Cornerstones: Sacred Wound by Cathy Combs

Dear Community,

At this point in my series on Cornerstones I would like to share my thoughts with you on how sacred wound serves to enliven and invigorate our shared journey through life. I find it to be both amusing and purposeful that within the word sacred, the word scared is also contained. I find it to be existentially significant that the whole spectrum of life could be contained in one word! Am I sacred? Am I scared? Am I 100% both in the same moment? Then what happens to my world when I add the experience of woundedness? There, too, I experience the whole spectrum of life. Do I mean by wounded that I am impacted? Or do I mean embittered? A seed is wounded when it is penetrated by the soil. In that process a life-giving sharing occurs. I might say that my whole experience of being impacted hasn't always felt like a life-giving sharing. It is at those times that the whole spectrum of sacred/scared wound comes alive. My presence in the moment tells me that I define the moment. I decide whether I will respond reactively from the past (scared) or whether I respond wholly new in the present (sacred).

Will you imagine with me for a moment that we individually decided to build our lives on the Cornerstones of fear, anger, meanness, degradation, scarcity, duality? What kind of world would we create if we held those Cornerstones sacred? What would I have to do each day to keep those Cornerstones in place? What relationships would I form? What would I do if I met someone along the path who lived by some other set of Cornerstones? What would my sense of control be like? What would my sense of power be like?

I ask these questions because I know there is a certain amount of comfort in any mindset we take on as our own. I know the courage it takes to move away from seeming comfort. I know the compassion and awareness and work it takes to change anything. My question then is what do I value as sacred? My life will reflect my answer.

On the road with you,

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