A Seedling's Promise: A Dedication to Earth by Cathy Combs

The story continues. The seedling speaks to me: "It is still the time of darkness. I have given myself to the Earth. I know it is not an accident that I am here. I know that I have all that is needed within me to go deep down into the Earth in one form and to come back up through all the layers in another form. I hear the call of the mantle below me. I hear the call of the Life within me and I go. I crack the shell that encases me and I send my roots down. I surrender myself to the call of the wild. I hear the call of my destiny and I go. I send my roots deep down into the Earth. The Earth has invoked me. I welcome the call."

The story continues. I speak to the seedling: "In human form I, too, am a seedling. It is still the time of darkness and I, too, have given myself to the Earth. I have often wondered what your journey was like as you coursed your way down through the dark mantle, through the rocks, the water table and, yes, all the way back up again in some other form. The journey seemed very heavy, very dark. It seemed as if the entire weight of the Earth was on top of you. Is there more to the story than this unbridled confidence you emanate?"

The seedling smiled. "Oh yes, there is what I call the bittersweet complexities of life. You know I apprentice myself to them each year, don't you? I invoke the Magician within me and all around me to draw from the environment that which I need to rise to the occasion. When water seems scarce I send my roots deeper. When the sun seems overwhelming I seek the shade. When conditions are just right I take advantage of the opportunity to strut my stuff."

Just then I had to laugh. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and took in the power and the magic of our shared story, our shared destiny. This little seedling was speaking a language I understand and admire. As I consciously dedicate myself to Earth and to the Magician I willingly invoke the "response-ability" to gently embrace the bittersweet complexities of life. I know that I will be reminded again and again to take a deep breath, to listen to the seedling's promise, to remember it's not about me! This story is about invoking the wild rose, hearing the call, rising to the occasion. This story is about the indomitable spirit of Nature that we all share. Huzzah!


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