Newsletter August 2006 by Cathy Combs

I Say Yes To Life!!!                                                              

It's August! The Earth-Based spiritual traditions, one of many spiritual traditions I so greatly love, are about to celebrate Lammas, the 2nd agricultural harvest festival of the year. Sometimes a season is measured in years. Sometimes a harvest comes in far grander than we ever imagined! In order to be ready for that kind of windfall we have to make prayerful preparations so we're ready to say, “Yes, I accept your bounty, Precious Divinity of all Life! I say Yes to You! I welcome You with an unqualified Yes!!!” Understanding the power of this spiritual principle is vital to our happiness in life. Often times blessings come to us that are far grander than our self-concept is ready for and we say, “No, You couldn't possibly have meant this good for me.” We turn away the very good the Universe undeniably wishes to give to us. We must understand that the Principle of the Universe is Infinite Love, a Vastness and Expansiveness that is hard to wrap our logical mind around! We are not to plunder, waste and conquer. We are to honor, enjoy, revere, treasure, and appreciate! We are born into this lifetime with all the treasures of a spiritual life. We are gifted with the spiritual awareness to recognize our divinity. We are gifted with the self-awareness that calls us into a conscious awareness of our oneness with the Divine, by any of the Infinite Names we recognize! From that conscious, heartfelt awareness we recognize our innate and eternal preciousness! We recognize our purpose. Sometimes it takes years. Sometimes it takes a whole lifetime! It need only take a moment! However long it takes is however long it takes. Don't waste the process in judgment. Appreciate the process for what it is. It is a work of art! It is a work of Spirit! It is what it is!

This whole year for me has been about stepping into a far larger awareness than I had previously dreamed. Like Rev. Edwene Gaines says in her book, “The Four Spiritual Laws Of Prosperity” it certainly takes some serious prayer work to get ready for the vastness and the immediacy with which the Universe responds to us. I know that for sure! I have cried in awe and wonder many times this year as I have experienced the everpresent awesome Generosity expressing when I needed it most! It continues to be overwhelming to experience how very much I am loved. The Universe is Love in expression. I am sometimes simply overawed and relieved by the timing! I have always been an optimistic person. That optimism has carried me through countless challenges. What I am learning this year is an even more powerful relationship with gratitude. A thankful heart and Spirit means we truly understand that Spirit is the very Principle of Good in expression for us all, all the time! Spirit is always present! That means no matter what challenge is happening the Divine is there and the experience is meant for Good! It doesn't mean be a doormat! It doesn't  mean go looking for negativity or challenges. It means realize we are the very Spirit of Love in expression! The Everpresent Good is there always!!!! I truly do believe there is  only one Presence and one Power, God the Good, Omnipotent. Fear is present in our lives. That is true. But fear has no power in and of itself except that which we give it. If we withdraw the energy we give to fear, fear fades away! It's an illusion of  separation from God! In Truth we can never be separate from God. Even though this is an age old saying it is fascinating that quantum physics has now proven the Truth  of this saying. It is now known that the Observer cannot be separate from the  experience. It is yet another proof of how undeniably linked spirituality and science are. It is saying to us yet again the physical and spiritual are inextricably linked. As I've said before, I believe they are simply flip sides of the same coin. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Our human and spiritual dimensions intersect each moment in the Now! We can choose each moment which dimension to live in, fear or Infinite Love! Just like Jesus, and all the spiritual Masters of all time did, we are to rise up into the full awareness of our shared Divinity. This is so very important for us all.

In this time of harvest it is time to celebrate the joys and triumphs of our year. It is time to choose a life of Generosity. I have learned time and again this year how powerful Generosity is. I started tithing again this past January. As an added thank you to God and as a statement of recognition of my Source I am tithing plus, at a higher rate than the literal meaning of tithe, which is 10%. My tithing plus is an expression of joy and gratitude for the life I've been given. I recognize money as spiritual substance. Money is a bartering medium of exchange; one way of paying for the goods we receive. It is vitally important to let go of the idea that money is inherently evil. Money in and of itself is not evil. I am sharing these ideas because I see these ideas as keys to moving from fear to gratitude. Honoring money as spiritual substance expresses our movement from a child-parent relationship with the Divine into an adult, equal, cherished relationship with the Divine. My life has exploded into a new understanding and experience of how generous the Universe wishes to be toward me, toward all of us, if we'll just say yes, if we'll just make room for the Generosity to have a place to manifest in our lives! Our income isn't tied to our salary! Our income is tied to our spiritual consciousness. Our income is tied to our connection with the Divine. As we consciously recognize that the Divine is our Source, the limitlessness of this Expression is made manifest in our lives. I don't mean just money. Generosity and Abundance are far more than money. I mean all the gifts we are meant to have: Love, Joy, Health, Wisdom. Abundance of every kind is ours as we recognize our connection with the Divine! I'm living proof of that principle at work. I just returned from an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii. I had set that trip as a goal for the year. My understanding of how it would happen is I would have the money to pay for the trip myself! God's understanding of how the trip would manifest is I was given the trip as a gift! I feel I was given the trip as an example of the power of faith. We are to set goals. We are to let go of how they manifest. We are simply to have faith in the Goodness of the Universe and ourselves! We are to step aside and allow the Good that is always there to come forth! We are here to express the limitless Love, Joy, and Peace and all Good that is within us. We have far more than enough to share and to spare. Our joy is to grow fully into that awareness and expression!!! As Dr. Greg Baer said in his seminar I attended last week on Real Love, as we release our “getting and protecting behaviors” we make room to acknowledge our full bank account! Giving and receiving unconditional love, no expectations, is our way of showing we are connected to this infinite flow of Love we are, our true identity in expression! As we harvest our full potential we let go of old teachings that do not serve us. We are Unconditional Love in expression. As we give this gift to ourselves and each other we create a brand new world full of Love, Joy and all we truly are! Namaste to you, my precious partners in this Faith-filled, Joy-filled, Love-filled journey into Life. I celebrate us!!! Happy harvest!!! Enjoy!!! In joy!!!!!!

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