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2022: Heretics & Heroes:
Part X of XII

by Cathy Combs


Another beautiful blue sky day as we continue our journey into fall my favorite time of the year with all the beautiful colors. This year has been quite a learning curve for me, a fall leading to a fractured tibia and three different rehab facility stays, a humdinger of a ride. This kind of journey always reminds me of my favorite mantra by one of my of my favorite friends Rev. Sallye Taylor: "There's a lesson to a blessing in every moment."

That's quite a statement because it speaks to the wholeness of each n moment.

As I've said a million times its so very important to stay centered in our Spirit Identity so we can feel & express out True Essence the light and love of our life.

As difficult as these last few months have been it's nothing compared to what so many billions of people in this world are going through. Of the 7.5 billion people living in the world 4.5 billion life on $1.25 a day. I'll never forget the first time I read that. I wouldn't call that living. I'd call that a nightmare.

It's a beautiful clear sunny mild day & a beautiful view from my windows a busy day ahead. Now the business is done I have time to relax and enjoy the always so beautiful of the bright blue sky, it is so breath taking it is beyond words.

It is such a huge blessing to feel joy in the day & I am so grateful. Even when there are so many challenges in the day to feel so much joy is such a gift & blessing. I never take that for granted! The therapy sessions are so intense and *I am so tired. I am glad to be done with that part of the day.

It's another bright blue sky day – 56 now 80 later. I love these cold colorful fall days SP pretty. I look forward to being outside.

As we go forward into the 2023 I wish us all the best of the Happiness, Health, Peace, Strength & Vitality. Blessings to us all!