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Oh Great Spirit - August 2009

by Cathy Combs


Oh Great Spirit
by Cathy Combs

I want to begin by paying tribute to two great women who died in 2008: Miriam Makeba and Odetta. I was greatly saddened when I heard these two great women died in the very same year and yet how cosmically fitting that they go out together in Spirit to the Great Beyond. I'm sure they're singing and doing their work on an even more elevated level. I greatly admire and appreciate these two great Spirits. They were singers extraordinaire and passionate advocates for Peace, Justice, Freedom, and Change. I love their music and I love the work they did.

I also want to pay tribute to the many singers who were so active during the very beginning of the Civil Rights movement in this country. I didn't know until this year when I was watching a film on the History Channel that Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, and Curtis Mayfield, to name just a few, were heavily involved with this extraordinary movement, sharing their time and their money to move this country in a different direction that continues to this day. I was in high school in 1963, during the very heat of the Civil Rights movement and yet I never even heard a word about these great people being involved in a movement that continues to be so central to the integrity of our country.

My point as always is to educate, encourage, and empower us all!!! To paraphrase Vaclev Havel, "Where there is injustice for one, there is injustice for all." I'll add the balancing point we continue to learn: "Where there is justice for one, there is justice for all." We continue to learn in the most dramatic ways conceivable the power of our attention. Will we give our attention to Love or fear? Our answer is a matter of great consequence!!!

I learned in the most cosmically comical way possible how powerful and immediate my understanding and my words are. Like never before I understand the power of words I've used thousands and thousands of times: "God is the Source of my supply." Not the money I make in my job. I'm not limited to that or by that. My supply is limitless. I have a direct connection with the Source. I am the Source in Expression. Ask and it is given! I was telling a friend of my realization and what I wanted. That very moment her phone rang and my prayer was answered! We both couldn't stop laughing. I could hardly breathe. To coin a cute phrase I love the price of this answered prayer was "stupid good" (meaning off the wall minimal for everything I wanted and needed). That is the Generosity of the Universe in expression any time we move into that level of connection with what is always there!!! Everything is already there in Spirit. Just ask and we'll see It!!!

As I come back to this newsletter I can hardly contain how unfathomably grateful I am for the Life I AM. My Life is so "stupid good." I so get it that it's not what we look like. It's not what we think we must have on the outside. It's what we are within!!! How connected we are to the Spirit of Love we are. I so get it that that is what matters!!!

A few days ago I realized yet again the connection between judgment and defendedness. No judgment. No fear. No walls. Love! Compassion! Confidence! See the picture? I so get it what an uncommon Life I live. I'm so grateful and awestruck it moves me to tears.

In that Spirit I want to share a new website my sister, Vicky, told me about recently. Google Biodanzausa and get ready for a beautiful feeling. Biodanza is the Dance of Life. I could feel the beauty of the energy even through the website. I can't wait to experience Biodanza itself. Check it out for yourself. I'm sure you'll love it.

I know like never before what Spirit Connection feels like and what the disconnect of judgment feels like. Could it be any more obvious? WOW!!! For days and days I was off the wall Joy-filled and peaceful and then seemingly out of nowhere I was back on the jagged edges and I didn't even know what had happened. That seems odd after so many years of an intentional Spirit-focused Life and yet I'm ok with it. The vestiges of "not good enough" came roaring through for a while again and then left as suddenly as they came! My purpose in saying that is I so appreciate and understand the intentional effort it takes and the intentional effort I give. I do appreciate the Truth of the statement that as long as we're alive the learning is never done. That doesn't mean be hypervigilant. It just means: Be calm. Be appreciative. Be Confidence Itself. The Good is Everpresent!!! Release separation thoughts. Return to Oneness focus!!! All is well!! We are Spirit!!!

On that note I want to pay tribute to one more person I greatly admire: Rev. Mary Manin Morrissey. I took her six month Life Mastery class in September 2007 when I was in the process of writing my book that I'm just about ready to send to the printer. If you're ready for an amped up jump start in whatever you're doing check out her new website,, and get ready for a special heart-centered boost. Her talks and seminar yesterday were breathtaking. Sometimes I was crying. Sometimes I was laughing. In these Spirit-filled opportunities it's impossible not to feel the everpresent Magnanimity of Spirit's exponential Love for us. I'm so very glad that I am willing to honor Spirit's Love for me by loving myself more and more each day, each moment. Do you know that is your journey and your purpose too? If you don't know that yet I invite you into an expanded awareness of your Greatness. I highly recommend Rev. Mary's two best selling books, "Building Your Field Of Dreams" and "No Less Than Greatness."

In this precious, precious world we share together it is so important that we know and honor our Greatness so we can bring our highest, holiest attention and intention to this Spirit-filled Life we share. The Truth is that whatever we give our attention to Spirit understands that we are asking for more of that!!! We have in effect said, "This is my intention. I want more of that!!!" Rev. Mary spoke directly to us about the difference between saying debt-free and living abundantly. When we say debt-free our focus is on debt so Spirit helps us create more debt. Our brains do not interpret negatives!!! When we say instead I want to live an abundant Life Spirit hears Abundance and helps us bring It into visible form. I have shared with you time and again the immediate magnanimous responses I have received when I asked in Faith knowing that what I want is already present in Spirit. That level of Love is breathtaking in the most wonderful way imaginable. I do indeed want more of that Oh Great Spirit!!! Thank You!!! I love You!!!