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Courage: Our Spirit Connected Life - July 2009

by Cathy Combs


Courage: Our Spirit Connected Life
by Cathy Combs

I always find it fascinating when we reach the past midway point in our solar calendar year. Seemingly the days are getting shorter and at the same time it's hotter than blue blazes in the Midwest. The Sun sure seems at its peak rather than in a waning cycle. In my Mystery School lesson at Diana's Grove the Sun asked us two fascinating questions recently: "What in you is shining brightly? What is held quietly in the dark?" My six words that I shared as a dedication to the Oracle for the month of July are: "Halfway there and Oneness Personified." I love the Strength, Courage, Confidence and Awareness it takes to hold this paradox brightly and calmly. The spiritual significance is so huge.

Another question we were asked in our Mystery School lesson is, "When have we played villain?" I have long since understood the power of how we frame a question, an answer, a possibility. I remember the first time I heard Judas framed as a hero not a villain. I absolutely understand and love the power of that restorying. I do believe that Judas was Jesus' closest friend. He helped Jesus fulfill His destiny of showing that Death has no power over Spirit. That's the message that Jesus' life means to me. What a comically perfect time to be entertaining such a hot button issue in the flaming heat of Mother Nature's hot July days and nights when even I will turn on my air conditioning.

I'll make that framing even hotter. I absolutely know that is our destiny too. Death has no power over Spirit!!! Same Essence: Different form. That's all!!!

Here's a similar story I just heard. In 1931 Myrtle Fillmore, cofounder of Unity, consciously chose to die when she was perfectly healthy. She went around to each coworker, gave them a rose, told them what she was going to do, and died the next day. She knew her work was done. She was ready to go. The point I love about this true story is it tells us Death does not have to be an agonizing process. Death is not supposed to be an agonizing process. Death is simply a natural part of the Eternal Life process. This Truth fits perfectly in my ongoing spiritual learning process of allowing room for each moment to be what it is. The spiritual Truth that means so very much to me lately is: "It is what it is." Each moment is what it is. The absolutely empowering and comical paradox is that by our ability to nonjudgmentally nonresistantly hold that Truth we change the very moment as it happens! Paradox is such a fascinating spiritual Truth.

What occurs to me as I sit with this process is there is no greater need and Power than reclaiming our Confidence. Our Confidence has never left us. What has seemingly left us is our awareness of who we are. It's time to reclaim Joy, Power, Courage, Confidence, Faith. It's an internal process in the here and now each moment. We don't have to wait for whatever spiritual awakenings 2012 signifies. We can claim them and create them here and now. That's the significance of our lives. That's the Power in each moment!!!

I also see Courage framed as Magnanimity. Like never before I feel the Power of Magnanimity. I feel the Truth of our Essence as Spirit when I can hold the place and space of Magnanimity. I recently experienced this Truth again in the Sunday lesson Unity minister, Reverend David MacArthur, presented on the teachings of Heart Math. Our heart is not just a physical organ. It truly is the spiritual center of our body. When we express and experience appreciation by breathing through our hearts our entire being comes in congruence, in balance, with itself! Instead of resisting the moment, whatever it is, find something to appreciate. It can be anything. It doesn't have to be about the moment we're experiencing. He gave a hilarious example of his experience with another driver on a one lane bridge. Rev. David explained that he was waiting for the other driver to become enlightened and to understand that he had to move. Instead Spirit said to him, "Back up." It was a hilariously sweet, honest sharing of the uselessness of "power over" techniques instead of expressing Generosity of Spirit. Appreciation, Generosity, Courage, whatever spiritual gift we want to give ourselves and our precious world we live in certainly saves wear and tear on our precious physical organs. This is just one example.

Another paradox occurs to me as I experience what I've written here. Courage is an inner process, a quiet process. We so often hear Courage framed as defeat something in the outer. Courage is a Oneness process. With heart, with Courage, we live our lives internally as Peace. Courage is not just an emotional process. It is a Spirit Identified process. There is only one Presence, one Power... God the Good. There is no enemy to defeat. There is no enemy. There is only the Oneness of each moment. No separation!

The last piece of this process just flashed through my awareness again. Courage is simply my Inner Knowingness that I can handle every situation. This is the same for everyone. Courage is the embodied intuitive Wisdom of Spirit that we always have access to because It is our very Nature. Embodied intuitive Wisdom is our very Nature! We are Spirit Personified. We are embodied Wisdom Itself. Knowing that Truth we naturally reclaim our Courage, our Strength, our Vitality, our Life, our Joy.

The fascinatingly comical relevance of Courage couldn't be more obvious to me right now. In the white hot intensity of these July days I am also smack dab in the middle of the white hot intensity of experiencing a lot I don't know about this process of self publishing that means so very much to me. It occurred to me that perhaps Mercury is retrograde again so that's a resting place for any communication process. The Universe has so many fascinating ways to say, "Be cool, kiddo. Be calm. Trust Me. Trust yourself as an expression of the Limitless I AM Presence." I truly do understand the exponential importance of never turning frustration in on ourselves. That is not a solution process. The solution comes in Stillness.... in the Embodied Wisdom that is present in every situation. Not turning frustration in on oursleves is also a HUGE expression of Courage and Magnanimity, allowing room for the moment to be what it is, knowing the answer is in the process of unfolding into visibility. It's already present! It's just unfolding!

I want to close with a tribute to Dr. Margaret Mead. This is Newsweek's quote: "The most impressive thing about Mead is not that she has become the world's most famous anthropologist, but rather that it never occurred to her that this wouldn't happen..." That's the courage I absolutely love. That's the courage that carries us through everything!!!