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Unfolding One Dream Into Another - December 2009

by Cathy Combs


As we all bring 2009 to a close I want to highlight a place that means a great deal to me. Diana's Grove is a retreat center in the bootheel of Missouri. The co-owners, Cynthea Jones and Patricia Storm and a mostly volunteer staff have offered a year round Mystery School program since 1994. 2010 will be the last year on this land. The land will be sold at the end of the 2010 Mystery School year. I highly recommend that you visit this magical, majestic place while you still can. The Mystery School programming will continue beyond 2010. The format and location will be new. See for more info. You'll be so glad you did. The leadership and training is awesome. The food and the beauty of the land is out of this world.

I'm so looking forward to the story we'll be doing in the 2010 Mystery School year. The story of Psyche, meaning breath, soul, spirit, couldn't be more relevant for the journey I'm embarking on this year. The bottom line of the story is how do we live our lives with integrity and how do we incorporate all the other voices along the way? I already see some interesting choices developing. Listening for discernment is key!!!

As I end 2009 and begin this new year of 2010 I have entered the Enlightened Leadership program at my home church. I am passionately devoted to learning and leadership. I am most certainly a lifelong learner. I'm excited to see how this will all unfold. It's fun and it's inspiring and undoubtedly will present some fascinating opportunities and learnings.

As each new day unfolds I continue to be vitally fascinated by how easy Life is when I'm in sync with It and how quickly I hit a ditch when I'm not in sync. I had been having a really tough time at work recently and got to work one day and the lesson for the day was on forgiveness. I almost couldn't stop laughing. It was my reaction that told me I was out the other side of my learning curve. Believe me I'm grateful!!! The Peace that is Nonjudgment is so huge. It makes the day so easy, so effortless.

A piece of that process is perspective. How I understand the purpose of my job makes all the difference in the world. It's the same for everyone, of course. Our perspective either makes or breaks us. I'm so very glad I know that vitalizing Truth. It's not fun when I forget what my purpose is. It's not fun when I shut down and stop the flow of blessings.

My entire professional life has been in the "helping professions." If anything is ever just a job there's nothing more deadening, more stressful than that process. A piece of that is if I ever wish I were some place else, not trusting the unfolding of the present process. I've had the cart before the horse lately. The poor horse has been tripping over the cart repeatedly and I've been thrown for one or two loops in the process. I'm back on track now, appreciating who I am, appreciating where I am, appreciating the service I offer.

I had an interesting awareness lately and an interesting memory. I was at a restaurant that I frequent quite intentionally. I know I bring Joy there and I bring an awareness of how to act toward people. I've been amazed at how routinely rude the male workers are toward the young women. It's fascinating that they don't dare do that to the older women. It occurred to me that their identity is tied to their "menial" jobs. They are cooks. It doesn't seem to occur to them that they are providing a vital service. Why this is important to me is I once worked in housekeeping. I had a Master's degree at the time. I was thrilled to be there. I wanted to be where I was. Having that job allowed me to make my payments for my graduate school loan. One day one of the guests said to me, "You make working look like joy." That comment was made 32 years ago. I remember the feeling like it was today. It made my day. That feeling still makes my day. Life is supposed to be a Joy. If it isn't we're asleep to the blessings happening. I know that might sound like a tough or even a stupid statement. It isn't. There is always room for Gratitude. Gratitude comes from awareness of Presence. Awareness and Gratitude are keys to a happy Life.

I read a wonderful article about Dr. Maya Angelou saying that her greatest talk ever was when she was simply saying, "Thank you, God" over and over for three minutes. The congregation she was visiting joined her after a while. I bet the energy was electric.

I'm mentioning this for several reasons. Dr. Maya Angelou is one of my very favorite people on the planet. I remember years ago reading her book, "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings." I know why too. You can't cage an attitude. I can't help but think of Dr. Viktor Frankl as I say that either. Dr. Frankl is also one of my favorite people. Both of these people are precious to me because they are undeterred by horrific circumstances. They both know that Joy and triumph are inside out processes. Everything is!!!!!!!!!

As I continue my journey bringing this year to a conscious close I want to continue to hone my skills in being a maximum service to all I meet. I immediately think of some people who are challenges in my Life. I am all too aware that as I change my attitude toward myself and them the picture and the circumstances change dramatically. I'm the only who can stop that process for me and I'm the only one who can start the process. All I need is Willingness. Willingness is yet another one of the God qualities within us at our beck and call any moment. A most momentous Choice indeed!!!!!!!! I've certainly said no to Generosity of Spirit. The outcome is not pretty, and not comfortable, and yet ever so informative!!!!!!!!! I am paying attention!!!!!!!! I promise you that for sure!!!!!!

So as we close out this year will you join with me in creating a most momentous 2010? Will you join with me in bringing Peace to our precious Earth? Every Choice brings us closer to or farther from that reality. Will we feed the hungry? Will we bring hope to the hopeless? Will we care beyond our present capacity? I sent my contribution to Harvesters today for a Thanksgiving blessing that will feed 250 people. It's amazing they can do so much with such a relatively small offering. I was going to use that money for a weekend conference I was planning to attend. When the conference was cancelled I immediately knew I wanted to send the money to Harvesters. Generosity means a great deal to me!!! Generosity is an expression of Faith. Faith is my favorite spiritual gift of all. I have great Faith in our capacity to help and to heal. I sometimes forget how powerful I am, how needed I am. I've had a HUGE wake up call recently. Blessings to you all. Namaste!!!!! I wish you sweet dreams and happy imaginings of the reality you are creating even now!!