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I Am In Service To My Dream I Made Real - March 2011

by Cathy Combs


As I sit here writing this newsletter for you I am listening to a CD of the Dalai Lama singing for a beloved monk as he's making his transition. It is said to be "one of the most sacred and healing mantras used for healing. The Mrutyunjaya mantra helps us know the Divinity within us. It is chanted to know eternity."

Earlier today I was reading an article in Science Of Mind Magazine about Tina Turner, a devout Buddhist practitioner, and the Beyond Project that she is collaborating on with two other women. They are sharing their ideas on the power of prayer and singing. The CD is titled, "Beyond: Buddhist And Christian Prayers". I'm certainly going to get that CD. It was released in the US in September 2010.

In the article I saw the words to a chant I had learned 30 years ago and somehow I have remembered the words to that chant all these years: "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo." I didn't know the meaning of the words until today. It is said that repeating these words will slowly remove all of the bad decisions we've ever madeā€¦. The more you repeat it the closer you get to your true nature." I also saw the words to another Buddhist chant, "Om Mani Padme Hum." It's been said that "all 84,000 sections of Buddha's teachings are in these words. It's been said that this mantra represents the six realms of existence: Generosity, Ethics, Patience, Diligence, Renunciation, and Wisdom."

The day before that I called the Rime Buddhist Center here in KC. I had heard of this place but I had no idea there was a Buddhist monastery right here in Kansas City.

I see a pattern here. It's fascinating to see the synchronicity in all these moments. I've had this CD for quite some time of the Dalai Lama's singing and just "found" it today. I know the power of Intention. I know many people who are very dear to me are going through significant transitions in their lives. I feel that this music goes out to heal and comfort them too and I find it very fascinating that my retreat in March is focusing on music and chanting and my book on Quantum Prayer as a journey into Joy.

I feel that all of these synchronicities are yet another example of the words I heard Spirit say to me a few years ago: "Keep doing exactly what you're doing and I will deliver everything to your doorstep."

As I write this newsletter I know I'm in the process of huge transitions on many levels. I've been doing a lot of very intentional work on an exponentially expansive expression of Abundance coming into my Life. I've been affirming and affirming that the whole world is financially independent.

As much as I know I continue to be amazed at how much there is to know and how much fabulous work is being done by so many people. It's very heartening to witness all the Good being done.

I just read an article today about work done in 1977 talking about the scientific findings in a new field called epigenetics where it is showing the power of belief overrides any genetic predispositions. The Fillmores didn't have the word epigenetics back in 1890 but they certainly had the understanding of it.

I say that because I find it so very fascinating that we keep discovering and rediscovering Truths at a deeper and deeper level. I find it so compelling and fascinating that the scientists of today keep proving and proving what the mystics of all the ages have been saying all along.

As we move into the celebration of Spring and new beginnings on so many levels I want to celebrate the unbounded possibilities of who we are in each here and now moment. I absolutely know that whatever we have the heart and mind to do we can do.

I want to add a little bit of comedy here with some words I heard recently: "When you find yourself in hell keep moving. Don't pitch a tent there." These comedic words hold a great transformational Truth. As spiritual beings having a human experience we are here to learn and to live from Joy, our true Nature. We are Spirit in expression. We are constantly being pulled upward and onward by our great Soul journey to fulfill our Divine purpose of complete and total expression of Oneness as Spirit Embodied.

That reminds me of another great teaching that I know is going to have a profound effect in my Life: the Oneness Blessing and teachings. As we move closer and closer to 2012 which signifies our transition from fear-based living into the Understanding of our innate Divinity we are moving into a heart opening experience like never before on the planet, I do believe. As sentient, cognizant beings we are moving toward and into the full recognition of the Power of Choice. We are not victims. We are not doormats. We don't have to hang onto our excuses for bad behavior. We can choose to move into the full expression of: Radiance! Joy! Abundance! Cooperation! Peace! Wellness! Forgiveness! We can fully actualize the Truth that we are born anew each moment. We can begin again any moment we choose to do so. All we need is the Vision and the Willingness to do so. That Reality is already and always present in Spirit. We can call It into Being any moment by our focus on It. It's there for the Invitation.

Saying all this reminds me of the first time I started meditating regularly. I sat down every night in the same time and the same place. For days and days it seemed like nothing much was happening. I sat down again and was saying to myself, "If this doesn't work tonight I quit." It seemed like two seconds had passed. I opened my eyes and it was 45 minutes later. I had never felt such Peace in my Life. I said, "Who would ever not do this again?" I didn't want to leave that Place. I felt so Peaceful!!!

Life is a Mindfulness practice. I will close with the story of the little green shoot coming up through the cement. What determination to grow!!! The green shoot knows where the Sun is. So do we!!! The nutrients of a fully actualized vibrant Life are within us always. We simply have to say: "Yes, I want that Life." I have said Yes and my dream is Real!!! You can say Yes too. I know you'll be glad you did. I sure am!!! Namaste to you!!!