October Newsletter 2008

by Cathy Combs


Following My Dream
by Cathy Combs

Here we are in 2009! It is a brand new dawn in so very many ways! I'm so excited and so very grateful! We so often say we don't know what the next moment holds. I say we certainly do! What did we put into it? That's what it holds! I find that encouraging and empowering even when I'm disappointed for the moment because I know I'm the one who changes it. I'm the one who brought it. I'm the one who changes it for me! For all!

This is where the rubber meets the road in one of those fascinating moments we might call the cosmic speed bump. I know that my attitudes and actions change the entire world. Quantum physics and all the new sciences are emphatically showing us that reality. I equally know I am extremely judgmental and unwilling to forgive and hold the high watch for all! I equally know I live a highly spiritual Life. I have been particularly struck lately by my awareness of how much Grace there is in the world for all those realities to be simultaneously true. My thank you gift in return is to say to this beneficent Energy I will do better. I will be more Faith-filled. I will be more Generous. I will love this precious Universe no questions asked. I will accept Life as is. I will do my spiritual work faithfully each moment knowing that my ability increases as my effort is more and more consistent. Doing this inner work is my dream. Whatever outer visibility comes from that is driven by the inner intention first.

This inner intention is so important. Otherwise we're "owned" by unconscious fears. We don't clearly own or know our own reality so we're easily enmeshed in someone else's unconscious fears. These fears show themselves as: obligation, guilt, demands, threats, judgments, punishments, withdrawing love. The list is probably endless. The important thing to recognize is they come from within us first or we wouldn't experience them in the "outer."

The answer as always is Self-Love. If we cannot or will not allow Love the first time around we can choose and allow Forgiveness and Grace. These choices are Life saving. I have instantaneously experienced how easy my Life is when I choose to live from any one of these connected Spirit-filled places.

Sometimes I'm so pain-identified I choose not to forgive. I painfully choose the "eye for an eye" mentality. Forgiving feels too vulnerable, too kind, too unprotected. What I understand like never before from this dynamic is I haven't yet formed the words to express myself in the present moment. I'm not present!!! I also know I have formed an opinion from a very small body of negative evidence and I form an unwavering negative judgment of the entirety of the person's life even though I by no means know the entirety of their lives. The final piece of this entanglement is my attitude keeps us both locked in an unconscious unresolved drama. Thankfully I have seen and allowed the solution when I intentionally choose to forgive, allow Love, and allow a different outcome. That's the very stage upon which individual and world Peace is forged!!! More than anything else I certainly want to live from that infinitely Love-filled place!!!!

As I move forward into this Love-filled adventure called Life I want to share with you that I have preliminarily finished my book project. I'm gathering my AE (Angels Embodied) team of readers. I'm following my Spirit-guided understanding that I am to self-publish my project. I'm so excited!!!!! I'll be updating my website soon so you can track my process and progress with me.

As you probably know by now if you've read my newsletters for any length of time my purpose is to uplift, inspire and educate the consciousness of this precious world we share together. The Infinite Consciousness of Love already and always exists in every molecule, every nanosecond of the world. Our purpose is to bring It into full-blown conscious realization for everyone every moment. Doesn't that sound like the most awesome adventure and reality ever? I sure do love it!!!

As we continue our journey into 2009 I want to celebrate the journey of awakening. Buddha's name means Awake! During this time of year the entire world celebrates their traditions of Awakening! Whatever Entity is being celebrated we are all celebrating awakening in our own way. I want to particularly mention the Winter Solstice of ten days ago acknowledging the shortest day of our calendar year as we move into more and more light. I want to particularly acknowledge the darkness. I love the darkness! I love the spiritual gifts associated with darkness (meaning our internal journey): the gifts of intuition, introspection, understanding, stillness. I wonder if we realize there would be no Light without these gifts? I love the darkness. I love the light. I love this world!

As I move into 2009 I know I will see my highest holiest dreams unfold. I will make them happen! I know I am Spirit-Identified Confidence, Wisdom, Love and Understanding. So are you! There is nothing in my way and I don't intend to put anything in my way. I choose to identify with the Exponential Love I AM! That is our unmistakable individual and collective purpose. I'm here to fulfill that purpose! How about you?

I'll end this newsletter by giving thanks for my most precious learning of 2008. Over and over I experienced the exponential power of Thankfulness and Gratitude. I'm realizing there is an inherent connection between Thankfulness and Confidence. I think I might be surprised if I kept a journal for even 30 days on what is my first thought upon awakening in the morning. Today my first activity was to pray before I even got out of bed. It was still mostly dark outside, mostly quiet. I prayed giving thanks for the blessings of the day setting my intention: Love, Confidence, Faith. The day flowed like silk. My printer even worked even though I thought it was out of ink. I wanted to finish a project. I went home and shook the cartridge a little to see if I could rearrange the ink. My cartridge printed 60 more pages. I kept thanking it for working and it kept going and going until we were done! It was so much fun. Gratitude really does work! Little project or big project. It doesn't matter. The Universe doesn't know the difference between big or little. The Universe just knows Gratitude and It responds in kind. I really do know that feeling and that principle. I invite you into the Confidence of knowing that reality for yourself if you don't know It already. Blessings of this precious year to you! The Universe loves you! I see all your dreams coming true. Will you join me in that vision? Namaste!!!!!!