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Getting Ready For The Big Move - November 2009

by Cathy Combs


Thankfulness takes on a whole new level of meaning as I share my thoughts with you this month. My book will be out before Christmas. Many plans are in motion. I am so very grateful for the many new opportunities unfolding and all the excitement and encouragement along the way. In so many ways I feel so very loved and I'm so honored. In one sense it's not a given that we are loved. Being loved comes from being trusted. Being trusted comes from being honorable. Nothing means more to me than being honorable.

I want to share with you an example of honorable. Betty Makoni is founder of Girl Child Network. This brave, brave woman's life work is saving the young girls of Zimbabwe from the myth of virgin rape that is perpetuated by the Zimbabwe government. The myth is that if a man with HIV or AIDS rapes a virgin he will be cured. Betty Makoni's efforts have now resulted in thousands of children being helped and hundreds of centers set up all over Zimbabwe to help the children. Betty Makoni has been nominated numerous times as CNN's Hero Of The Year. I voted for her today.

This is just one example of the worldwide change happening as the girls and young women of every nation are educated. The boon to the economy is enormous to say nothing of stopping the enculturated violence that is perpetuated by the governments. Betty Makoni's action was seen as a political statement in her country so she moved to the United Kingdom after her life was threatened. She highlighted the most extreme example she was aware of, the rape of a one day old infant girl. I'm highlighting this courageous woman because she is yet another example of a Truth I hold very dear: It doesn't matter what happens in our lives! It does so very much matter what we do about what happens! That is just one reason I am so passionately devoted to education for everyone!!! It's not enough to say that any rape is a barbaric act. The change comes as we address the culture of hopelessness that seems to obscure another option. There is always Hope. There is always Love. There is always Courage. There is always Life. We are not disconnected from the world we are creating. We are the Creators of It! We live in a highly ordered Universe. No Life is a random event. Where there seems to be Chaos it is simply the picture of an unrecognized Higher Order coming into being. That is my message to this world I love so very much.

As I get ready for this big move into greater opportunities to do the work I love these questions are uppermost in my heart and mind. Our Mystery School lesson we are bringing to a close is about the vows we make to ourselves. The Truth stated to us is: Be true to ourselves and every prayer is answered. I believe that with all my heart. There is always a third option beyond the duality of win/lose. There is always the unexpected outcome where everyone's highest good is realized. Everyone's dream is realized! It's not about playing small so someone else isn't hurt. It's not about hurting someone so we feel powerful. It's about the Multiple Possibility World that I wrote about in a poem 25 years ago. It's about the Flexibility and the Creative Vision to hold Infinity in our physical hands and know the Possibility and Reality of Love Incarnate here and now!!! We have to look squarely at our hurts and heal them so we don't perpetuate them for generations and eons. We have to be willing to understand at a deep heart-connected spiritual level we are more than our hurts. We are more than pain. We are the infinity of Love In Action. That is our true heritage, our true Nature.

As I share these ideas I can't help but think of the coming of 2012 and the HUGE changes we are moving toward. In that spirit of Hopefulness I want to highlight another woman I greatly admire, Dr. Charlotte Shelton, president and CEO of Unity School Of Christianity, where I work. We both share a passionate devotion to reclaiming the holistic viewpoint especially as it relates to the integration of science and spirituality, two fields I love so very much. Reclaiming the holistic viewpoint is crucial to the peaceful advancement of this world and our ability to listen, to work together in harmony.

In that same light I was absolutely thrilled to see that one of my favorite books has been reprinted. Rev. David McArthur's, "The Intelligent Heart", is a must read!!!! Heart Math teaches us how to bring ourselves back into coherence (balance) so we can live optimally peace-filled lives. HeartMath is a very powerful centering technique.

My book that is coming out soon speaks to these principles as well. We live in a Unitive Universe. There's no getting around the fact that everything in the physical world is first and always in the Invisible Realm of thought and being. What we focus on we bring into being because it's already there. Our attention brings it into being. If we want a different picture change our focus!!! Energy is neutral. We are the ones who decide, consciously or unconsciously, what form the Energy will take.

One principle I love in knowing all this is how small a change is necessary to radically change our lives. Small steps in a consistent direction radically change our lives! That's very powerful to remember!!! We don't have to move the mountain in a day. It's even comically true to consider that the mountain wants to cooperate with us. Don't make an obstacle an enemy. I just had the image of a baby chewing on a teething biscuit. How about considering we're chewing on a new reality? We're contentedly considering our options while we enjoy our biscuit that is feeding us. I truly love that image. I accept it as Nature's gift to me. The Great Benefic loves us so very much!!!!!!!!!!

Some of my very dearest friends will undoubtedly laugh themselves silly seeing me say that because they know I don't like not knowing how to do something but I'm leaving the way open now for new options to entertain and enlighten me. That's much easier and much more fun than fighting the present moment. I said to a friend recently, "I gave up my salmon badge a long time ago." I'm goin' with the flow!!!!!!!!! I like that option much better. It speaks to a great Confidence. I'm learning huge lessons about the duality of needing to have instant gratification in the moment to keep fear at bay. There is nothing absent in the present moment if we'll just allow ourselves the Peace and Grace of quietness. Identity is not attached to outcome. The solution is well at hand. It's within us now and always and evermore!!!!!!! We're all in on the big move... to Awakening!!! Enjoy the adventure. I look forward to allowing Love and Grace to teach me everything!!