October Newsletter 2008

by Cathy Combs


A Multiple Possibility World: Presence And Forgiveness
by Cathy Combs

This last month or so has been an especially wild ride. I am learning huge spiritual lessons. Today I had an absolutely eyepopping embodied realization: “Getting my own way is a substitute for spiritual advancement!” I had just asked myself, “What if I never again get my own way? Then what?” I had to laugh. I have been intentionally creating more Stillness in my life as I continue working on my bookwriting project of the last sixteen months. From Stillness and Confidence I can clearly state what I want and who I am even in the most emotionally conflicted place. This is possible for anyone who is more God Self Identified than small self identified. Countless times I have experienced the qualitative difference between these two places. I don’t think small self knows anything of Joy, Love, Confidence. It’s too identified with and consumed by fear, the past or the future. I’m sure it’s not the first time you’ve heard me say this. I keep saying it because I keep experiencing it at such deep levels. I am certainly being changed by the experience. I realized today I want to vastly enlarge my SAQ: My Self-Appreciation Quotient. Self-Appreciation only happens in the present moment. Self-Appreciation tells me I’m living from Confidence, Gentleness, Compassion, Power, and an endless array of other names for God Self. From the Stillness, Strength, Purity and Clarity of God Self we heal ourselves and our precious global world. There is great Peace in that place!

Every moment we see the exponential importance of perspective. Here’s a fascinating timely example I heard recently: Our national debt is at an all time high, ten trillion dollars. That wasn’t new to me. What I had never ever heard spoken is that our national wealth is also at an all time high, 120 trillion dollars, and the percentage is decreasing between the debt and the wealth. This is important because the first statement instills fear and the second statement instills calmness and awareness. My point yet again is Power is never in any outer circumstance. Power is always in our perspective! Another point I truly love is spiritual understanding is always a forward movement. We cannot go backwards. It may seem like we are but it isn’t possible. A beautiful example of our forward movement that I truly love is held in this quote I heard recently as we elected our historic new president: “Rosa Parks sat so Dr. King could walk. Dr. King walked so Obama could run. Obama ran so our children can fly." I really love that!!!!!!! What a beautiful way to express how we stand together on the shoulders of those who have come before!!!!! I really love the changes I see happening. I see Dr. King’s message being lived out: Judge everyone by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. This is a social progression and a very important spiritual progression. In everything we do it is imperative to look beyond appearances. What is visible is only part of the story. What is seemingly invisible is the other part of the story.

This is the whole point of my newsletter this month. I am seeing like never before the comedy and tragedy of thinking, feeling and living from the perspective: “I have to get my own way in order to be happy.” How ridiculous! That belief is pursuing happiness as though it is an outer happening rather than a spiritual omnipresence! Happiness is always present! Whether we experience that spiritual Truth or not is a conscious choice. That Truth tells me how still, how awake I must be. Lately I haven’t been as still or awake as I would like and it’s been painful. The contrast the Abraham teachings talk about is teaching me everything I need to know about Stillness, Presence, and Contrast. My biggest spiritual lesson continues to be not to judge myself when I’m not in a place of Stillness and Presence. Recently I heard a great and comical spiritual Truth. Hold up a white piece of paper with a black dot in the center and ask yourself what do you see. Most likely you’ll say you see a black dot. We entirely miss the huge space of white paper. This is a Gestalt reminder: Enlarge our focus! See the whole picture! There is an eternity of infinity, a continuity of divinity held in each moment. Be large enough, flexible enough, awake enough to hold the entirety of the moment! That’s what Happiness is! Happiness is everywhere all the time! Happiness is Presence! Happiness is Stillness!

Here’s another eyepopping realization that came through recently. Spirit has no opposite. I really do believe we are globally moving into the conscious awareness that we are Spirit made visible. Living in the Now moment we are Essence. We are: Radiance! Presence! Love! Wisdom! There is no opposite to Energy. We already are actualized Energy Beings. We’re working on the continuity!!!! It is possible right now. It is doable right now. Love takes us there. Forgiveness takes us there when we miss Love the first time around. Grace takes us there when we miss Love the first time around. I’m living from Presence more and more. I know you know those places too: Radiance! Love! Wisdom! Generosity! Flexibility! Confidence! Courage! Gentleness! Oneness! The countless names of our very Nature: our precious identifiable God Self!

The Truth held in all I’m saying is we live in such a hugely expanded multiple possibility world. Each choice takes us into parallel Universes each moment. As we live from the Limitlessness we are we radiate the Presence we already are! I find that so exciting, so exhilarating. It is our precious individual and collective purpose. We are at a new dawn! I’m so thrilled to be sitting, walking, running and flying in this hugely expanded reality. Will you carry the torch with me? Sometimes my light seems to go out. When I see yours I remember mine. When you see mine you remember yours. We truly live in such Wealth! There is so much Love, Stillness, Generosity, Strength, Magnanimity, Wisdom, Compassion. There is so much Beauty everywhere. That is our shared Unitive Reality.

As we celebrate the continual birth of New Awareness I treasure the opportunity to live from the expanded Consciousness of: Life, Growth, Death, Rebirth, Gentleness, Strength, Joy, Wisdom, Love, Compassion. What are the names of Spirit that you treasure? I invite you into an expanded awareness of the Beauty you are! Life is so very precious. I am allowing Forgiveness to teach me the unforgettable lesson: I am precious!!! You are precious!!! I am releasing the mistaken notions of smallness I have previously accepted as my identity. I am opening more and more to the actuality of living and treasuring Life as is: Knowing I have the capacity to graciously and gracefully live Life in the Now! My balance point is a line from a poem I wrote in the 80s, The Lightness Of The Dark Side: “The dark side is simply the aspects of God I do not yet know.” I love the majesty, the challenge and the unity of these complementary worlds. I love the Grace, Confidence and Magnanimity I AM!!!!! Namaste to you!!!!!!!! Blessings of New Life to us all!!!!!!!