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April 2009

by Cathy Combs


Showers Of Gratitude!!!
by Cathy Combs

It's April. I am so aware of the showers of blessings in my life and I am so very grateful. I cannot help but remember a few of my words from last month's newsletter. I spoke of my new definition of Faith: "Keep on going when there is no evidence that you have what you want." The amazing Truth is when you keep the Faith the Universe always says "Yes" to your efforts! That's what I know and that's what I'm finding. The amazing part too is when we say thank you in advance we set the stage for the wonders of blessings to cascade into being. That's what I'm finding. Just a few days ago I spoke at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Salina. I had no idea on Earth that opportunity would come into being. I was just "keeping on keeping on." In the same week I got an invitation from Llewellyn Publications to write an article for them again. The lesson is: Keep the Energy moving and visibility happens." It sure is fun!!!! Here's an addendum to that fun comment: Just days after writing that comment the evidence showed up! On my website last month in the space of four days I got 1,301 hits on my website for a total of 2,553 hits (my highest monthly total ever by over 300) and there were still 12 days left in the month. That is fun! That is evidenced Faith!!!!

I shared with the Salina UU Fellowship that this opportunity to speak with them a few days ago felt like the unofficial launching of my book to be out later this year and how grateful I am for this opportunity. I have stepped out in a Joy-filled Faith to self publish my book because I know that is mine to do. I have set up a Paypal link on my website so that anyone who wishes to contribute to me raising the money for this new publishing adventure can do so. I need $6,000 for the layout and design and the printing of the first 4,000 copies of my book. I thank you all in advance for helping me do what I love to do. I so fully know that through my writing, speaking, and teaching I bring the message of Empowerment, Faith, Hope, and Confidence that I love so very much into the conscious awareness and beingness of the whole Universe. I am so very grateful to be alive in this world today. I am learning so very much about the Power of living from the present moment! There is such Strength, Clarity and Confidence in that state of beingness! It's so Power-full!!! The amazing thing I find time and again is that I seem to slip into that state of beingness when it feels like I've been in hell but I keep on moving toward Peace and Calm and all of a sudden......whooooooosh!!!!!! I've arrived! I think that's a common process for us all!!! It just tells me again and again: Never give up. Presence is within us.We are Presence!!! Keep on knowing It and It comes into being again and again. It's everpresent!!!! Keep the Faith: the constant flow of evidence that we are so exponentially loved by the Universe! I am so happy to know this Awareness! I hope you know that process too! Self-Love is the oil that keeps the process unfailingly moving into being!!!

One awareness I've had recently is even though I'm so often living from a state of Gratitude there is so much more to be grateful for in my day to day life. This is important because it speaks to the power of Awareness and the process of expansion. Life is filled with such spectacular beauty. I can't help but think of the Abraham teachings. Our focus is so powerful! What we focus on always comes into being. It's already here in Spirit, now and always, and our focus on it brings it into physical expression. Is there something you want in your life? Be grateful for it in advance knowing it is already within you. Keep holding the image knowing it's coming into physical expression. Before long....... whoooooooosh!!!!!! There it is! Make a real place for it in your life. Like the Genie in "The Secret" the Universe says to us, "Your wish is my command." I absolutely know the Truth of that statement. That's how exponentially we are loved.

What I also emphatically know is how this exponential love comes wrapped in very clear messages of where not to look!!! I playfully wonder how many times I have to be reminded that happiness is an inside job!!! Forget about expectations of how people are supposed to act or not supposed to act. Expectations are a sure fire recipe for grief. Believe me I know! Happiness is never outside of us! Our one and only job is: Stay focused on the Light within us! We are the Light! Appreciate that unending Truth. I have had some very powerful and surprising realizations about the very early childhood connections we make between being told "No" and interpreting that as we're bad! It surprised me to understand that assumption is what was behind my experiences lately of feeling ignored by people I care about. I used this realization to remind me to stay focused on the Light I AM!!! I used any quiet moment I had at work to do EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to erase the old tapes in my brain, the actual physical pathways that are created by any experience. It is very powerful to know we can erase these pathways. It's our "begin again" moment! It's a self-forgiveness moment too. I am willing to forgive myself for taking in an error message when I didn't know any better as a child. As an adult I can choose to erase this message and build new pathways that say, "I everlastingly love you." Any self-healing process we choose is a way to open the way for more showers of blessings. Self-forgiveness is powerful! I'm sure you know that Truth!

Any time I'm not willing to open the way for showers of blessings I ask myself, "What Self-hatred am I not willing to release?" I was dumbstruck recently when I realized unwillingness to forgive and start over is actually a hatred of our God Self. That's one of the awarenesses I shared in my book. Believe me it stopped me cold the first time I had that realization. Believe me I did stop and said to myself, "Let's try that again." I bring myself back into a place of Self-Love as quickly as I can after I've allowed myself to feel the experience I'm in and consciously receive the blessing and the lesson. I know that Self-hatred doesn't serve me. That's not what I came here to do. What I cherish is receiving and offering intentional acts of kindness. Friendship is a Life-saving intentional act of kindness. Research so clearly shows that people who have many friends are very stress resistant! Gratitude is a stress reducer. It's so amazing the simple things we can do to so powerfully add blessings to our lives and the lives of all those around us. We can create a worldwide consciousness of intentional acts of kindness. How about that for a shared legacy of showers of blessings? That's how we bring Heaven consciousness to our precious Earth. That's Peace on Earth! We can create our very own Department of Peace person by person, one moment at a time. Ready! Set! Go! I'm sure Reverend Dr. MartinLuther King Jr. is smiling down upon us as we hold that intention and bring it into being in our lifetimes each and every day. That truly is how powerful we are. I choose Peace. I choose Love. I choose Friendship. I choose Joy! I choose to live my highest holiest Life!!!