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Faith: The Invisible Made Visible - June 2009

by Cathy Combs


Faith: The Invisible Made Visible
by Cathy Combs

I just love this journey of Faith. Nothing is unfolding as I thought it would, in the timeline I thought it would, in the way I thought it would and yet the unexpected surprises and Gifts from the Universe are so magnanimous all I can do is laugh. Numerologically I just entered an 11 year. For me that means Faith made visible. My dreams made visible. That is happening and it's so much fun to watch it all unfold. There is no shortage of Generosity!!! Every "problem" is solved from the vantage point of Generosity!!!

I want to share a story I heard in my home church community this Mother's Day. The story shows how powerfully the principle of Generosity plays out when we make room for It. I had never heard of the 1890 Depression in the USA until this sermon. That very year the cofounders of Unity, Myrtle and Charles Fillmore, began what is now known as Silent Unity, the worldwide prayer ministry of Unity. They had no intention of starting a worldwide spiritual movement. They probably had no idea there would now be 1,000 Unity ministries worldwide. Their intention was to respond to the healing letters and requests they were receiving. They were very, very wealthy people before the economic crash of 1890. Charles was a real estate developer. He developed the whole east side of Kansas City. Myrtle Avenue in Kansas City is named for Myrtle Fillmore. They lost all their money in the economic crash of 1890. Thus began their beautiful, phenomenal Faith-filled adventure. It is well-known that what is now the 1,500 acre grounds of Unity Village, the world headquarters of Unity, began with the donation of a penny. The Fillmores knew money is spiritual substance. They blessed every gift!!!

There are millions of stories like this worldwide. It is important to remember this Truth. We give the negative so much attention it is important to remember the extraordinary Faith and Generosity happening every moment. I love stories like this. These stories irrevocably show us our Power is always within us! What we consistently focus on is made visible! That is also irrevocably true! Cause and effect are inherently innately one. There are no accidents. There is an exquisite unfailing order in the Universe. An example of this order is Riane Eisler's latest book, "The Real Wealth Of Nations: A Caring Economics." As we move into the spiritual awakening symbolized by 2012 I want to mention this book again because it relentlessly calls us into the spiritual principles of caring and cooperation. I am reminded of the comment, "Enough food falls off the trees each day to feed the entire world. We don't have a food shortage. We have a distribution problem." The person was asking, "When will we be motivated enough to see that the distribution happens?" This reminds me of the little 12 year old boy whose dream was to make sure everyone in the world has clean water. This little boy is now dead but his dream is alive and happening. Wells for water are being dug all over the world. This reminds me of another little boy who is also dead but his dream is alive too, caring for the bees that are dying worldwide! The bees are the pollinators of all our food. We have somehow globally negatively affected the growing of food: Greenhouse gases, greed, global warming, pesticides: Just a few possibilities. A call to attention and caring. A worldwide call to a caring economics shown on so many faces, so many places! The seemingly invisible is made visible each moment by every thought, feeling, action!

I hear the ultimate expression of Faith as the Life Awareness: "Even if you kill me you cannot erase me!!! You cannot erase the impact of my existence. Life is Eternal. We are Eternal!!!" As I've said so many times the dualistic response to fear is annihilation in some form. We do not yet understand the myth of Death!!! The Oneness response to fear is Faith by Its many names. Some of my favorite Faith names are: Confidence, Integrity, Courage, Kindness, Love, Peace, Stillness, Joy. Fill in your own favorites here. Use these unfailing Gifts to strengthen you. They are transformative. I'm sure you know that Truth. By our collective living example we heal and transform and uplift our world!!! In that Faith context I find it so fascinating that I have dedicated myself to Hades and Poseidon for my 2009 Mystery School work. Hades and Poseidon are Keepers of the Mysteries. They represent Death and Strength or Lustre. I understand their symbolism as: Face Life directly! Have the Courage and Strength to live fully. Shine in each moment! Die in each moment! Their price? Give up self-deception!!! I love that!!! Nothing dims our Shine more than self-deception!!! Faith resides in the Unseen Realm. I love Faith. I love the Unseen Realm. It holds all we are. Faith is made visible by our focus! Be mindful of how we use our attention. My favorite description of Faith is: "The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." My own mantra is: "My Faith is sufficient unto the day!!!" By my Faith I'm bringing my most cherished dreams into the Visible Realm. By my Faith I am transforming a world I love so very much. I am not daunted by meanness. I'm not daunted by anything!!! I am simply encouraged to redouble my efforts and grow in Peace, Love, Faith and Confidence!!!

Here's another Faith journey I treasure. In May I attended our UCOP Women's Retreat. Sixty women came together to share the spiritual experience of awakening to Joy. The result was beyond my wildest imagining. On a scale of 1 to 5 it was a 10!!!! People shared from their deepest Selves. We laughed. We danced. We sang. We cried. Many of the women I knew. Many of the women I did not know at all. In shared community we experienced profound healings. I had no idea the things I shared would have the impact they did. Many people came up to me and told me what my sharing meant to them. Many people hugged me. I hugged many people I'd never even seen before. I talked with many people on a very deep level about things that mean a great deal to me. I have experienced these kinds of events my entire adult life. I make a point of going to these events because they are healing. They're transformative. We share our deepest hurts. We share our profoundest Joys. We impact people on levels we're not even aware of as we share. I had no idea how people were hearing what I said until they told me. I was crying so hard I hardly even saw the people around me. I just knew I had to share my stories. I love these events. They're adventures in Faith as every moment in Life is. Stepping out in Faith crisis is always opportunity. I love it that the Chinese symbol for change means both crisis and opportunity. It reflects the holistic principle of Life that I love so very much. It emphatically shows us our role in each moment. Our response to each moment is where the Power is. That's the Faith I live by every moment. That's the Faith I'm here to share with everyone every moment. Yippeecayaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! Our shared word for Joy!!!!!