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2022: Heretics & Heroes:
Part VII of XII

by Cathy Combs


July is a very special month for me celebrating my 19 year anniversary of writing my monthly article for my website and for all of you. It has always been my Purpose to live an uplifting and inspiring life for my Self and for all others. As I've said a zillion times that is what we are here to be and to do as Spirit Incarnate in this world and when we do that we bring such Love and Peace into the world and we transform everyone and everything for the better. I can't imagine a more worthwhile thing to be and do. Can you?

Today is a bright and beautiful sunny day 89 heat index a rather typical Midwest summer temperature instead of the blazing hot days we've had recently when the heat index was 106. We've also had sooooo much rain and wind and crazy thunderstorms. Mother Nature has been on quite a rampage lately but I love being outside in the beauty of the green that is also soooo much a part of this time of year.

It's amazing that we're halfway through 2022 already. I have no idea what the rest of today or this year will hold but it is always my Intention to make the best of whatever is happening and to realize that any challenge always holds a Gift for us to learn from and to rise up even higher than we've ever been. It is exceedingly important that we realize this Truth to face our challenges and not run away. We are more than able to rise above our challenges if we will honor the Truth of who we are as Love and Peace in action. That's our true Identity. Soooooo many of us live in a fear based hate based world but that is not at all who we are. We are all One and as we live from that Truth we realize fully we are not separate. We are One and we learn to treasure our Self and each other. As I have also said a zillion times I have always received soooo much kindness from people I don't know at all and I know that is the Love they feel for themselves and others and it's soooo wonderful to experience that and to be willing to experience that because it means I honor who I AM and that is the heart centered space we are meant to live from because it means we recognize the value we are!!!!

When I finish my article I'm going to go out and enjoy the Beauty of this day and see what else I might see and be the help I AM meant to be whenever and wherever I AM needed. It always brings sooo much Joy to me to be the help I AM meant to be because it means I have made a connection and a contribution to a world I love soooo very much. Even with all the craziness that is going on in the world I never lose sight of all the Good going on in the world. There are soooo many phenomenally generous and wonderful people in the world. Even the supposedly small gesture of nodding and smiling at someone as we pass each other is actually a huge blessing to us and to them because it means we have made a connection and nothing is more Powerful than making a connection because it means we are living a heart centered Love centered Life and nothing is more Powerful than that because it means we are expressing our True Self.

As I go forward today I look forward to the blessings and lessons I will be receiving and learning. There is always soooo much more to learn than we currently know and playfully one of those lessons is about technology. I am certainly not a tech geek and it is frustrating at times and yet it is an opportunity to learn and make connections both of which I certainly love doing. It will be interesting to see how much more I know by the end of the year. J

As you go forward into 2022 I look forward to meeting you and wishing you the very best Life has to offer. No telling what Life has to offer us but I trust it is meant to be for our very highest Good because that is the true Essence of Life as we keep our heart and mind open to that Truth now and always.

One thing I definitely look forward to is getting to be with more and more people as we continue to deal with the challenges the Covid journey has brought to us and I AM sooooo grateful that we have been able to be out and about more and more with people we love and people we have yet to meet.

In closing I give thanks for the Beauty of this day the bright sunshine I currently see and the beautiful blue sky and fluffy white clouds that I love so much. I wish us all the very best as we enjoy the rest of 2022 and whatever is beyond this current year. Take care!!!