Newsletter September 2005

by Cathy Combs

Self-Love Is In The Balance

Self-Love is in the balance! In this heartfelt statement I am recognizing that Self-Love is at stake if we misjudge the meaning of the dark and light phases in our lives! I believe that in our humanity we are living expressions of the Divine. The Divine can create nothing less than Itself, therefore, we are the very hands, feet, and heart of the Divine in expression. I see dark and light as simply two different expressions of the Divine; as in flip sides of the same coin. I can choose to be aware of the Divine in my life or I can reject the opportunity I am given every moment of my life. I can choose to live in joy or I can choose to live in Self-hatred! I can choose to recognize the Divine in me or I can choose to reject Its presence. My choice doesn’t change the Divine. My choice changes my relationship to the Divine. My choice also most certainly changes my life experience. In the spiritual traditions that form the heart and soul of my life the shared values are expressed as: we have free will, the Divine is immanent, the world of experience is viewed as a unified whole. All three of the spiritual traditions that I cherish celebrate these spiritual Truths. The Earth-Based traditions celebrate this reality each equinox, recognizing that both night and day are valued equally as cherished partners in the natural cycles of our very nature. We need light to grow and we equally need darkness to grow!

In this sacred spirit of equality I’ve been rereading a classic book, “Learning To Be White: Money, Race, and God In America” by Reverend Thandeka, a Unitarian Universalist theologian. I highly recommend this utterly amazing book to anyone who is seeking to reintegrate balance of any kind back into their lives in order to facilitate living together in a spirit of love, joy, peace and respect! I had the great honor of hearing this brilliant woman speak when she came to Kansas City a few years ago. I cried and cried in recognition of the damage that the artificial, social separations do to our ability to relate to ourselves and each other. These separations we intentionally create in the guise of safety and superiority are spiritual, physical, social cancers that create holes in our souls that cry out to be healed! Love for ourselves and each other will bring us back into a healing balance! Another separation I would like to speak to is articulated in an article I read recently adapted from a talk presented by Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen as quoted in Noetic Sciences Review; Spring 1996; pp. 24-25. In this talk titled “In Service To Life” Dr. Remen was speaking to the difference between helping and serving. She said, “Helping is based on inequality; it is not a relationship between equals.... Helping incurs debt.... Serving, like healing, is mutual. There is no debt... Over time fixing and helping are draining. Over time we burn out. Service is renewing. When we serve, our work itself will sustain us... In 40 years of chronic illness I have been helped by many people and fixed by a great many others who did not recognize my wholeness. All that fixing and helping left me wounded in some important and fundamental ways. Only service heals.” In this same article Mother Teresa’s basic message was also stated as, “We serve life not because it is broken but because it is holy.” I truly love the spiritual awareness, strength, balance, love, wholeness and holiness of the messages by these two brilliant women. As an educator and mental health professional and simply as a human being I deeply feel and know the difference between these viewpoints and attitudes. I feel the difference between separation and wholeness! I feel and believe we are here on Earth to serve life from an attitude of wholeness, reverence, and holiness. We’re all equals. We’re here to serve each other! We’re here to love and respect each other! We’re here to see and to serve wholeness, not illness! In this month of September as we acknowledge and honor this wholeness, this connected circle, this equal value of night and day in our lives we will reintegrate wholeness and holiness back into our lives. We will recognize and honor the holistic viewpoint and heal all the damage the dualistic viewpoints have brought into our lives. We will heal all of the profound cancers that erode the very spirit of our lives. Do you realize there are places on our globe where there is such a sense of united community that no cancer exists at all? There’s also virtually no incidence of murder! Here in our Western world, cancer is undeniably one of the major killers. It doesn’t have to be that way! We can reclaim our sense of togetherness and community, our “common-unity” as one united family of humanity! Metaphysically, that is, symbolically, I recognize that cancer of any kind is simply fear! Murder is also simply an expression of fear. Where there is anger there is fear. Fear is simply the absence of the awareness of love! In our human existence we must reteach ourselves that difference of any kind doesn’t always, automatically mean danger! Unfamiliarity doesn’t always, automatically mean danger! As we consciously, lovingly reintegrate the functioning of our hearts and minds as a united, sacred whole we recognize that a different skin color does not equate with danger! A difference of opinion does not equate with danger either! As we honor the integrity of our lives we can reclaim the sanctity and the saneness of our lives. We can calm down, slow down, take a deep breath, and bring dignity back into our lives! We can meet and greet ourselves and each other eye to eye and heart to heart and enjoy and treasure our togetherness on our precious planet Earth. I find it to be hauntingly sad that all of these expressions away from balance and respectfulness have an interesting psychological parallel. Cancer of any kind is Self-hatred gone wild! The cost is far beyond personal! It is cosmic in scope! Self-hatred and cancer both exhibit an impassioned disconnect with how to life in relationship with Self and “other”. Both of these life force energies are literally eating everything in sight and not recognizing they are killing themselves in the process. They are blind to their own destructiveness. There is no balance! Self-governed Intelligence is disconnected. Destructiveness has gone crazy! I know we can do better than that this very day! Our radiant Divine Self gives us that ability here and now!

As we celebrate spiritual balance in our lives I want to celebrate the teachings of Unity. These teachings speak so eloquently and passionately to the power of our words and thoughts. If we’re unhappy or impoverished in any way we have only to look at the words we speak and the thoughts we think day after day! We create our lives by the words we speak. Change our thoughts we literally change our world! I want to celebrate this power and give thanks for it. I’ve experienced it so very many times in my life. September is our time to bring Intelligence back. Bring back Self-Love. Bring back our full-hearted connectedness. Resolve to live from a quiet confidence, an ease and peace that radiates Love and Joy to ourselves and all others. Be all we are! Be Love! Be Joy! Be Peace! Be visible! Be Compassion In Action! Be our true radiant, full-bodied, joy-filled, flexible, balanced Self! Blessings to us all as we celebrate the loving, energizing, sacred spirit of a cherished balance in our lives!!! Namaste to you, reflection of Self!!!!!!!!


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