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Conspiracy... ... ... ....Acting As Spirit!!!!!!!! - April 2010

by Cathy Combs


I love this Spirit-connected meaning of the word conspiracy. As a double Gemini with six houses in Air it is so important to me to reclaim words that have taken on only a negative connotation which misses the true root word meaning. In Latin, conspiracy means to act with Spirit. I say to act as Spirit because I truly know we are Spirit made visible.

Here's a context that is particularly meaningful to me right now. I have been reading the pocket version of James Redfield's landmark book, "The Celestine Prophecy". I was particularly amused and thrilled to see that he first self-published his book. It's so thrilling to see others fulfilling their dreams and being wildly successful.

I love the content of his book too. One idea that leaped off the pages when I first saw it was his idea that we come into this lifetime to bring our parents' ways of expressing their lives to a higher order of understanding. We come here to synthesize our parents' modes of expression and bring them to a higher order of understanding. This idea is particularly synchronistic in its timing. I was having a discussion recently about Caroline Myss' idea of soul contracts. This evolutionary revolutionary idea of soul contracts brings such a HUGELY expanded context to the meaning of our lives. My parents couldn't have been more different in their modes of expression. Playfully I'll say it's been quite a "synthesis dialogue" ride.

I particularly love the soul contract idea because it blends so beautifully with the concepts of spiral dynamics that I love so much. Spiral dynamics speaks to our ever upward onward spiral of spiritual development. In my upcoming book I speak to the idea that evolution is a spiritual process, not just a physical process. We are Spirit made visible... two expressions of the same Identity..... Spirit made visible.

Another piece of this process that is so meaningful to me is that the evolution of our spiritual development is not always a smooth ride. Sometimes there are seemingly wide wide gaps in our understanding and appreciation of what is happening. Our first level of understanding is the victim mentality. We feel something is happening to us... something is being done to us! We view life as an "outside in" process. We do not yet know the "inside out" levels of "through us" and the higher level of "as us."

In my book I use the imagery of the white hot intensity of glaciers moving over each other when two differing worldviews collide. The "inside out" worldviews of "through us" and "as us" are much smoother rides in my experience of spiritual development.

In my Diana's Grove Mystery School work for this year I dedicated my year to Hades, God of the Underworld, and to the element of Water. Hades is the Wealthy One. The symbology of this dedication is my understanding that everything that expresses in the physical realm comes first from the invisible realm of Spirit. Water is an expression of the gentle persistence necessary to bring our dreams into physical form. Furthermore, the symbology of my Mystery School dedication for this year is the balance of Fire and Water. Water cools my jets when I get too fired up! This is the kind of conspiracy I always want to be expressing from because it expresses the Unitive view that means so very much to me.

My question right now is: "What magnanimous conspiracy am I willing to live into and from each moment?" Am I going to live by design or default? The consequences couldn't be greater. The difference couldn't be greater. Rev. Mary Morrissey offers a program called the "One Minute Method." I listen to it every day. This prayerful intention method reminds me of Jesus' great statement: "The fields are already white with harvest." I can't help but laugh at thinking of that right now as the snow still glistens on my grass and I'm "so" frustrated by snow as we are supposedly in Spring. I feel that's Mother Nature's little joke telling me, "Cool your jets, kiddo. Everything is just fine. Your dream is alive and growing. Keep your focus "inside out", not outside in!!!"

I find it to be more than a little fascinating that one minute a day can set the tone for the day but it surely does. It starts a habit. It sets a tone. It builds a physical pattern in our brain. It reminds me of the first time I decided to regularly meditate. The first few weeks I thought I'd never get there. My mind was going like a buzzsaw. I thought, "My God, will I ever calm down and get the hang of this?" After two weeks I said, "Alright, if nothing happens with this today I'm done with this." That day I sat down in my usual place, at my usual time. I felt like two seconds had passed. I opened my eyes and it was 45 minutes later! I felt so peaceful I thought, "My God, who wouldn't do this every day?" I didn't want to leave the Peace I had found.

That's the kind of Life intention yields. That's the kind of Life design yields. That's what I call conspiracy... acting as Spirit. It is an "inside out" focus telling us we already are everything we need. We already have everything we need in us. Be still. Be focused. Let the Light shine ever brightly as it always and already is! That's the Life we are!!! So, as we move further into this beautiful growing Season may we cherish our dreams. May we live the Life of our dreams. So it is! So mote it be! Blessings to you, Mother Nature!!!