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I Am Awake: The Power Of Self-Awareness - March 2010

by Cathy Combs


Here we are in March. Mother Nature continues to do Her underground work that is greening into Spring. I love this time of year seeing the flowering of all the underground preparation for new Life.

The even bigger parallel that I so love is that new Life is not a once a year experience. It's an every moment experience that we can choose by being awake to the Presence we are!!! The gifts of Life are within us and all around us every moment. Do we have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the hearts to say, "Yes, Life, I welcome You." It's the biggest, most powerful, most important decision we'll ever make.

I'm writing this newsletter to you on a beautiful, sunny, bright morning. The ground is snow covered yet again this amazing winter season and I can't stand the idea of being inside it's soooooooooo beautiful outside so I went out on the porch even though it's only 20 something outside. I was sweeping the snow off the steps and the sidewalk and the porch. I even sat in one of my porch chairs just laughing at the sun and the cold just enjoying the beauty of the moment. I just wanted to be outside in the freshness of the air and the atmosphere of new Life.

Inside, warm and cozy, in my house that I love so very much, I'm listening to one my favorite new CDs, "Spirit Is Alive", by one of my favorite people in all the world, Bukeka Newby Shoals, as she sings some of her songs, "Be Your Own Superhero", "Shine". If you want a boost see and hear her amazing work at www.Bukeka.com

The words to Bukeka's songs epitomize the Life that means so very much to me. Life is an "inside out" process. There is nothing outside of us that isn't within us first. The thought forms of the world manifest as exactly what we are consistently thinking. Thoughts evoke feelings. I know I've said that many times before. That Truth gets more important, not less important, to me every day. I see and hear the impact every day of knowing and not knowing that irrevocable Truth that thoughts manifest as things!!! What we are thinking is made visible in the world. What we are feeling is made visible in the world. Our Power is within us. We are Power Personified. No matter what the circumstance we are the Power that addresses the situation. Being Solution focused means we recognize Who we are!!!! There is no greater Awakeness than that Awareness. We are the very Spirit of Life expressing as us!!!! We are Limitless!!! This Truth rocks my world each moment!

I feel like Mother Nature's expressions of Beauty are Her expressions of Self-Love. She's sharing Herself with Her creation that She loves so very much. Starting from the inside out She expresses Herself in all Her radiant glory. I never get tired of looking at Her radiant Self-expression. I am always uplifted when I choose to let Her beauty be a blessing to me.

The striking parallel in our human lives is when we recognize that Self-Love is an inside out process. Self-Love is an Abundance process. Self-Love is the ultimate Awake process. Self-Love is an Appreciation process. Self-Love is an eyes wide open, ears wide open, heart wide open process. Even greater than the obvious personal blessing Self-Love is, 21st century science is now showing us that this Energy transforms the molecules of the Universe whether it's someone right next to us or someone or something clear across the globe or clear up in our biosphere. It is the ultimate Truth that we are irrevocably interconnected. It is a precious reminder and a cherished caveat that everything I think, feel, say and do makes a difference. I get to choose in each moment what kind of difference I am making. I care about the difference I am making.

An awareness that I am watching very closely lately is my intention to lovingly and preciously hold the paradox that both incredible Joy and incredible pain exist in every moment. Where is my focus? I have realized like never before that conscious breathing and singing spiritually uplifting songs break the pain-identified focus when I find myself there. I treasure that awareness! It is a Life saver!!!!

That process reminds me of two of the cornerstones of Diana's Grove: Thinking well of self and thinking well of others. No matter how these principles are worded they are the very cornerstone of a vitally alive Spirit-connected Life. Forgiveness is the centerpiece of this process. Any time of year is a perfect time for these practices.

Self-judgment and judgment of others are both pain-identified processes. We have identified ourselves and others as "not good enough." It's like we've declared, "There's an enemy in the neighborhood." That's the reptilian brain reacting. The prefrontal cortex has been suspended and is inoperable in those moments. Conscious breathing brings us back to Choice, back to calmness and Solution-focused, Spirit Identified focus.

Something a friend said to me lately adds to my appreciation of this process and relates to the principles of spiral dynamics, the ever upward spiral of our spiritual development process. At any given moment we are at different levels of awareness. Rather than judging myself or anyone else negatively I want to simply appreciate we are both on our paths of spiritual Awakeness. We may be in very different places. That doesn't change our essential Nature. I want to be much more able to stay focused on that precious Truth.

In the words of another dear friend of mine I want to remember "I Choose Joy." This is the title of one of Teri Wilder's songs. See her work at www.teriwilder.com

For me Joy is another one of the precious Life altering, Life saving choices we can make. Besides the spiritual gifts of Faith and Confidence that I love so very much Joy is also an expression of new Life. So I say let's spring into Spring with a pep in our step and with Joy in our hearts as we awaken anew to the new Life that is always within us and all around us. Are you on board for this precious new journey as we venture further into this wonderful 2010 extravaganza? I know I am. I invite you into this sweet, holy expression of Spring. I wish you great happiness, health and prosperity. It's already here within us. That's the message the whole world is beginning to understand. I'm so thrilled and appreciative of this worldwide awakening into Self-Awareness!!! I'm on board to facilitate this journey for everyone and everything in every way I can. Namaste to you!!!