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Our Humanity: The Continuity Of Our Divinity - May 2010

by Cathy Combs


"The contract that determined my life would be one of my own choosing." This quote is from the April 2010 lesson from Diana's Grove Mystery School where I have been studying since 1997. How prophetic that I would choose to read my April lesson after choosing the above title for my May Newsletter.

Our year of study in Mystery School is the myth (story) of "Persephone: A Year Of Change: A Journey To Ourselves." I always smile in amazement and recognition of how often whatever we are studying parallels the lessons I am learning in my life. It's absolutely hilarious….. and sometimes mindbogglingly painful.

Persephone's story is the story of a Goddess who wants to live in both worlds: the visible world of Earth with her mother, the Goddess Demeter, and the invisible world below, with her lover, Hades, the Wealthy One, God of the Underworld. Persephone's story mirrors ours so very well: a story of contracts, love, change and transformation.

Another quote from the April 2010 Mystery School lesson that is particularly meaningful to me right now is: "The fate of anyone who makes no contracts (who isn't willing to bite into their own life) is to have their life decided by others. That was not going to be my story..."

I remember the moment I consciously understood Life is about Choice. It was May 1973 during my oral exam for my Master's degree. I don't remember the question but I remember my answer was that choice made the difference in the outcomes being presented. All my Life to that point I had intuitively understood Choice. Now I was conscious of It's Power.

Choice is central to my understanding that our humanity is a continuity of our Divinity. I know with all my heart that our humanity is simply our Divinity made visible. It is a sacred journey. We are venturing into the vast Unknown. We are charting our course step by step, decision by decision. The fascinating promise we discover is the Unknown becomes known to us by every step, every decision. Persephone finds this out. We find this out. We are journeying to ourselves in every moment.

I chose this title for my May Newsletter because it expresses the central theme of my soon to be released book, "Quantum Prayer: It's Already Answered!" One of the central tenets of the Earth-based spirituality that means so very much to me is: "As above, so below… as within, so without." The visible and the seemingly invisible worlds are simply two expressions of the Unitive Reality… the Unitive Principle… Life!!!! Death or Change in any form is simply an expression of an unbroken cycle of return. We give. We receive. We are born. We die. We change. We grow. We return. We "trans-form."

Another quote I absolutely love from the April Mystery School lesson is: "You can't avoid consequences. You might as well design them." This quote is so precious and so powerful. The word consequences is so important here. In the Unitive Principle the word consequences simply means the natural outworking of our choices. In the system of duality the word consequences is seen as punishment, instead of just information!

Another point made in this Mystery School lesson is: "The most dangerous agreements are the ones we make without agreeing to them. The ones that creep up on us. That we didn't notice. That stealthily fill the spaces we left empty when we refused to make agreements with ourselves." I can hear the rubber hitting the road here!

A question we are asked in this unfolding Mystery School lesson is, "Will you rise up? Will you grow?" The words "Rise up" are particularly meaningful to me. I heard these very words in the process of writing my book. I understood these words to mean, "Rise up into healing." A further meaning I hear is, "Become fully who I AM." That is the very promise of the Unitive Perspective and Principle that I love so very much. It is the very journey Persephone is sharing with us too. Persephone speaks of living a Life of Integrity. Persephone says to us, "What you give to Me for healing you must give up. I cannot heal a wound you insist on keeping."

Now Persephone asks us the REALLY BIG question: "What will you sacrifice? What will you relinquish to Me completely?" Persephone is asking us, "How about living from no more excuses?" What I hear in this question is, "What will I make holy?" That is the true meaning of sacrifice. We are being asked, "Will you live from Wholeness, rather than woundedness?" Staying in woundedness means I refuse my inherent Power! Staying stuck means I am refusing the very vow that fires my Life: "I do not want to die while I am still alive!!!"

Put in the context of what I do want, my motto is: "I will live a Life of Integrity. I will live a Life honoring my Power. I will honor my humanity completely. I will accept the Radiant Truth that I AM the Divine made visible recognizing I am on an ever onward upward spiral of spiritual development and Consciousness."

That is the very purpose of our lives, as I see it. An action step that means the world to me is I will continue to heal the as yet hurting places where my feelings get disconnected from my words because the pain is still so great. I will continue to breathe through the pain rather than resist it so I can show others this is how to live the Life Abundant that I so very much love and know as the Radiant Truth of every Life: yours and mine!!!!

So as I celebrate this month of May in which I celebrate the anniversary of my Earth Life this time around I celebrate You, precious Spirit of Life. I celebrate Your gifts, Your surprises, Your as yet unknown to me challenges, as well as the known ones, that I will use as stepping stones to greater fulfillment, knowing the fields are already and always white with harvest!!! I celebrate our humanity as the continuity of our Divinity! YES!!!!

How about you, dear readers? What promise will you make to your very precious Life? What will you sacrifice? What will you give up for healing so there is more room for Joy, Fun, Love, Transformation, Peace, Radiance? I'm on the journey with you! Namaste!!!!