Newsletter August 2003 by Cathy Combs

The New Leadership~Love And Forgivenes

Greetings to all!!! To say the very least I think it's rather interesting that everything I've been reading lately, and every workshop I have been going to lately, is talking about, and working with, the importance of love and forgiveness. To me, the importance of love and forgiveness is like breathing. No breathing~I die. No love and forgiveness~I die, inwardly and outwardly. I went to a Prosperity workshop this week facilitated by Reverend Edwene Gaines. What I heard in her message was the expansiveness and lightness that love and forgiveness bring to our lives. Without all that excess baggage we bring a presence of the moment into the expression of our lives.

What does this have to do with leadership? My definition of leadership is going first to where I want others to go. By modeling love and forgiveness I change the consciousness of my life and, therefore, the world around me. Leadership is always a transformative process. It's simply a question of which direction the leadership points toward~connection or destruction? It is quite evident to me
which direction is crying out for expression.

Can you imagine the transformative power of consciously realizing that with every breath we take we could breathe in forgiveness and breathe out love, or we could breathe in love and breathe out forgiveness? I know we don't always think of ourselves as leaders but I truly believe we are all leaders. A leader has impact. Every person has impact! Everything I do and say has impact. Everything you do and say has impact. Imagine doing each moment consciously~with love and forgiveness as the outcome. What a beautiful world we would create.

That world is possible here and now. That isn't a surprise, is it? Take a breath of love in~ and let out a breath of forgiveness. Can you let go of the illusion that you have no impact? Can you move into the present and realize you do have impact? Do you realize that process changes your world for the better? I consider that question in my own life over and over again. Without the constant awareness and discipline I find it so easy to get stuck along the way. The other side of the discipline is to remind myself that it is just as easy to get unstuck! It is as near as breathing~coming into the present moment and beginning again. The breath of life, and love and forgiveness is that close. I find that simplicity and joy so very overwhelming it often brings me to tears. I also find that simplicity and joy clarifying and strengthening.

In the heat and dryness of this Missouri August I find comfort and renewal in the blessings of love and forgiveness. I feel like practicing love and forgiveness for myself and others is like opening to a cleansing rain. I welcome the clarity and renewal of this cleansing rain~inwardly and outwardly. Blessings to you!


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