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Joyfully Moving Toward The New Year - October 2009

by Cathy Combs


Alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finished writing my book. I met with my layout design team a few days ago. I'm soooooooooooo thrilled and grateful for the opportunities present and coming. What a glorious way to be heading into this New Year.

Each October 31st I celebrate the agricultural New Year of Samhain. I can't think of a better way to get a jump start on the celebrating than to celebrate the completion of this 2-1/2 year project! I have learned sooooooooooo very much in this process. I'm sooooooooooo very grateful for all I've learned. I'm quite certain that my hugest learning is a gigantically increased appreciation for the life I have. I know that I have a huge appreciation for the Beauty of Life. It's just sooooooooooo much bigger now!!!

Seasonally I love this time of year. Mother Nature is at Her most beautiful it seems in the Fall. Maybe it's just my favorite time of year no matter what!! We're moving into the dark times when the nights get longer and days get shorter. In Earth-based spirituality this time of year is symbolic of a turning inward, a move toward contemplation, planning for the new growth of Spring. The roots go deep down into the Earth to prepare for new life. That's what contemplation is too. We go deep inside. We look back on the year just completed. We consider our learnings and our lessons yet to be learned.

I'm about to step out on the biggest stage ever now that my book is completed and I begin my book tour. Mercury has turned direct again. That means time for new action. I'm thrilled. I want to get on down the road into my new projects. I'm definitely ready to take on the new opportunities unfolding in me and all around me.

I can't help notice the paradox in timing. In one sense moving toward the contemplative time when we spend more time indoors as Mother Nature gets colder at the same time I'm setting out in new directions. I see visions of heading toward the warm places as the Midwest gets colder and simply following Inner Guidance as I go where Spirit leads. It's a fun time all the way around.

Two particularly huge gratitudes I've experienced lately are the ongoing expressions of the beneficence of the Universe. My computer had been unusable for weeks. I couldn't find anyone to help me and I was soooooooooooo frustrated until I learned that Mercury was retrograde and it wasn't time to start anything new. It was time to edit and review so I just wrote out my notes and did what I could do. Then a friend referred me to a young man who retrieved my manuscript from a damaged hard drive. There aren't enough words to express my gratitude for someone who knows their craft and on top of it to be sooooooooo exceedingly generous and trusting. The spiritual lesson I appreciate in that is I know that I am greatly generous and trusting and "what goes around comes around" or "like attracts like." I treasure that lesson and that Truth.

Another huge learning during this process is expanding my field of vision. There's more than one person who can do what needs to be done. Trust the timing of how things are unfolding and continue to cultivate a peaceful, loving, trusting attitude.

One upcoming adventure to share with you is I know I'm going to be doing an Alaskan cruise adventure during my book tour. Those plans are unfolding. I'll keep you posted on my website. I've always wanted to do a cruise to see the whales I love so much and to see my beautiful Pacific Ocean yet again.

All these plans are the hallmark of two of my very favorite spiritual qualities: Faith and Confidence. I know with all my heart the Truth of my understanding, "If it is to be it's up to me." We are limitless!!! There's no such thing as a bad economy. What I'm thinking and feeling on the inside is what matters. That is true for all of us. We are not limited by anything or anyone unless we think we are!!! That is a powerful Truth that I love and trust. By our thinking and feeling we create our world. We truly live in an "inside out" Universe. "As within, so without." "As we think so it shall be."

Saying that reminds me of another one of my favorite sayings, "Be the change we wish to see in the world." No time like the present to bring more Love, Joy, Faith, Compassion, Trust and Understanding into this precious Universe we share with seven billion of our new best friends, known and unknown. I truly do mean that I want to cultivate an attitude toward Life where I know no strangers. I want to cultivate an ever increasing attitude of Trust and Generosity.

I treasure the gifts of the smallest kindnesses that are so often simply Life-saving. We don't even know that until we extend the kindness and then the impact is so obvious often the only response is tears. A few months ago I had one particular experience I will always remember. It was a beautiful day outside. I had a particularly awful day at work. I was thrilled to be riding around. I was at a stop light. There was a man standing on the corner. He obviously needed money. I usually don't carry cash. That day I had some. Something about the man just really touched me and I gave him all the cash I had. I don't even know how much it was. The look of gratitude on his face was unforgettable. I knew that he knew I wasn't negatively judging him. I looked in the rearview mirror as traffic started to move again, just in time to see the driver behind me give the man money too. I couldn't help thinking that by my action the next person was motivated to be generous too. I cried. It was a very special moment in time.

As I look back on this year I celebrate the Mystery School story we are working with: the vows we make to ourselves. As the quintessential optimist I am I know that one of my vows is to add as much Joy, Laughter, Faith, and Inspiration as I can to a world I love so very much. I keep on going and growing and trusting and learning no matter what. I want to keep Generosity at the forefront of my approach to Life. That is the God Essence I know and love. Namaste to you, fellow travelers. Happy New Year to you in this Earth-based calendar timing of the agricultural New Year. Plant your roots deeply. No telling what Beauty and Bounty will sprout in the coming Spring. We'll compare notes then!!! I'm looking forward to the many new adventures unfolding in each moment. Alleluia!!!