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Redefining The Physical...Cherishing The Journey!!! - February 2010

by Cathy Combs


February is Brigid's month. Brigid is the Goddess of Illumination and Inspiration. How very fitting to be sharing and celebrating the awarenesses I'm having recently. In my follow up book to the one soon to be released I was sharing my understanding that we have misunderstood the purpose of our humanity. I see our humanity as the advanced expression of bringing the formless into form. What could be more special than bringing the formless into form, embodying our Spirit Identified Nature. I said, "What a fascinating acronym indeed: SIN!!! How very fascinating. A new definition indeed!!!

As we move into 2010 and toward 2012 nothing is more important to me than realizing anew how very special we are!!! Redefining indeed so very much of what we have erroneously learned and taken in as our supposed reality. I say, "Let's try that again!!!" Let's celebrate the exponentially glorious Nature of our humanity. What could be more glorious than bringing into form the conscious realization of our Spirit Identified Nature????? How does it get any better than that?????

I feel that brings a whole new meaning to the Mystical. The Mystical is in the physical. That redefines our entire Reality. That brings Peace to Earth!!!!

Yet again this realization reframes Jesus' life for me. I've said it before and it's time to say it again. Jesus and all the Avatars have shown us how to embody the Mystical. It is our journey as well. It's past due for us to understand that the body is precious. Our human form is precious. Our human form is the formless made visible. Our human form is Spirit made visible. We are to cherish the vehicle no matter what it looks like. No matter how it seemingly functions. We are to fully realize and actualize that by the thoughts we think we heal ourselves and each other. We make Wholeness visible.

The paradox that is so precious is even if the physical seemingly doesn't change, even if we die, our humanity is still precious. It's a mistake to label those processes failures. Let it be that it is what it is. Relish the moment. Relish what is. That Faith, Confidence, Generosity, and Magnanimity opens up a world we rarely see when we don't appreciate what is.

It is now days and days since I wrote that last paragraph. What hauntingly prophetic words to come back to today. I have just come back from a celebration of Dr. King's legacy as we commemorate his life and his work. I watched a film profiling some of the highlights of the last few years of his life. It is hauntingly clear to me the connection there is between honoring the immanence of Deity and the Presence of Peace. Where there is Peace there is no violence. Understanding that we have all we need within us to meet the circumstances of our lives is so imperative and so powerful!!!

The political lingo of "it's the economy, stupid" is a well-intentioned misguided lie. It's how we respond to circumstances that is the defining point. Honoring Dr. King's life by bringing Peace to Earth means everything to me. Inspiring and uplifting people means everything to me. Empowering and educating people means everything to me. Changing our system of belief that war will solve something means everything to me.

It is important to me to say that not everyone who lives in poverty responds to their lives with violence. Poverty is a state of mind. It doesn't have to be a statement of being. When we live our lives from the inside out we maintain our dignity, our Joy, our Lifeline no matter what outer circumstances present. We understand we can change our circumstances. We understand our connectedness with Power as immanent!!! Change may be slower than we wish. We persevere nonetheless. We don't become embittered, disenfranchised, hopeless. This Truth is the key to a Joy-filled, Empowered Life.

As I come back to this newsletter two more amazing things have happened. Last night I attended the benefit concert of benefit concerts at my church for the people of Haiti. The place was packed. We raised thousands and thousands of dollars. We had also set a goal of filling 500 care bags. We filled 1,000!!! I helped fill the bags after both services. I was sending prayers of peace and healing as I filled each bag. The Joy in the room was palpable. Hundreds of people doing everything they could to be helpful.

Earlier in the day I had said to a friend at church how important it is to remain confident and patient when things are going slower than I anticipated. That night I was presented with the preliminary copy of what my book will look like. I told my friend what happened and we both laughed. Spirit is indeed quick on delivery!!!

I want to finish this newsletter by acknowledging the song I was just listening to from a present from my brother, Matt. The song is "Celebrate." The words are "I just want to celebrate another day of living". I sure do want to celebrate each moment. I want to acknowledge that right now we are in the physical preparatory growing season of another agricultural year. The spiritual parallel is we are always in the preparatory stages of each day of our lives. Each moment is precious and powerful. I am embarking on the dream of a lifetime and it's in the physical right now...Unfolding each moment.

So are you!!! Whatever you're doing you are creating your reality. You are bringing something into the physical by every thought, feeling and action. Make it count for the highest, holiest intention you can imagine, and know that is exactly what you are bringing forth into being.

Our lesson in church yesterday was on the power of persistence. I am seeing the blessing of persistence right now. The technicalities of my book process certainly unfolded slower than I wanted. I've never self-published a book before. Now I have. The second time will be much easier. The point is I kept on keeping on... Like the little green shoot coming up through the cement. I'm up and shouting for Joy. I'm laughing too. It's fun.

I wish you great Love, Peace, and Joy as we all embark on this new growing season of Enlightenment and Inspiration. Blessings to the people of Haiti and all the people of this precious, precious world as we co-create a world of "peace, harmony, and abundance for all." I love those words from our church vision statement. Namaste precious world!!!!!!