Newsletter September 2003 by Cathy Combs

Mars: Up Close and Personal

Now that Mars has made its closest visit to us in perhaps 60,000 years the rains come telling us clearly war is not the answer to anything! Opening to a new and larger vision of the Love that we truly are is the answer. What a great peace that vision brings. What a great joyous reality that vision brings. Now to live that reality each moment!

As the wheel of the year continues to turn we move toward the contemplative time of the year where we take time to evaluate our harvests of the year. I attended a workshop last weekend on Radical Forgiveness. I attended this workshop because I know I am at a literal turning point in many ways and I wanted to open to a new and larger reality so I could prepare myself for the many opportunities that are always available if I will just leave room for them to come into my life. In the Radical Forgiveness framework the idea is that every event that happens in our lives is for our soul growth; things happen "for us", not "to us". We are given the opportunity to move beyond shame, blame and guilt to an openheartedness and trust that leaves room for peace and the true Love that is the center of our Being. This view takes me, and all of us, beyond the duality of condemnation to a view of wholeness where we can embrace the reality that everything is working together for our good. To say the very least this view is quite a leap of faith if I want to maintain a vengeance mentality and not move to a larger view of myself and my world. The choice is mine when I am considering how fast do I want my spiritual growth to be. I can make my road difficult or I can make my road peaceful. Is any of this easy? Yes and no! The change is as close as this present moment if I will just make the effort and leave the room for magnanimity. It is as far away as never if I will not make the room or the effort.

As I move toward this contemplative time of year these are the possibilities I will be gently holding as I contemplate what possibilities I will be planting in the dark time of the year as the wheel of the year moves toward Spring. I wish you blessings of peace and openheartedness in this revisioning time of year.


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