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2022: Heretics & Heroes:
Part VIII of XII

by Cathy Combs


It's a beautiful mild day for late July and I AM so very thankful. It's been quite a ride lately and an interesting journey in expecting the unexpected. I'm so grateful to be optimistic strong and peaceful. It certainly makes Life easier. As I've said so many times I have no idea of what blessings and challenges are unfolding but I know I will learn valuable lessons from whatever is coming and going in my Life.

It's amazing how blazing hot it is all over the country and the California fires where 3,000 people had to be evacuated and probably lost everything. I certainly keep them in my prayers and am so grateful that nothing like that is happening here.

As we move farther into 2022 I wonder how much more steaming hot weather we might get here and then what kind of a winter we might have. Life is such an adventure with so much unknown to deal with each moment. It's such an amazing blend of sooooo much kindness and soooo much cruelty and it makes such a difference what choice we make. We are very Powerful and it matters soooo much that we remember and honor that Truth.

I'm soooooo grateful to be able to get out and about and driving around and seeing Mother Nature's different kind of beauty as some of the green fades away and soooo much of it still stays and enjoying the quiet and beauty of the Park nearby. I love sitting out there in the shade and the sun and being outside to experience the wonderful fresh air. I AM soooooo very blessed and I never take that for granted. Taking our blessings for granted is a miserable mistake and it ruins the Joy that is inherent in Life when we are awake to it.

Another thing I AM soooo mindful of is all the murders happening everywhere and sooo grateful that would never be my intention. It makes me realize how hurt people are how worthless they feel and that is not the Truth about any of us. As I've said sooo many times we are Spirit in Expression and as we realize that Truth of who we are we live a Life of Peace and Wisdom and Compassion. That's the message I want to continue to share with everyone now and always. That's what we're here for!!!

As I share these thoughts with you it's such a beautiful quiet day and I'm sooooo grateful to experience this quiet and beauty sooo often. I always look forward to sharing the quiet and beauty of Life as I go out and about wherever I AM. I hope you enjoy this opportunity as well wherever you are and whatever you're doing. The world needs us sooo very much to be the blessings we are and the return on our Peacefulness is sooooo very amazing.

Another thing I AM soooo grateful for is the technology of all kinds that allows us to be together and to see each other when it might not be possible all the time. Covid has certainly made that very clear and it's soooo sad because we need the opportunity to be together and to share hugs and friendship because it is such an important part of being a social being. Isolation can be dangerous in sooo many ways because loving respectful physical physical contact is sooo important to our physical and emotional well being.

As we all go forward together into the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 it will be sooo very interesting to see how much the world changes and how much we learn from what we're doing and not doing and saying and not saying and feeling and not feeling. It's always up to us to be the change we wish to see in the world as Gandhi sooo wonderfully said sooo many years ago.

I have a meeting tonight that I always love being a part of because the people are sooo kind and generous and sooo committed to being the best they can be. I'm so glad technology makes this meeting possible. I listen every week.

As you go forward into the rest of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 I certainly wish you the very best of Love, Peace, Wisdom, Joy and Vitality. I look forward to seeing you along the road wherever we might meet and whatever blessing we can be for each other. That opportunity means soooo very much to me and brings me sooo much Joy.

Bless us all on our way now and always!!!