Newsletter August 2008 by Cathy Combs

Faith: Doing My Work: Enjoying The Ride

I love it when my mind takes me to places I don’t think others have been yet. Here’s what came through lately: Physical law says two objects can’t occupy the same place at the same time. My mind said: “Yes, they can. When we recognize we are Spirit made visible, and when we hug each other.” Both of these realities mean the world to me! I continue my Faith-filled journey of taking all the walls down. Living from a Consciousness of Oneness as the Divine I know I am enough to handle every situation I create! There is unparalleled Peace, Joy, and Confidence living from this Consciousness. My sense of humor is invaluable when I have created something I don’t like or understand. I remind myself, “This, too, is God made visible. Breathe. Be calm. Look for the blessing. It is present! Faith isn’t as invisible as you think it is!” I remember every action, thought, and feeling is registering in the Cosmic Oneness. Physical reality is being created each moment!!! It just takes a while for the subatomic particles of physicality to grow big enough to be seen with our physical eyes! Spirit is there! The visibility is coming into being! I love the definition of Faith I saw a few days ago: “Faith is unwavering Trust!” I love that reality! It tells me: “Just keep doing My work!” I love the humor and the double entendre in that sentence. Joy is knowing my work is Spirit’s work! Even when I don’t feel Joy I know I’m still doing Spirit’s work. When I feel like I’m making no difference whatsoever that’s my cosmic 2 x 4 clue that I’ve forgotten my Oneness! It’s one of those places where my Faith and Understanding come so very much into play! I love Gibran’s saying: “Our highest, holiest work is to make Love visible.” That’s my intention too. I had a huge embodied realization today about how love is made visible. Bob Burg and John David Mann say in their book, “The Go-Giver”, “when we expect to be grateful after we receive something we have the process turned around. We think we’re going to be filled by getting rather than giving!” I know with all due clarity that’s a dead end!!! Believing that getting is going to fill me says I believe I’m empty in the first place. No amount of getting fills that emptiness! You know that too, don’t you? That’s duality! Appreciating blessings doesn’t fit into that mindset. True prosperity is enjoying our wealth of every kind and sharing it abundantly knowing there is no end!!!!!! True prosperity is knowing we are Love and we are loved! We are worthy. We are natural attractors of all Good because we already are Good! Here’s an example of how that played out for me recently. During our Sunday service where we share a greeting with each other a man I hardly even know said to me, “Let me hug you. You are absolutely radiating.” He had no way of knowing that on that very day I would be asking a friend for help because I needed to borrow some money. I knew my help would come as a tithe. I just didn’t know who it would come from, until I asked, and there it was, just as it always is! My point is: I know I am loved! I know I am worthy! The Universe responds to that!!!

Another adventure in Faith I’m continuing on is finding an agent, editor and publisher for my work. I know Spirit is guiding me on this path. I am to keep putting myself out there to the people I admire who are already doing their work on a larger scale than I am (meaning they are more widely known than I currently am). I know that is the process of how discovery happens. It’s constantly playing out in my life. I know that Positive Faith is an expression of Confidence! “Con fide” is Latin for “with Faith”. Confidence means God Presence focused, not God Absence focused. I trust that my value in the world is seen and appreciated. God Presence focus is an expression of the Abraham teachings that I love so very much. I put my Faith and focus on what I want! I recognize and honor that I am Spirit made visible! So are you! That is true Faith, Confidence and Joy. To be on the same page, in the same place with Spirit is an unmistakably vitalizing place to live from! It is Life Itself! When we feel separated from Oneness we are not to judge. We are simply to say, “Thank you for the contrast. I choose Oneness. I choose Peace, Vitality and Strength. I recognize my Self-concept, my Self-identity is still, and always, intact. I choose living from God Presence, not God Absence, since there really is no such thing as God Absence!” God can never be absent from us! In church recently we were asked, “What do we want to be remembered for when someone is giving our eulogy upon our death?” I want to be remembered for being Joy. I want to be remembered for living from Joy and sharing Joy with others. To me, that is living a life as Oneness. I call that success. I also call it Thankfulness. Living from Thankfulness and Gratitude is living from Oneness with God, as God. There is no greater Joy than that Aliveness and Vitality. Talk about being in the flow of a Current! WOW! I don’t know how it gets any bigger than living in the flow of the Universe, as the Universe. That reminds me of one of my favorite affirmations, I AM: Expressive Magnanimity. Expressive Magnanimity is another one of my many names for God. I really love that Energy, that Life. I AM that, I AM. That’s my “Moses Code” reminder of Nonresistance! Step into the hugest reality I am aware of and know that Infinity is continuously beyond It! That’s how big we are! Our willingness to step into this and live it out is our gift to our world! My reminder is: Accepting anything less than that is acceptance of socialized disempowerment! There is no more deflating error than accepting socialized disempowerment as our identity. That is not our heritage! We are to remember our Greatness and to live it fully! We are avatars in process!!!!!

Another adventure in Faith I stepped into recently was attending a class titled: Angels, Animals, Guardians and Guides facilitated by Steffany Barton. Steffany was leading a guided meditation. She said, “Just let your Guide come to you. Don’t assume you know what It is.” I was sweetly surprised when a green frog with great big eyes appeared and said to me, “I see you. You are loved.” I cried hearing those words. I’m opening to Love on huge new levels. Steffany made it very clear how many helpers we have in the angelic, spirit and other dimensional realms. I really could feel the Love. After class I told Steffany I was so glad I came. I was tempted to skip this one, assuming I wouldn’t learn much. Maybe I was afraid I would learn too much. I’m in so much new territory already. It was a fabulous new adventure. I learned tons. I comically learned again, “Don’t assume.” You know that age old saying, “Assume means make an ass out of you and me.” It’s another way of the Universe saying to me: “Stay in the present moment. There is no Life in the past or the future. The only Vitality is in the present moment.” I appreciate all the blessings flowing forth into being. I do recognize: “My Faith is sufficient unto the day.” I am enough! So are you! Enjoy the ride. It’s undeniably precious. A fitting tribute to our unfolding process is Newton’s quote, “If I have seen further it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.” There are many giants in my life. I am one. So are you. Blessings to you as we celebrate this magnanimously immanent unfolding Life!!!!!!!!

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