The Power of Center/A Generosity of Spirit by Cathy Combs

The wheel of life continues to turn. I feel the influence of Carter Shay. Voices continue to speak to me about the complementarity of opposites; Jennet/Tam Lin, earth/dreams, self/other, individuality/community, spirit/matter. I am captured by a simple little vision of how oil and water move along the surface of each other, and support each other when given a container to hold their relationship together. I had never thought of oil and water supporting each other. I had always thought of them as repelling each other or being mutually exclusive. This simple little image made me wonder about love and relationship.

This simple little image brought my life clearly into focus. I remembered the five sacred elements of life, of love. I stepped closer to Carter Shay. I asked myself anew what does dedication mean? I realized it means to give. I suddenly melted into the freedom of giving with no expectation. I felt completely centered. I felt completely open to a generosity of spirit I had forgotten. My loneliness disappeared. My sadness disappeared.

For the moment I have come full circle in this ongoing cycle of life. I feel like I have walked straight into a flowing energy field where the line between matter and spirit dims. I hear as yet unanswered questions about the relationship between unconditional love and setting boundaries. I realize that oil and water are not as opposite as they may seem. Beyond appearance they do have engaging common properties. My intention is to go to Carter Shay. I know the voices will continue to speak to me. I know the call will not go unanswered. The wild rose continues to bloom.


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