Newsletter August 2007 by Cathy Combs

Staying In the Radiant Resonant Flow

In the height of the heat of Mother Nature’s hot August days and nights I am so aware of the importance of passionately knowing and living our divine purpose. We are not here by accident. We are here as co-creators with the Infinite Divine Intelligence within us and all around us. We are here to passionately speak our Truth. We are here to respectfully find a way to say I disagree with what I’m hearing around me. I have a different view of what we need to be doing as an organization and as a world or whatever the situation might be. It is our job individually and collectively to empower ourselves and not be derailed by cowardice of any kind. I do believe in the power of one. One voice can make all the difference in the world and often has! I am willing to be that voice. I have been that voice! I am that voice now. I’m saying this partly because I know huge changes are continuing to unfold. I am saying this partly as an encouragement to others to never doubt the impact you can have. We once thought the world was flat! It is not! We once thought the body and mind had no impact on each other! They do! We once thought God was exclusively male! It is not! Each one of these errors has made an enormous impact on who we are in the world! I am passionately devoted to seeing that the Truth is spoken. I am passionately devoted to all of us rising together into a larger and larger, more enlightened version and vision of who we really are! I am here to be seen and heard!

What does this all have to do with staying in the radiant resonant flow you might ask? Each one of these issues is as hot as an August day or night! Quantum physics and all the new sciences are taking us to boundaries we never even dared to think possible. We now know they are not only possible, they’re happening! We’ve built our lives, our identities on some of these outdated premises and we’re primally threatened by having to change our minds and enlarge our spiritual hearts to consider whole new realities. That can be difficult. It takes enormous confidence to be able to sit and listen to someone who emotionally challenges our very existence when we’ve so identified with a given reality we can’t realize our view of reality is different than our identity. We don’t disappear just because someone disagrees with us. We don’t need to emotionally or physically murder someone just because we disagree with them or they disagree with us. This is as hot an issue as August ever thought of being. What kind of magnanimity and confidence do we have to move to in order to have a really meaningful discussion on a really meaningful issue with someone we disagree with? I’m trying to answer that question each day!

Yet again I’m at the understanding of, “I am in the world, not of the world.” That’s what I mean when I say identity and reality are different. I can calmly be the Observer of the observed. I can be the self-reflective Universe observing Itself in action. This is the essence of empowerment, the essence of mental, physical and spiritual health. The impact on blood pressure is enormous. I don’t have to be at a boiling point about anything. I don’t have to have a white knuckle approach to life about anything. It doesn’t mean I don’t care. Far from it! It means I care from a fully awakened and enlightened spiritual heart, the Heart of Universal Love, the benevolent Creative Principle of Life aware of Itself in action. This Voice of Truth knows Itself as the very Principle of Goodness, of Love. One example of a growing edge experience I’ve been watching lately is how we respond to ourselves and each other when we’re moving from one version of reality and identity to the next. The very essence of health is be able to make this move gracefully, compassionately, awarely. We don’t have to vilify anyone or anything to move on to the next greater good. Angeles Arrien says this about the four-fold path of the warrior and the peacemaker, “Show up. Pay attention. Speak your truth. Don’t be invested in the outcome.” This is the hero’s journey that we’re working with in this year’s Mystery School work at Diana’s Grove, a retreat center in the Missouri Ozarks that specializes in leadership development in a community context. This year we’re working with the Ballad of Jennet and Tam Lin. It is so very much a story of reality and identity. A quote I love from Anais Nin is shared in the packet stating, “The value of a personal that it creates intimacy and intimacy creates understanding and understanding creates love.” In one fell swoop this line states what I’m talking about here. When I can understand what someone is experiencing there is the capacity for enormous compassion and empathy. Three points I see here: Leadership happens in a community context. We are social beings. Health depends upon relationship. Somewhere in the story there’s a line that says, “Reality doesn’t seek converts.” I reword that line to say, “Have the courage to share your story. Don’t expect anyone to listen.” I hear in that the tremendous courage it takes to share our lives, stand there naked and be alive enough to know that no one “has to” hear. If we hear that’s all that matters. Trust that those who “have ears to hear” will hear. For the rest it’s not their time. It’s not about you. It’s about them! That’s a big time lesson for me in my moments of doubt as I move from one reality and identity to the next! It’s a huge lesson. It’s very uncomfortable at times. I’m building new courage and understanding in the process. That’s everyone’s journey! That’s the hero’s journey! That’s the avatar’s journey. Avatars are physical beings. We are physical beings. That means we are to live to that level too. Otherwise, it doesn’t make any sense for us to be here. I categorically reject that this lifetime is about suffering, and that we are to glorify suffering. That teaching is a mockery of our humanity, our divinity. We are creations of the Infinite. We have all we ever need right within us. We simply have to look there to find it. We have to understand who we are. We have to believe in who we are. We have to sacrifice all our smallminded notions. We have to give up our separation error mentality. It doesn’t seem like much of a sacrifice to me! We have to understand the real meaning of sacrifice. Sacrifice means to make whole, to make holy. That means step into, live into, our wholeness, our wellness! I’m on that road. You are too! It’s a commitment! It’s our very purpose. It is our identity. It is the essential core of our being! I have said so many times we are Love Incarnate. I believe that with all my heart. My spiritual heart, my spiritual awareness keeps getting bigger and bigger to encompass the full Truth of that state of being. There’s suffering in this world because we’re unwilling to forgive ourselves and each other. That reminds me of one of my favorite definitions of forgiveness. I don’t remember who said it but they said “forgiveness is giving for.” What I hear in that is similar to what St. Francis said years ago, “Where there is hatred, sow love. Where there is injury, sow pardon!” I would add to that simply, “Remember who we really are! Re-member! Sow our hearts back up and begin again. Each moment is brand new! We are good enough to live that potential into the fullness of being! We are Love!!!! Stand on that rock solid foundation and we can do all things! Have faith in our Essence!!!


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