September Newsletter 2008

by Cathy Combs


The Promise Of Fulfillment

September marks the beginning of my favorite time of year. Mother Nature’s beautiful colors are at peak brilliance! She is preparing Her land for a time of rest and regeneration. In this technological information processing jet age we now process more information in a day than our ancestors 100 years ago processed in a year! It is exponentially important for us to remember: Rest! Relax! Be quiet! Repeat! Lately I have realized with pinpoint clarity that our minds have only two jobs: Be quiet! Process information! I love what Eckhart Tolle says about these two jobs: “Be quiet first!!! Then we don’t get lost in the mind activity of worrying.” I truly believe we are physically deaf when we’re stressed. Noisy minds are in “problem” mode. Notice I didn’t say problem solving mode! We can’t solve problems when we’re in problem mode. We can’t hear the answer when we’re focused on the problem! The answer is there but we can’t hear it!!! The answer is in omnipresent God Mind, in the stillness, the quietness within us! That’s where those spectacular “out of the blue” solutions come from, in the stillness, our natural state of being! We must understand who we are: Individualized expressions of God! There truly is only one Mind. We are never alone!!! God is omnipresent, as us! We think our ego is separate when we forget where God is! That’s where quietness comes in. Confident minds are quiet minds!!! The more room we make for quietness the more we experience the exponential Joy that is our very nature. Practicing the Presence exponentially changes lives individually and collectively. This is so important to me. Living from this Peace there is no need for projection (blaming others). No need for guilt trips. Only a loving empowered peaceful centered confident awareness. No need to be highly emotionally defended. There’s no fear to defend against! There’s no enemy! Do you get that? There is nothing outside of us. We create our lives from within! Living from quietness we realize each moment carries the solution in it.We realize we are God Mind in expression. We are calm, confident, capable, present! Like the Sanskrit poem I love so very much, “Look to this day. It is the very Life of Life. Yesterday is but a dream. Tomorrow is only a vision. Today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Therefore, Look to this day. It is the very Life of Life.”

Another Truth I really love also comes out of living from quietness: Thankfulness first!!! Giving thanks in advance means we know what we want is already present in Spirit. Our hearts and minds are united as one! Fulfillment always comes from this knowingness!!! Spirit always expresses through us!!! The whole world is awakening to this empowered awareness. As we bless and release all our fear-based reactiveness we are creating an empowered life of Love, Peace, Joy, Fulfillment for everyone! The quieter we become the more we bless and release all those expressions we think are only outside of us! No matter what method we use to stay centered every moment is a living moment to practice the reality of being quiet, then acting out of Spirit-centered guidance. Time and again I have been stunned how quickly Spirit answers. The comedy is that Spirit is always there. I just need to awaken to the Presence. I need to allow the everpresent Love to flow in me, through me, as me, for me!!! Living from Love, Thankfulness, Joy, Peace, Quietness expresses our recognition of oneness as the Infinite; our recognition of who we are!!!

Another Truth I really love is: Heartfelt words are creative! When our hearts and minds express as one what we think and feel comes into being. Remember the Genie in “The Secret", “Your wish is my command.” We are exponentially loved by Spirit. Our job is to wake up to how creative we are. When we say, “This illness is terminal” we are creating it. When we say, “I do not inherit illness” we are creating it. We are going to die at some point but we do not need to die while we are still alive! Stay awake to possibility. Life is eternal. The expression just changes. We are enfolded in Love and Peace now and always. As we live from quietness we know that with our whole being. That is the ecstasy and sanctity of the full Life cycle.

Some of the creative words I have heard out of the Stillness are: “Keep doing what you’re doing and I will deliver everything to your doorstep.” This promise of fulfillment has happened time and again in the last three years since I first heard these words. I am awestruck by the delivery process. Other words are: “All things are working together for my Good and I am working with them in the Love, Wisdom, and Power of Spirit.” I have used these words for 30 years. I am living them at a new level every day. It’s amazing! Other words I heard are: “Do that which brings you Joy and I will take care of the rest.” A new awareness I comically realized right now is: “Do everything from Joy and I will take care of the rest” (meaning I will feel the peaceful presence of God each moment). That’s huge. I haven’t fully embodied that yet. I’m coming into that Presence more and more! I want to live fully in that Presence. I know it involves powerful lessons in how I don’t love myself enough yet. I have not yet embodied the consistent flow of the calling cards I love so very much: Generosity, Flexibility, Faith, Love. The Grace is that even though I have not embodied a full blown perfection yet the blessings continue to flow and flow as I make room for more fulfillment. This process is the same for everyone!!! That is the blessing of Oneness. The compliments I receive from people are mindboggling. The Generosity that flows is mindboggling. I’m saying this so that you understand the process and possibility are the same for you. Make room for Love, Joy, Peace, Generosity, whatever you want, and it shows up as surely as a brand new day shows up! Live in the Now. Release the past and future. The past is gone. The future isn’t here yet. The Now is here. Live it from Love, Grace, Peace, and Joy. That is our job in this lifetime. We are the “imagineers” and the engineers! The train is leaving the station now. Are you on board? I AM!!! Remember: “If you want to be part of the future know you’re creating it now!!!” Time, Eternity, and Now exist in the same continuum. So do we. I know with all my heart we’re meant to live exponentially happy, healthy, prosperous lives. That is our heritage as creations of the Infinite. Our job is to say unequivocally, “Yes, I want that!!!” Hold the image of what you look like and feel like as if you have what you want, as if you see who you are!!! Write down what you want. Create a vision board. See yourself doing what you love to do. You’re already doing it in Spirit or you wouldn’t have the idea in the first place! Do you get that? Don’t mistake a time delay for a No! It’s a Gift asking you, “Are you sure?” Life is a gift. We are to: Live! Love! Learn! Enjoy! Give thanks! Appreciate! Repeat! Remember: the Chinese character for crisis and opportunity is the very same symbol! The silver lining is in the cloud! Ask the cloud to help you! I have!!! I promise you the answer is Love! Allow room for the unqualified Yes. I believe in the promise of Fulfillment. I believe in Joy!!! I know the Universe does too. Do you? “Peace! I’m out!!!”