February 2009

by Cathy Combs


Expectancy~~~Not Expectation!!!
by Cathy Combs

Yeeeeehaaaaa!! Here's how I'm starting out 2009 ~~1) It's not when they do what they do! It's what they do when they do it! 2) I don't know anyone well enough to judge them. The commonality is Expectancy~~Not Expectation~~~ realizing yet again: Power is always and only within us!!! The understanding of my lifetime is: Presence is responding compassionately in each moment!!! Presence is simply being Love each moment. The moment we mute ourselves in fear or judgment we disconnect ourselves from Love as Self-expression! I want to scream from the rooftops what it means to me to live from Presence! Nothing means more to me!!! Presence is the key to emotional freedom. Violence so often begins when words stop. Violence so often starts when deliberate hatred is taught as a way of being. I want to scream, "It's 2009, people! What in the world are you doing teaching hatred?" I already know the answer to that fateful human question. They're expressing their rage, depression, hopelessness, and self-hatred. They don't yet know Power as Self-Love. That's where we come in. Shine the Light of Love so brightly It can't be missed. Fully feel and move through our own fears, judgments, and self-hatreds that we introject (unconsciously take in as our identity) and project (unconsciously refuse to recognize what we've done to ourselves by taking in a mistaken identity so we blame others). Our journey as the continuity of spiritual Awakeness is: Remember again and again who we really are: Creations of Infinite, Everlasting Love, Joy, Wisdom and Peace. Even as I wrote these last sentences the awareness that leaped out at me is how we continue to create the victim mentality in the world when we refuse to be awake to what we're doing. We refuse to be awake to our own Power. I'm reminded of a poignant political slogan I truly love: "If you think education is expensive try ignorance!" The emotional cost of ignorance is so unfathomably high!!! That is why I am so passionately devoted to education and empowerment! Ignorance enrages me because it causes so much pain! Research shows us clearly the highest predictor of success is social intelligence!!! Today like never before we must stay embodied. Stay present to the choices inherent in each moment. That's Empowerment! The highest expression of Empowerment is being Spirit-Identified. Jesus mastered this Presence. He said, "I am in the world, not of the world." He did not focus on appearances. He wasn't saying the world is bad. He was saying, "I focus on Cause, not effect!" First things first! In this context I understand how Jesus walked on water. He levitated. He didn't need solid ground to stand. He held Himself up by His Awareness! I further understand why Forgiveness is so important for us. We know who we are! We don't always demonstrate it. We're still too asleep. Too much in our own way! We want so very much to live our Fullness. I don't know how many Earth lifetimes it took Jesus to live fully from His God Awareness. I do know it wasn't just one! That's heresy to many people. It certainly isn't to me. It makes Jesus' humanity real and meaningful to me. He is a master teacher. He is one of my master teachers! Patience and Compassion are two of my other master teachers! I go crashing into their doorsteps headlong more times than I can count! Humor, Grace, Wisdom are a few more of my master teachers. You get the message. We need to take it slowly. One moment at a time. Live fully in the Present. Release every residue of regret, judgment, self-hatred as often as needed. Live from: Love! Grace! Peace! That's Presence! Living from Presence we are: Awake! Calm! Spirit-Identified! Generous! Joy-filled! Magnanimous! Courageous! Living Oneness! Empowered! Free! Unlimited! We are Essence Itself!!!!!!!

I hear Expectancy~Expectation dialogues in Patricia Diane Cota-Robles' words, "This year the spiritual effects of the Solstice will be more powerful than ever before. This is due to the incredible influx of Light that is pouring into the planet through the heartfelt pleas of people everywhere." She further states, "Eleven is the master number signifying the manifestation of the Divine in the physical." Go to www.eraofpeace.org to read her article, "This Is A Unique Solstice." We are the very cusp of the breaking wave! Every moment we have limitless opportunity to be awake or stay asleep. The consequences are enormous. Speaking to this point Patricia says, "Humanity is experiencing the most intensified purging of the economic system and the various other social structures that do not operate with a consciousness of the highest good for all concerned, that we have ever endured." She speaks of this process as a "necessary cleansing to make room for the consciousness of the New Earth." Her work reminds me of Riane Eisler's new book,"The Real Wealth Of Nations: Creating A Caring Economics." It's the Truth of a lifetime to say our highest good rests in caring for each other. That reminds me of Gaia Community's motto, "Caring for the Earth and each other because our lives depend on it." Gaia Community is an Earth-Based, Pagan-Themed Unitarian Universalist congregation in Kansas City that I helped my sister and another woman found in 1997. I mention this community because the bedrock value of Gaia Community is social justice. See www.gaiacommunity.org if you'd like to find out more about Gaia Community.

The point of all this is Life is very special to me. I'm here to do all that is mine to do! 2009 is a very special year for me as I follow through with the publishing of my first book of three I've already written. The feedback I've received so far is phenomenal, to the point of tears. I'm very excited and grateful. I share this because it is my way of acknowledging that we are all so very important and needed. It is so very important to embody our specialness, our Divinity, with all our heart. That's what Expectancy is: Living from our true nature, our Divine Self. We are all so very gifted! We just have to put our Giftedness to good use to know It! That's how Giftedness grows. That's how Expectancy works. That's how Joy works! Put our full Self into the world! Live our lives from the inside out knowing the best is always unfolding each present moment! One of my very favorite reminders is in the words, "My happiness comes from within." Believe me I use that reminder countless times. In that Spirit I want to highlight another one of my favorite places, Diana's Grove, as we begin another year of Mystery School. Our story this year is: "Atalanta: A Story About The Vows We Make ....... To Ourselves." You can sign up at www.dianasgrove.com until registration closes February 28, 2009. I can't think of a better story line for this year! Can you? I can't wait to see how this unfolds and how different I am at the end of 2009. In that Spirit of Joy-filled Expectancy who will you be at the end of 2009? A hint is: Who are you now? What will you put into each moment? How fully will you invest your best Self into 2009? I know we're in for quite a ride. I say, "Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!" Namaste, precious world!!! I'm here to do my very best!!! I'm so very grateful for the unfathomably huge blessings I've received. Thank you, Life Force!!!