October Newsletter 2008

by Cathy Combs


Abundance Expanding~~~Yes!!!!!

This is a mega-powerful time of year. It is the agricultural New Year when underground growth begins. This Earth-based reminder is a perfect expression of the delay between unseen and seen growth! Spiritually it is a reminder to me that everything starts in the Unseen Realm of Spirit. A reminder yet again: What is our focus? What is our intention? Every day I am more aware of the power of Thankfulness. Thankfulness has many names: Confidence, Faith, Strength, Nonresistance, Presence, Joy, Oneness are some of my favorites. Any moment is all about change! Nature is constantly in Flow. Nature is Change, Growth, Transformation. Each moment is brand new. I may not see the changes coming. Thankfulness embodies Readiness, Receptivity, Awakeness! I think again of Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith's term reverential alertness expressing how we are to greet Life. His website comment is: "The Worry Free Diet is guaranteed or you get your baggage back." I laughed so hard I started coughing. I can't imagine consciously wanting baggage. Why in the world would I choose baggage over Freedom? This is not a hypothetical question. I'm learning some huge lessons right now. Seeing the lessons means my stuck places are disappearing~~~ Yes!!!!! I'm deeply learning what living from and as Oneness feels like and looks like. Yes!!!!! There is no duality! Just one Presence, one Power, one moment! No duel! We can give up the fight. Give up the resistance. Give up the fear. There is nothing to fight! Nothing to fear! Our heritage is abundant Life right here right now! What is particularly huge for me right now is knowing that Compassion is another name for Thankfulness. All these names are simply the I AM Presence: My true nature... your true nature. Embodying Awakeness we transform our lives abundantly! There is no lack. There is simply: Stillness! Presence! A quiet receptive Joy and Confidence! A massively huge Presence is who we are!!!!!!

We're moving into winter. Many, many changes are afoot personally and collectively. In this contemplative time I offer this thought. A fascinating paradox: We are seeing the end of the belabored misunderstanding that we are not enough, that there is not enough to go around, and we are seeing the necessity of a Joy-filled, Confident Nonresistance to what is! Can you feel the glaciers moving over each other yet again? We cannot move into what we want when we're resisting what is. The vibrations don't match. We think we don't have what we want. That very thought prevents what we want! This Truth is an ageless teaching. This worldwide awakening is very precious to me. It echoes my understanding a few years ago of the miracle of the loaves and fishes. The more we share the more we have!!! Every time we share Substance It expands!!! This is a vital spiritual Truth to understand and embody. Science is now showing us the physical Truth of this principle. This principle speaks so clearly to me of the power of Love. I have said again and again Energy and Intention matter. Energy and Intention are Spirit made visible as matter! That's why it is so important to be conscious of what we're doing, thinking, saying, feeling. In that context it occurred to me that Joy is Empowerment. Joy is the spiritual ecstasy that embodies connection as the Divine. Joy is a choice moment to moment. Joy is possible moment to moment. Again and again we are asked internally how happy do we want to be? How awake? How Joyful? How Compassionate? How Generous? How Prosperous? These aren't rhetorical questions or possibilities to me. These realities mean a great deal to me. Scientists say we are made to live 140 years! This shows me how much unused potential for Joy we have. As we cherish who we are more and more we empower ourselves beyond our seemingly wildest imagination. I remember yet again that cherished Marianne Williamson quote: "It's our light not our darkness that most frightens us." This is the message I want to keep sharing with people: There are no limits to how good it can get. As we live from that reality we create it here and now! Are you game for that? I sure am! It's such a precious matter of consequence!!!

In this context of Empowerment I want to share my ideas on vulnerable living and vulnerable leadership. I treasure this model of Power. It speaks to me so clearly of oneness with the One, as the One. We are Power. We are Unconditional Love. What most of us experience is conditional love. I want to treasure that experience. I also want to nonjudgmentally treasure a greater Awakeness. From Awakeness we can choose a newly embodied Love, Compassion, Forgiveness. From Unconditional Love we bring Peace to our past, present and future. We bring Peace to our precious Earth here and now! We live from Generosity, Trust, Openness, Strength! We understand everyone is a leader! We are all to shine our Inexhaustible Light! Everyone is a follower! We are all to follow our own Inner Guidance knowing we all share the same Oneness! We are independent and interdependent. Codependence is not oneness! Codependence is a deadened embodiment of fear. Expectation and expectancy are categorically different processes. Expectation says, "You must do as I say in order for me to feel powerful and worthwhile." Expectancy says, "I rejoice in my Life knowing my Good is already present. My Good does not depend on you! I am Power Itself. I live my Life freely, peacefully, confidently. I live in the present moment. I am not stuck or enmeshed in the past."

I'm clearer than ever before and I'm still on the journey. That's the fascinating part of the both~and continuum I see as Life. How nonresistant I am or not tells me clearly where I am in this journey. I am getting better and better at watching my process from the amused Observer Self place of being. What I treasure especially about this process is it shows me how I can be of maximum service to the Infinite Presence of my being. Compassion shows me clearly how to transmute pain into service. This is the lesson I am working with in my Mystery School work at Diana's Grove, www.dianasgrove.com. As always I love the synchronicity of what I need and what is provided by the Universe! I am always looking for Growth and the answer is always provided. I see more clearly than ever before: It is not compassionate to take on someone else's pain! It is transforming to shine the Light of Love, Clarity, Confidence, Strength. I am reminded of the definition of Forgiveness that I love so very much: "Give Love for pain." We are not meant to live lives of embodied, stuck pain. We are meant to acknowledge our pain, grow through it, transform it, and release it. We are meant to live lives of Radiance, Passion, Glory, Freedom, Joy. This is the Abundant Life that all the avatars of all the spiritualities speak of and live from! I honor this Place by living from It, accepting It as a Gift freely given and received. It doesn't come by working hard. It comes by Acceptance, knowing I AM, opening out into what is already here, free and clear! Blessed be to us all as we live from and into this precious precious Gift of Life and Awareness!!!!!! I am that!!! I AM!!!!!