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My Work

I see my work as the charge of "Being the change I want to see in the world." As a leader, and simply as a responsible adult, I accept the "response-ability" to go first where I want others to go. Through my writing, public speaking, classes, and seminars I see my work as embodying the principles of integrity, honesty, responsibility, and accountability. Embodying these principles allows a "presence in the moment" that I greatly value. Embodying these principles allows a peaceful, loving awareness that I greatly value.

I have long since understood the necessity of living from a balance of heart and mind, body and soul. In this world I see that ability as greatly lost. I see people at war with themselves and each other. I see my work as modeling and teaching that there is another way; that peace is possible in mind, body, soul, and spirit. I see my work as teaching that as we are aware of who we are and what our purpose is that we can bring great peace and love to ourselves and each other. I see my work as consciously undoing the fears that we are deliberately taught. I see my work as consciously teaching and living the model of "power within" and "power with" rather than the model of "power over". "Power over" is a model based on fear and separation. "Power within" and "power with" are models based on respect, cooperation, and community. I believe that as we consciously model respect for ourselves and each other we will undo the model of fear that presently grips this world and our lives. I see my work as a sacred trust and as a gift that is mine to share in each moment. I truly do believe that I have the power to change my life in each moment and I bring that awareness with me so that others may witness that change is possible and that they have the same power, and the same choice, if they so choose! I see that as how peace is possible in this world.



Here are some examples of my work.
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