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2013: Heretics & Heroes: Part VIII Of XII - August

by Cathy Combs


In the Goddess spiritual tradition we are about to celebrate Lammas, the first harvest festival of the agricultural season. It's a visible reminder to celebrate the fruits of our labor and it is a day I celebrate the Earth-based spiritual tradition I so greatly love. Lammas is a grain harvest festival. I can imagine the smell of fresh baked bread. I love the smell and taste of fresh baked bread. Baking bread is part of the celebration of this high holy day in the Goddess tradition. I think of this day as a call to Balance. I consciously ask what else is rising in our Consciousness? What else is cooking besides bread in the oven? I comically know this is August in the Midwest and most likely Mother Nature is cooking up some intense heat. I hope we're helping Her by paying attention to our impact on global warming. I hope we're taking time to swim in the pool or lakes or sit under a beautiful shade tree and contemplate the beauty and bounty of Nature and the beauty in our lives. I hope we're actively involved in protecting the rain forests and oceans and all natural habitats. There is so much Good to celebrate!!!!

I hope we're conscious of our impact on ourselves and each other. I love this quote by Dr. King: "Every person must decide whether they will walk in the light of creative altruism or the darkness of destructive selfishness. This is the judgment. Life's most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?" I want to add to that that we can't do much for others if we're not taking care of ourselves first. We must honor the dignity and sanctity of our own lives before we can have a positive impact on others. This is a Truth of the inside out Life. So much of our Western tradition has this all backwards and the results have been and are catastrophic. We've been so mindlessly taught to take care of others first, to sacrifice our well-being for the sake of others. We've been taught it is selfish to take care of ourselves. Nothing could be further from the Truth. We can't possibly be helpful if we're living a bone dry empty Life!!!

Dr. King certainly lived a life worth celebrating. I add Morris Dees to my list of heretic heroes. He is a white lawyer living and working in the deep South. He is the founder and director of The Southern Poverty Law Center in Alabama. He has spent his whole life helping the powerless. He has spent his whole life working to erase the hate groups and websites. His life has been threatened countless times and yet he continues to live by Love. The SPLC has a program called Teaching Tolerance Project working in our schools to stem the tide of the growing racial hatred. The SPLC tracks and exposes the hate groups and SPLC lawsuits have bankrupted some of the biggest hate groups. Bill Moyers called their program of Teaching Tolerance "a bold move into America's classrooms to curb the rising tide of racial hatred." Morris has repeatedly been targeted by the hate groups for his brilliant work. The letter I received from Toni Morrison, the brilliant author, counts this white man as a very dear friend. Toni noted that Morris and his SPLC are currently tracking 1,000 hate groups and over 650 hate websites. It's mind boggling to me there are so many disempowered ignorant people. I truly do feel sorry for these ignorant fear-based people who close down their hearts and project their hatred and fear onto others. It is also imperative to say that none of the money gained in these lawsuits goes to Morris or SPLC. All money goes to the victims and their families. SPLC sends free materials to 80,000 schools and more than 400,000 educators are using the Teaching Tolerance materials. I have supported this organization for years.

I'm quite certain that as you hear me telling you about the people who inspire me I'm sure you have a list of your own. I invite you to consider the people you feel are so far ahead of the curve that they see around the corners where the blind can't see. I invite you to see yourself standing in that same Light. What can you do that you haven't done already to be the Light for yourself and all others around you? You are so very needed and cherished in this awesome world. If you don't feel that I invite you to consider what you can do for yourself to nurture your Soul and step up into the Light of your own God Self Magnificence. That's who you are. Did you know that already?

I have spoken so many times of my first self-published book that's been out since May 21, 2010, "Quantum Prayer: It's Already Answered! Quantum Reality: It Already Exists!" Writing this book was an awesome, awesome experience! A friend of mine also made a video on from one of the interviews. You can listen to it by typing in either Cathy Combs or Quantum Prayer on the site. I'm saying this so you can listen to something that hopefully uplifts, educates and inspires you. You can also go to my website, to see my other writing, interviews, retreats and classes upcoming and already done.

Sharing this reminds me of one of my very dearest friends, Bukeka Newby Shoals, who is a singer, song writer, and workshop leader in her own right and who also co-leads retreats with me. One of my favorite songs of Bukeka's is "Be Your Own Superhero." This is the view from which we can lead awesomely inspired, uplifting, Joy-filled lives. That is our very Purpose. No matter what is happening in your Life I invite you to consider allowing this inspired view to catch Fire in your Life and uplift you to new heights so you can build your Life anew. There's no better time than these hot August nights and days (yes, I am a Neil Diamond fan) to cultivate a new view of what you can do and release what you no longer wish to do. It is up to you!!!!! No one else can do what you need to do in your Life. You are sacred. You are holy. We all are. I do know that many of us didn't grow up with others telling us that message. You can learn it for yourself. It's already alive and well within you. Only you can kill it by listening to the negativity of others. Don't listen to them. They're too scared and hate-filled to help you. Their only message is to tell you clearly, "Don't ever come here. I'm miserable." There is a message of Self Love so very much more Power-filled than that and it's waiting for you whenever you're ready. Please choose today to be ready!!!!!!!! You are inherently Good. You are the Beloved In Action. Please allow that inspired awesome Truth to catch Fire within you so you can be the holy vessel you already are!!!!!!!! It's an inside out job. Love yourself first and the rest is easy. Take the first step and all else will be awesomely revealed to you each step you take in Faith!!!! I'm on that holy Journey with you. Don't give up. Know that every seeming obstacle is meant to be a blessing. Be still and allow Inspiration to speak to you right where you are. Then act on the Inspiration you receive. Know that every inspired action you take uplifts and heals the whole world. That's what Quantum Reality is. Our Energy immediately goes everywhere simultaneously. That's why it's so important to be awake and aware. Awaken!!! You are Power Itself!!!!! Yes!!!