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A Brand New Understanding - September 2009

by Cathy Combs


A Brand New Understanding
by Cathy Combs

Every September I acknowledge that we're heading toward the Fall Equinox, one of my very favorite times of the year. The Equinoxes are Mother Nature's symbols of balance in Her physical world. Today I received a spiritual lesson in balance with such slambang clarity I'm rather thunderstruck. Today I realized like never before: Hopelessness and Joy are bottomless pits. Which picture do you want? I understand yet again that Hopelessness is a direct result of living Life from the "outside in." Joy is a direct result of living Life from the "inside out."

I further understand: "I can't live their life. They can't do my timetable." I further understand I cannot focus on an anticipated impending loss and expect to be Joyful. A loss is a loss whenever it happens. The time for grief is in the present when it happens. Not when it hasn't happened yet.

I'm at that place that Yogi Berra so eloquently speaks of, "When you come to a fork in the road, take it!!!" My bit of humor to add to Yogi's is I'm at so many forks in the road I can't eat it all fast enough.

It's a time for quiet listening, and keep on keeping on, doing what is mine to do. I can't get there any faster than I'm going. I'm not supposed to get there any faster than I'm going. That's my playful reminder from one of my favorite childhood fairy tales, "The Tortoise and the Hare." It's also an acknowledged compliment from a friend recently who said to me, "I don't know how you do what you do other than by sheer force of will."

What I'm learning yet again like never before is it's so key to stay focused on the present moment. That's where Joy is. That's where Power is. That's where Satisfaction is. I don't often use the word satisfaction. I see it now as a quiet Joy and Appreciation for a job well done.

This line of thought reminds me of the Abraham teaching of allowing. My question for me right now is, "How much room am I allowing for Joy?" That was our card for today. The synchronicity of the timing as always is so perfect. The Universe is so beneficent. The Universe is always giving blessings. My job is to allow, to accept. It's a Life-sustaining necessity to allow and accept blessings. The cosmic 10x12 is rather dramatic when we don't leave enough room for our natural inheritance. The kink in the hose unleashes a rather dramatic well placed snap!!! Yes, I'm being funny and truthful!!!

I want to acknowledge the very well placed blessings I've received from my August Mystery School lesson from Diana's Grove as we continue our story line about the vows we make to ourselves. Our August lesson highlighted some of the women who were moldbreakers: Lilith, Gloria Steinem, Emily Dickinson, and St Bernadette of Lourdes. What I love about these women and the countless other women and men is the Courage it takes to live at this level. The fascinating paradox of course is to live any less than that is a death sentence to the Joy in our lives. We intrinsically know our Greatness. We must step beyond society's fascinating propensity to live from fear. Those messages seem so real because we've given them so much attention, and so much power that they don't deserve. As we move toward the HUGE spiritual awakenings of 2012 that are already happening every moment NOW is the time to claim our Joy, to live from Joy, Radiance, Confidence, Compassion, Understanding, Faith, Hope, Love, and so many other spiritual gifts that are the very Essence of our being!!! Now is the time!!! Let's do it!!!!!!

I want to especially acknowledge two other women who were mentioned in our August Mystery School packet. These two women, Cynthea Jones and Patricia Storm, are the co-owners of Diana's Grove. In February of 1993 they stepped out in Faith and made their dream a reality. They founded a community on 102 acres of dedicated, sacred land. They opened a year round retreat center and Mystery School teaching personal empowerment and leadership development. Check out their website,, to get a glimpse of the beautiful land set in the foothills of the Missouri Ozarks, and to get a glimpse of the awesome programming being offered. You'll love it!!!

I also want to acknowledge two other women who are doing phenomenal work. They are both friends of mine, both singers, both songwriters, and workshop architects living their dreams doing their work. These two friends are: Bukeka Newby Shoals and Teri Wilder. Bukeka's website is: and Teri's website is: It's so much fun being in their cheering sections witnessing their work. They're both awesome.

I want to end this newsletter by acknowledging the profoundly gifted Life I have too. It's a fascinating lesson to realize when comparison is appropriate and when it's not. The Abraham teachings tell us we need contrast in order to see in a physical world. I couldn't possibly miss the value of my education. It's not about making money. It's about knowing how to think!!! I taught at the college level for 5-1/2 years. Countless times I told my students, "I'm not here to tell you what to think. I'm here to teach you how to think." It's staggering to realize that most people, even in this country, don't reach the thinking level of a 13 year old. Most people don't have the analytical thinking skills of a 13 year old. Research also shows how dramatically analytical reasoning skills improve from freshman to senior year in college. l'm highlighting these facts because current research also shows we now process more information in a day than our ancestors of 100 years ago processed in a year!!! Research also shows that the highest predictor of success is social intelligence. Social intelligence is our ability to get along with others. In our hugely global, faster than the speed of light world today it is imperative that we are educated, that we listen well, that we honor ourselves and others, and that we do what we need to do to heal ourselves and others. These are just a few of the values and skills that rock my world and float my boat. As always I invite you to jump on board and create a Life of Joy, Love, Peace, Compassion, and Integrity for yourself and others. Recognizing that we already have everything we need in us, because we already are what we need, Spirit Personified, is the highest, holiest Light we can shine and share in our world. I invite you into this sanctified journey if you're not on it already. Love and Peace to you, world travelers. I love You, Mother Earth. I appreciate Your spiritual physical world. Namaste to all!!!!!