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Abundance: The Blessings Continue!!! - August 2010

by Cathy Combs


Mother Nature is celebrating Her time of Abundance in the western hemisphere, Lammas, one of three harvest festivals this time of year. I feel so very blessed to be celebrating so many blessings of Abundance right along with Mother Nature. As a matter of Faith and Confidence it means a great deal to me to give thanks in advance of any apparent blessings!!! That's where the real Faith and Confidence are evident and that very act even amplifies the blessings all the more.

My first two radio blogcasts were a great success. They're archived on my website. I know that this level of exposure gets the word out even more about what I'm doing and what I'm going to do and it's so exciting. I'm so very grateful for the immediacy and the magnitude of the technology we have today. It helps to get the word out to people who want to know about all the great things happening and it's also a way to inspire others who may need a lift and an inspiration to know what they can do too. I love being a vehicle for any kind of blessings.

I saw a cute play on words that shows the amazing Truth of what I was sharing in the blogcasts. Throughout my recently released book I have said we are God in the physical. Rev. Mary Morrissey in her One Minute Method shared the acronym, GURU, "Gee, you are you (g...u...r...u). I think that's hilarious. What a sweet way to honor and remember that we are our own spiritual Teacher. We are God in the physical. We don't have to look anywhere else for the Great Truth. Talk about a reason to celebrate!!! How does it get any better than that Knowing? If I get no other message across to anyone that's the one I want to get across. Honor and celebrate who you are. Your Light will shine so brightly you will illumine and change the world. Others will see the Light and they, too, will want to know, "How do you do that? I want to do it too."

Another sweet, sweet quote from Rev. Mary Morrissey, this one from her program, "Your Daily Dream Builder", is: "Who you are becoming is someone the Universe is so very proud of. Hard curriculum is a compliment to your soul. You are more than you've known." I absolutely love that idea. What a precious idea to sit with and celebrate when we think and feel we can't go another inch. We can't do another thing. What a powerful way to refuel and refocus our efforts... on the Solution... Not the problem!!!!

Here's an idea from the Abraham teachings that I love too: "No one else's opinion can affect you unless you push against it. It doesn't matter if a million people are pushing against you. It affects their vibration, not yours unless you push against it." Now if that's not an idea to celebrate, remember, and practice. I mean for me too!!! That is the remarkable Power of Nonresistance.

That reminds me of another quote and practice I love: Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's statement: "Nonviolence is not just the absence of violence, but the presence of peace." We can be the Presence of Peace and transform any situation, including our very lives.

In my recent blogcasts I was sharing how people often come up to me and touch me and hug me saying something about they can see and feel the Peace I am. What a huge blessing and compliment. I know I'm not always radiating that vibration but it sure is a quality and state of beingness I cultivate at every opportunity. The blessings I reap are enormous. Of course that's why I do it. I'm here to be Peace and to teach Peace. We can all do that and reap the very same blessing of Tranquility and Power. That's how the world becomes a place of Peace. I can think of no greater thing to celebrate every single moment. Can you?

What blessings would you like to be reaping and celebrating this harvest season? It's not too late. The growing season is still in full swing each and every day, above ground and below ground. Set your sights on what you'd like to create. Begin today. There's certainly room for you and your efforts are certainly honored and celebrated by me, by you, and countless others. Join the celebration, won't you?

If you need to release bitterness and begin forgiveness of self and others now is the time for that spiritual practice too. You're in tune with so many others as you begin again. Can you feel the Peace and Ease and Joy beginning to build? It's never too late to celebrate your Life!!!!

This idea reminds me of an amazing teaching that I shared in my recent blogcasts. I first heard this quote in the Abraham lessons: "Rage is a movement away from despair, up the ladder toward Joy." What I realized today is that explains why rage is so explosive. Despair is a deadly quiet emotional place. The movement of rage is so sudden and over reactive because it starts in inertia, a place of no movement, so it is sudden and violent. What I appreciate about this knowing is that the more and more consistently we move toward Joy, and act from Joy, rage becomes less and less because despair is less and less an aspect of our lives. Yet another HUGE blessing to celebrate in this agricultural season of so very much Abundance if we will just cultivate "the eyes to see and the ears to hear."

As we celebrate this agricultural growing season I am so aware of the sanctity of Life. Life and Growth are vitalized interactions with our environment. When we say, "Thank you, Life", we are aware of our Purpose, our Worth. There is nothing holier and more vitalizing than that Awareness!!!

Some of my favorite words and feelings I am celebrating right now are: Life! Energy! Radiance! Vibrance! Strength! Flow! Ease! Vitality! Presence! The very Nature of our Beingness is Peace! Ease! Balance! As we celebrate this awesome growing season, as we reap the many blessings always present, may we allow room for profound Gratitude for the unfolding blessings and lessons of the past, present, and future. May we remember the ever vitalizing lesson to focus only on what is ours to do. There is such Peace in that Awareness. No judgment. No fear. Just Awareness! Ease! Peace! We embody Grace! We fill this precious world with Vision! Passion! Purpose! People feel the Energy, the Vitality. They move toward It. They learn to live from It! That is our Gift to share!!! I celebrate You, Life. I greet you, fellow travelers. Namaste, as we walk together in Peace!