Newsletter September 2007 by Cathy Combs

A New And Higher Balance

Fall Equinox is approaching; the time of equal night, equal day. I’m taking so many leaps of faith who knows what’s next? What a perfect, perfect time to be learning the biggest lessons ever about what duality is and is not! Recently I stepped into the biggest awareness ever. God IS everything! This awareness is as far away from my childhood learnings as anything I can ever imagine and yet I know it is true for me. My dualistically trained mind can hardly wrap itself around this Truth! My spiritually attuned Heart knows the Truth of this statement! God is so very big, so very generous! The limitations we’ve accepted about what is true make it seem impossibly unreal! I know it’s real. I just don’t understand it all yet. I do know a huge piece of understanding comes in the form of forgiving myself and others for a huge amount of what I took in as true and I now know is not true. I’ve been hurt so much by what I took in as true. My lesson in healing is to truly take in that I did the best I knew at the time. Now I know more. I am embodying a Love that is the real deal. It’s not based on appearances. It’s not based on anything I have. It’s not based on anything I’ve done. It’s based on who I am. That’s what real Love is. That’s what God is. That’s what we are! That’s the lesson of the new balance. We are Spirit in a physical embodiment. Spirit and physical = two equal forms of God. That isn’t what we’ve been taught by this dualistically trained world we live in but I now know it’s true! I believe that the Creator cannot be separate from Its creation. That’s why God is all there is. As I continue the EFT program and as I sign up for yet another spiritual development program I feel like I’m riding a wave bigger than I ever, ever imagined and yet I know I imagined it into being because it’s happening. I see that I’m walking right into the full expression of my God Identity. We’re all on the same journey.

In August I attended a workshop at Unity Church of Overland Park led by Rev. Dr. Mary Manin Morrissey. The workshop was titled, “Unlocking Your Soul’s Code: Pathway To Breakthrough.” My head was spinning. My stomach was doing flipflops. I was crying. I knew changes of major proportion were happening. Rev. Mary was saying some of the very words I had just been writing in one of my articles. We are in a time of so much awakening, so much synchronicity. So many people in so many places are saying the same thing it’s awe inspiring! The Universe is so huge and yet so very connected. It’s joyfully overwhelming. Some of the ideas shared in the workshop were the three initiations we pass through on our way to breakthrough. Rev. Mary described our life experience as we move from “Look what’s happening to me” (the victim state of consciousness), to “Look what’s happening by me” as we take responsibility for our actions (we realize we are “response-able” for creating our life experience), to through me as we learn to give our gift to our world (surrender control of how that’s supposed to happen), and then moving to experiencing Life as me, the I AM Consciousness, knowing we are Co-Creators with the Infinite as we incorporate (embody) the Power we are. I love this process. I laughed when she used the word “response-able” because I’ve used that word so many times to describe these very processes as our move toward empowerment. An affirmation that I’ve been using for months is “In me, through me, as me, for me!” She used those very words to describe this process. I was overjoyed listening to the synchronicity. When she offered her six month training at half price for anyone who signed up today I knew I had to do it. I just had to respond to that generosity with my own leap of faith saying, “Yes, I’m ready to do this. I’ll find the money to pay for the training.” With all the changes that I’m co-creating in my life I just knew this was part of the process for me to step into now! As Rev. Mary reminded us, “Put ourselves fully into Life and It all flows toward us. When we live in a higher order of being the Universe lines up to meet us.” Then Rev. Mary reminded us of Thoreau’s statement, “Move confidently in the direction of your dreams...” Rev. Mary also said, “Discontent and longing are signals that it’s time to move to a higher plane.” For maybe the first time I heard discontent and longing as God, not judgment. I now see many different faces of God in what we call fear, anxiety, sadness, depression, tiredness, anger. In the same vein I remember one of my favorite awarenesses. In a time of great pain I understood my perception of being on my knees as humiliation. What God saw was reverence! This reminds me of a favorite “trick” question we’re asked in Unity classes: “How many people did Jesus heal?” The answer is none! Jesus didn’t see illness or need. He saw Wholeness and Abundance! He saw God in himself and us! These ideas speak to me so clearly of the acknowledgment of the radiant resonant field we live in each moment. We are the field Itself. We create every experience we’re having. Joy brings Joy. Fear brings fear. My most fascinating realization just now is that rather than trying to control the outer, what I want to do is simply observe my inner. That’s quite the fascinating look in the mirror. Oneness or separation is very, very visible. Compassion, humor and patience are needed in this unfolding, growing process. No need to hurry. We have infinity!

Another expression of this God Process is, “Life occurs at the edges. Growth occurs at the edges.” I understand this to mean keep coming to the edges of our known world so we can see and live the expanded vision of all there is. God is so very huge! There’s so much Love, Joy, Generosity, Abundance. I know it doesn’t always seem like that but that reminds me of a great quote I just read by Shakti Gawain, “Don’t strive for perfection. Trust the perfection of the process!” I hear a reminder there’s no need to hide! Trust that God is present. God is Good. Trusting in the perfection of the process is to know fully that we are God In Process. We do have everything within us we’ll ever need. We are God in expression! That’s not arrogant as some would have us believe. It’s ignorant not to know who we are! That’s where our intentional devotional practices come into the picture. These practices are our alignment mechanisms. They allow us to ready ourselves for the work we are to do. We’re saying, “I’m ready to be the change I am. “I’m ready to be the balance I am. I’m ready to be the Radiance I am.” I believe Radiant Resonance is our natural state. Intentional devotional practice keeps us in the radiant resonant flow. We can’t help but be in it. It’s all around us, in us, through us! It is us! Only our unawareness hides that reality from us. We are the ones in charge of seeing that Truth. All of creation is the Universe’s gift to us so we can see that Truth reflected back to us. In the process be generous with ourselves and others. Remember, the Infinite is most definitely knowable! It’s just so huge. There’s so much to know we think It’s unknowable! How could It be unknowable? It radiates in everything! Step into It with me, won’t you? It’s such a wonderful journey. It’s such a wonderful process. It’s such a wonderful balance!!!!!! Namaste, to you dear friend!!!!!!! See you on the road!!!!!!!!!!!


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