming. It tells me keep on truckin’. Never ever give up hope. Things change. Blessings come. Life is good always! The Everpresent Good is always present! We just have to stay in tune, stay aligned! That is, pay attention!

I continue to pay attention to the draining impact of judgmentalness. Judgmentalness, complaining and criticism have one huge parallel. They all express separation identity. We’ve identified in some way with separation from our spiritual identity of “I’m good; I’m capable of handling whatever is in front of me because I’m aligned with my everpresent Source of Love, Wisdom, and Order.” It means so very much to me to keep addressing this situation because the end result is a life of Joy, Peace, Love, Compassion, Service: all the earmarks of awareness of who we are! As I’ve said so often we are here to rise to the level of the Enlightened Consciousness. It’s not a matter of belonging to any specific religion. It’s a matter of intention! Do I or don’t I want to live a life of Peace? Why on Earth would I say no to Peace? How much self-hatred do I want to embody that I’d say no to Peace? That is the question of this lifetime! That is the question that I keep in the forefront of my attention. The consequences are soooooo huge!

I was having a conversation with a very dear friend recently. I was saying that generosity is so important to me. Generosity and thankfulness are two of the most obvious earmarks of Joy, of the Enlightened Consciousness, of being in the flow with our oneness with the Divine Essence from which we come. I hadn’t been tithing for a few months because I was feeling so pressured getting ready for the move. I was so tired and so identified with fear and separateness I didn’t trust my ability to tithe first and trust that money would come to pay the rest of what was needed. Now I’m back in the flow again. I’m tithing again as my thank you for all the blessings received and all the blessings to come.

From this place of Peace I’m beginning to appreciate all the indicators of when I’m not in the flow. All the people or situations I judge are the Divine’s reminders to me of come back to Peace, Oneness, Joy. I keep asking myself more and more deeply how much bigger does my heart have to be to love myself so that I can more consistently express the Enlightened Consciousness? I continue to use the EFT process of Dr. Garland Landrith to clear out all the emotional baggage that keeps me operating in separation consciousness. Even using this technique sporadically rather than consistently works! It’s amazing how powerful the technique is. As I’ve said in my last few newsletters the EFT process helps us access all the body’s energy centers and clear the stuck energy. It’s one way to make manifest my commitment to love myself, to empower myself more, to be the blessing I’m meant to be. Of course, this option is available to everyone. It is my hope that everyone of us in the entire Universe commits their lives to empowering themselves in whatever positive way is meaningful to them. Peace and Joy are possible in this lifetime. It can’t really even happen in any other moment than the present moment! We’re coming to understand that more and more. I’m so excited to see this change happening!

I’d like to share some of the examples of this kind of consciousness in action. Two of my friends are getting ready to go back to South Africa to continue their work of helping the children who have been orphaned by the AIDS pandemic. One of my very dear friends is in private practice doing work as a therapist. Her practice is booming because she’s doing her work from such a sense of joy and passion. Several people who are very dear to me are singers. Their work obviously brings so much joy to them and to those of us who hear them. One of my central joys is my writing. Through my writing I know that I help raise people up to a higher level of joy and possibility. My writing helps me to rise to this level of healing too! I am passionately devoted to helping us all be the best we can be. I am passionately devoted to living a life of Love, Peace, and Joy for myself and all others. I am most definitely devoted to being the change I want to see in the world! I invite you to consider what you are passionately devoted to so that you can reap the benefits of the Cosmic Love, Joy, and Peace that is so available. I invite you to know that your Presence is so important and so very needed! I invite you to know that when you invoke your connection to Deity you invite blessings that you’ve never even thought possible. The Truth is that all things are possible as we unite in Oneness with the Cosmic Universe from which all blessings come. I invite you to be the Wealthy One and to share the wealth of the Wealthy One with yourself and all you meet. It’s so much fun and it’s such a blessing! I invite you to embody the awareness that blessings shared are doubled, sorrows shared are cut in half. Blessings to you, my dear friends and fellow travelers!


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