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How Fascinating Can Life Be? - July 2010

by Cathy Combs


Greetings! Every day I answer my topic question by listening to Rev. Mary Morrissey's message on her One Minute Method program. Her premise is that one minute a day can change our lives. I absolutely know it can. We choose our focus. We chart our course. I have heard Rev. Mary say so many times that if we make a one degree shift in our lives we arrive at a new destination. Think about that! Do it! It's true!

Here's the message I heard today and it's dramatic. Rev. Mary was speaking about how to change our success momentum. She was quoting two scientists, Earl Miller of MIT, and Mark Histed from Harvard, whose research shows that our neurons become more finely tuned when we succeed. When we remember, that is, take note of, our successes our brain gets a boost. When we notice our successes dopamine anchors this memory in our brain. We remember what to do to create success!!!

The next day Rev. Mary shared the flip side of this process: the brain science behind why when we make a mistake we should: pause, take a breath, and count to ten. Breathing is a centering process. We stop the kneejerk reactive judgment process. We stop the flood of the stress hormone cortisol to the brain and to our entire body. Stress reactions slow our thinking, slow our responsiveness, slow our creative process and make us agitated.

I really love this full circle look at how our body~mind~Spirit functions. It's another example of how inextricably linked science and spirituality are in our lives. I couldn't help but think of Gratitude as our spiritual brain booster. Remembering our successes anchors the Gratitude attitude pattern in our lives. Gratitude elevates the level of the "feel good" neurotransmitter dopamine in our brains. Every activity we celebrate as a success elevates the level of dopamine in our brain and anchors a success pattern in our brain. That is just one reason why it is so important to never take anything for granted. I can't help but think of the times I might feel derailed and look past the blessings that are all around me. Here's my reminder for how to get back in the groove. We take a deep breath. We remember who we are. We empower ourselves. We increase our success momentum. A wonderful feedback loop! We notice the Good!!! We call It Good!!! Yet another reminder of how are feelings, thoughts and actions work together. We keep this positivity going by our attention to it and by our Gratitude for It.

I can't help but connect this feedback loop to how we think about ourselves. Do we understand and value who we are? Do we know and understand and value our purpose in this precious Lifetime we have here on Earth? These are not rhetorical questions. These are questions that anchor our attention to how we will live our lives.

Nothing means more to me than how we live our lives. I just heard another mindboggling quote from Rev. Mary Morrissey's One Minute Method: "We can never outperform our Self-image!" Another way of saying this is we create a Self-fulfilling prophecy by how we think of ourselves. What we think about we create! What we feel we create! It's a mindbogglingly powerful reminder that all we have to do is look in the mirror to see who determines how our Life will be played out. Nothing anyone else does determines our lives. Others are simply our reminder to continue our move up to a higher and higher Call To Being!!!! We may be profoundly derailed for a while by what is happening in and around us, and sometimes seemingly, to us. These are times to stop!!! Take a deep breath. Count to ten. Find that profound Stillness once again. Find that profound Stillness that grounds us in Power. In Peace. In Presence. In Knowing. From that Place we proceed in Faith! Confidence! Perspective! Presence! Peace! Clarity! Joy!

I come back to this process countless times. I am profoundly grateful for the Life I have, for the Life I AM. I know I am in the process of learning some of the most profound lessons of my Life in terms of Presence. From what I see and hear around me people are so sad, so angry, so scared, so mean, so wounded. I get temporarily derailed by my inability to stay Present in the face of their words and actions. I'm building bridges of Awareness, Compassion, more Gratitude, more Presence as fast as I can. It's all already perfectly there in each and every one of us. Stillness reminds me how to be who and what I already AM!!! We are all Spirit made visible. Being able to hold that Presence, live from that Presence is the most powerful reminder there is, for me and for all!!!

Every moment is my next opportunity to amp up my success momentum. When we understand and value how Power-full we are we don't cheat. We don't use guilt to manipulate. We don't use mean and cruel words. We recognize we are "response-able" for our lives. We recognize that what we feel, think, do and say matters. We recognize that we can do all that is ours to do. We recognize that our success doesn't minimize someone else's opportunity. We recognize that our success shows someone else how to be successful as well. We don't strive to be poor!!! We recognize we are meant to be prosperous!!! We recognize that when we share we have more, not less!!! We recognize that we live in an overflowingly abundant, beneficent Universe. It's not the economy or anything else that limits us. We limit ourselves by what we're feeling, thinking and doing!!! From this Unitive perspective we recognize our divine Nature, the divine Presence as us!!! We recognize, appreciate and revel in who we are!!!

All of this and more is the success momentum Awareness I want to live from every moment. I know that by my living, loving example I am changing the world every moment. I am being Peace where there seems to be none. I am being Grace where there seems to be none. I am living the Unitive Principle that God is everywhere present every moment. We are God made visible!!! That is our heritage. Our journey is to wake up to our divine Nature. That is our success momentum made visible. The only question remains: "Do we accept our call to be?" I certainly do!!! I invite you into the journey if you're not already on it. I invite you into a new and precious awareness of your Greatness. There is no one like you!!! Your skills, talents and abilities are needed and valued. If you mistakenly feel you have none I assure you they're already within you waiting for you to wake up to their Presence!!! They didn't get here without you!!! You didn't get here without them!!! You are inextricably woven into the very fabric of your Good!!! Your Good is inextricably woven into the very fabric of you!!! Good is your inherent divine Nature! Wake up to Joy! I promise you! The world is waiting for your Presence. Your Aliveness. Your Awareness! You are Love Incarnate!! Namaste!! Peace!!