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2022: Heretics & Heroes:
Part IX of XII

by Cathy Combs


It's a gorgeous sunny mild day as I begin the sharing with you as the as we head into fall my favorite time of year with the gorgeous bright colors and the mild temperatures and all the beauty of Mother Nature shining through beautifully. It's almost beyond words

For so many reasons I am riding the learning curve of the century and it reminds me of so many of my favorite spiritual qualities: faith, hope, gratitude, generosity. All of these qualities are expressions if our identity as spirit personified and I am so very grateful that I know who I am because I sure have been slammed by many crushing bumps in the road lately. So much of the knowing so much of the known is gone and so many new roads are here to be trained it's an interesting time for contemplation. It means totally accepting The Who I really am as I've said so many times

It's a gorgeous sunny day yet again and I am so grateful for the light and beauty of Mother Nature. It makes such a difference I love being out in nature. It's so refreshing and beautiful. I'm so grateful my city has so many gorgeous parks and places to be outside. It's so wonderful to have so many places to enjoy the quiet.

Some of my other favorite spiritual qualities are: peace, race, courage, vitality, and strength. They all speak to me speak to a vibrant life well lived and that's exactly the way I want to live because it's such an encouragement to others and that's what brings peace into the world.

Confidence is my favorite spiritual quality because it embodies the full blown awareness of our spirit identified nature and all the way from joy to peace. I feel those qualities accompanies the full expression of your harmony and spirituality.

As we move into these beautiful fall season that I love so much. I love being outside in the openness and the freedom of simply being out and about on our enjoying the magical being alive and happy and grateful. I have always worked in the helping professions it means the world to me to be of service to others in order to be a true service to others you absolutely must love yourself. That means being fully centered in your spiritual nature. As I have said before that is very that is our very purpose in life and love but yourself to be of service to others as we move forward into 2022 it will be so very interesting to see what blessings and lessons we receive individually and collectively I know so many of us On a humdinger of a ride that will be a great blessing if we can stay centered and the true identity of who we are as spirit personified. Bless us all as we go forward into our next chapter.