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My Gemini Story: Oneness!!! - May 2009

by Cathy Combs


My Gemini Story: Oneness!!!
by Cathy Combs

I laughed when I first chose this title. Underneath my amusement is the poignant awareness of the profound Truth always present in seeming paradox. I can't always get my heart and mind to comfortably hold the paradox I see, know, and feel. When I see and hear what's happening all around me I give thanks again and again for the Life I have and who I am. It is so very clear to me: I am my own mirror! I am the captain of my Soul. I am so very grateful for the calm Confidence Awareness I AM. This Beingness is an incalculable Life-saving Gift. It is our very Nature, our very Essence! We all have It!!! So many of us just don't know It. Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes speaks to this Truth in her groundbreaking book, "Women Who Run With The Wolves." I am so thrilled and grateful to be one of those women; women who know their Essence. Knowing we are Source's mirror is an expression of Confidence, Clarity, and Embodied Wisdom. We all are born with these gifts. Many of us get separated from this Knowingness so early we don't know we ever had It! That is the collective compassionate Soul lesson for all of us.

Life is not an accident. There are no accidents! Life is a cosmic event with profound meaning. Each moment is a call to Consciousness, Stillness, Compassion, Gratitude, Awakeness. Life is an endless cycle of seeming beginnings and endings. I call It a continuity of divinity. I love those words. They're very calming and grounding. We are called to Life for a purpose. I truly believe we call ourselves to Life for a purpose. Our thoughts, words, actions and feelings tell us whether we are awake to our Call or not! The clearest way to know we are awake in each moment is our ability to stay embodied: Be Conscious Presence in the moment! Speak our Truth calmly, confidently and respectfully in each moment no matter what is happening. This ability is the hallmark of a healthy emotional embodied connection with our Inner Strength, Life, and Vitality. Say "Yes" to Joy! Nonjudgmentally say "No" to abuse. Recognize and leave abusive situations. Recognize that Worthiness is inherent! Worthiness is not based on money, education, status or anything in the so-called "outer." Worthiness is inherent. We don't need anyone's permission. We recognize Joy and Worthiness as inherent to Life. We're Spirit's emissaries in the physical realm bringing Heaven to Earth now and always! We recognize that Self-Love and service are our Gifts to this precious embodied Spirit Life.

Confidence and Clarity are flip sides of the same coin; inseparable mirrors! Embodying the Confidence~Clarity continuum is living Peace! Diane Cota-Robles calls 2009 an 11 year symbolizing embodying the Divine in the physical. On my birthday I enter an 11 year in 2009. I am presently finishing a 10 year influenced by Jupiter's Expansiveness lessons. The Tarot card symbolizing this lesson is the Wheel of Fortune. I understand this Fortune as my ability and willingness to bring a fully embodied Awareness of my Spirit Essence into each moment. That's how I define a happy, prosperous Life. I love the Peace and Ease in that Place. It is Expansiveness Itself! It is the Divine in Expression! I believe everything in the physical realm is an expression of the Divine. For any of us trained in Western psychology and spirituality there is no greater paradox. That's why I find the Abraham teachings honoring contrast so invaluable. I've spoken so many times of the spiritual qualities of Generosity, Flexibility and Magnanimity. Life is their playground where they are visible expressions of the Divine. This year I have learned like never before how hugely important these spiritual qualities are to a happy, prosperous life. How appropriate that these spiritual qualities are so magnified in a crossing of Expansiveness into the physical. It reminds me of the first time I heard two of my favorite spiritual mantras: "Happiness is an inside job." "Happiness is like a butterfly, which when pursued is always just beyond your grasp. If you will just sit down it will alight upon you." Yesterday was such a hilarious example of this paradox. I was living from Expectancy rather than expectation and there was a huge surprise right in front of my eyes: the gift of a very important discussion with a friend who means a great deal to me. Not just once but twice in one day in most unexpected times and ways.

Confidence is such an attracting Power. Things don't always proceed as quickly as I'd like and yet I keep on keeping on and the Good unfolds in the most unexpected times and ways. I keep saying that to myself and to you because it's such a Lifeline of Hope, Faith, Generosity, Power and Truth. It is simply the Law of the Universe. Hold in heart and mind what we want and it cannot help but come into being. That's the Truth! That's the Law! Embodying that Knowingness is Confidence Itself. Living from that Energy is the very expression of Oneness, Generosity, Flexibility and Magnanimity. Oneness means: "Don't fight ourselves!" Our ultimate spiritual lesson in Life is to live from Oneness. Recently I said to one of my very dearest friends, "When we are living from Presence (Oneness) we are not moved off center by appearances." No matter what we are Love! We stay embodied, connected with our words and feelings! We offer no resistance. It isn't needed. Resistance is fear-based. We are Love. We are fully able to handle each present moment. We are Presence Itself. Sometimes we forget! We temporarily need contrast to fully see the moment. Contrast allows us to clarify our Soul lessons! Then we can be Stillness, Presence, Oneness yet again. This is the Avatar process! Nonjudgment in process!!! Love-centered Fearlessness!!! There is no enemy. Just Awareness!!! As we move into our Awakened Life we see clearly sooner and sooner. We recognize and release all fear-based errors that say: We are unworthy and we are forever separate from and unworthy of our Good. All violence springs from this error. I feel this is the ultimate Abraham contrast question: "How "bad" do things have to get before we are moved to awaken to our inherent worthiness?" Our entire world on every level is being asked this very question right now. I know like never before Peace is possible on this Earth, this day, this moment. Every intentional act of kindness brings Peace into the present, into the very fabric of our beingness! It's already and always here! Awakening is a Conscious Choice! We can choose to live the Consciousness of Peace. We either live the Consciousness of Peace or we don't. The outcome is a natural one, not a punishment! It is an error to think we are not "response-able" for our lives. Energy is neutral. It's how we use It that matters. We honor our lives, our world by stepping into the Knowingness of who we are, how precious we are, how valued we are, how needed we are! Nobody can take that away. We can only give it up!!! Confidence, Compassion and Clarity call us out like never before to wake up to our Magnificence, our Magnanimity. It's not an accident that we are here!!! There are no accidents. We are on assignment!!! I invite you to step out with me into our highest holiest lives. Namaste. It is a brand new day!!!!!!!! Thank you, Universe!!!