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Magnified Joy! I Like It! - April 2011

by Cathy Combs


It's April. No joke! Spring has sprung. I'm checking in with you on my affirmation for the year that I declared in the first week of January 2011. My affirmation for 2011 is: Magnified Joy! I like It!

My affirmation is very special to me. My affirmation is a very intentional expression of the Life I want to live from knowing I am an expression of Joy by Nature. We all are.

This Truth is very important. It is the bedrock of the Knowingness that Life is lived from the "inside out." We already are everything we need. We are Spirit in Expression. We do not need anything from the outer to fill us.

It is ever so fascinating to me to realize that in Napoleon Hill's work on prosperity the number one definition is peace of mind. Number two is health. Number three is happy relationships. Number four is work we love. Money comes in at about number seven on this list.

I really love that understanding because it epitomizes the "inside out" Life. Joy is not about acquiring things. Joy is about an embodied appreciation of Life each moment.

Joy is beyond the world of circumstances. We are not limited by circumstances when we realize they are only part of the picture. They are not the defining moment unless we make it that by our focus on it thinking that's all there is.

In heart~mind alignment our feeling, thinking, acting are all of one accord. That's peace of mind. That's Joy. That's Flow. That's Fun.

Last month I offered my first retreat co-facilitated with my very dear friend, Bukeka Shoals. Talk about fun. We had a blast. There was such an amazing synchronicity. A sweet blessing from that process is so many people who weren't even there have come up to me and said, "I heard you had a fabulous retreat."

Our next retreat is scheduled for May 14 at the Sagebrush Exchange. Are you ready to walk two beautiful labyrinths and enjoy the beauty of a wonderful country setting? Are you ready to do some awesome inner work surrounded by beautiful original art work?

What I particularly love about this unfolding journey into Joy is meeting so many wonderful people in so many beautiful places doing so much amazing work. It's so much fun to work with people I love and to meet new people and see what they're doing. That's part of how Joy is magnified. It's shared!

It reminds me of the famous axiom about sharing. Joys shared are doubled. Sorrows shared are cut in half. It's a precious axiom for a Spirit led, Spirit Expressed Life. It's impossible to be lonely when we're doing work we love, sharing our love with others.

It means a great deal to me to see people I love doing work they love and living the Life of their dreams. That's what this Life is about to me. I'm certainly living the Life of my dreams. I'm very grateful. I'm certainly learning a ton along the way.

I finished teaching a class for the second time on my first book, "Quantum Prayer: It's Already Answered! Quantum Reality: It Already Exists!" I told my class and my retreatants that I never take it for granted when people show up for anything I'm doing. I fully realize people have a billion choices of where to spend their time and money and the fact that they would choose to spend their time with me is very special.

As part of my continuing Joy ride I'm also taking another class now in spiral dynamics exploring our spiritual evolutionary upward spiral of our human development. This work is so exciting. It speaks to me so much about our "inside out" spiritual evolution. We are called from within to a higher and higher expression of the Spirit we are.

I hope you are fully alive in the swing of Spring enjoying your Life and doing what you love to do. It is so important to choose to be Joy-filled and Joy Expressed. It is so key to realize Joy is an intentional focus. Joy does not happen by accident. We must allow room for Its expression. It truly is our very Nature. We have to recognize It. We have to own It. We have to claim It. We must be open to It.

I'm so happy and grateful to be doing the work I'm doing. At our retreat we all shared in quite the fascinating little weather event. We experienced a 15 minute dime size hail storm. Everywhere you looked was completely white, hard crystallized hail that took hours to melt. It was raining so hard and the sun was shining. I know there had to be a rainbow somewhere. I looked and looked and couldn't see one. I said, "It must be over the house." I said, "I feel like we must've shaken loose some crystallizations of feelings. I can feel the energy we created going all the way out to the edge of the property line."

It's more than a metaphor for Life. We truly do affect and create the atmosphere within and around us. I choose Joy. I know Bukeka does too. How about you? What is your choice for the Life you want to create? How expansive will you allow your Life to be? How about making room for an expanded Joy and Peace that makes it real for everyone to share and to spare. That's the expanded Life I want to live. It's part of the very intentional Prosperity work I've been doing lately. I most definitely want to create and allow room for more and more Magnified Joy. I can't think of a better way to spend my time. I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing. Are you in??? Hope to see you and hear what you're doing in your Life. I say Yes to Magnified Joy. I like It.