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Advancing Confidently: What a Ride!!! - October 2010

by Cathy Combs


We have passed the time of equal night~equal day. The last harvest is in for the season. We are approaching the New Year this month in the lunar calendar. I love this time of year. It is a time of preparing for the new growing season in the coming Spring. I am advancing confidently in the direction of my unfolding reality born of years and years of dreaming, working and preparation. To say the least it's quite a journey, quite a ride!!!

I absolutely love Thoreau's quote: "If you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams, and endeavor to live the life which you have imagined, you will meet with a success unexpected in common hours." That has always been, and still is, my focus: to live the highest, holiest Life I know. I love the Joy, Optimism and Generosity of that Life.

I'm going to be teaching a new class soon and doing a retreat soon. All the info will be posted on my website. I look forward to meeting new and old friends and sharing in the unfolding of our collective highest holiest hopes and dreams and realities. At our recent Women's Retreat at my home church I experienced such a sweet bunch of examples of the unexpected blessings that come out of these events. Who knows what those moments will grow into in the coming days, weeks and months.

I'm saying this because I know these women came together with the intention of growing, sharing and helping themselves and each other. Awesome results happen any time that kind of intention is invoked. We laughed ourselves silly and we cried and comforted each other too. It was a fabulous holy sacred event.

Another special realization and experience that comes with advancing confidently is the Generosity that flows toward us because it proceeds out from within us. This Truth is another example of the "inside out" Life I speak of so much. In this last month or so I experienced so many moments of Generosity gifted to me and I sure needed them and appreciated them. Appreciation is another part of that fascinating feedback loop. We give. We appreciate. We receive. I encourage you to check out that Truth as often as possible. It never fails. It always works... Often in the most fabulously beautiful unexpected ways. It's fun and it's even overwhelming it's such a relief sometimes.

As we continue our move toward this more contemplative time in our agricultural growing season it also occurred to me how very important sleep is, nourishing food, and body work to relax our muscles, tissues and our mind. These healing modalities are exceedingly important. Saying this even reminded me that research shows that our society is so morbidly obese because many of us don't get enough sleep. Fascinatingly enough it is during sleep that fat molecules are dissolved. Lack of sleep prevents enough time for this process to take place.

Another element of adequate sleep and rest is our dream time. I read a fascinating comment from Esther Hicks' book, "Ask And It Shall Be Given", that "we can create a dream state of a desired outcome." This idea flows forth from the ideas about the Law Of Attraction that both Esther and Jerry Hicks teach in their Abraham lessons. The idea is that, "Energy flows where attention goes." What we continually focus on we bring into being. This is simply the Law of Cause and Effect or the Law of Mind Action. Esther says, "We can tell by our feelings what our thinking will create." She also says, "There is no source of poverty but we can restrict our natural flow of Abundance. There is no source of sickness but we can restrict our natural flow of well-being."

I love these ideas because they speak so clearly to the Beneficence of the Universe, the "inside out" world, and the body~mind~Spirit connection that I speak of so much. We are all wonderfully wonderfully creative and expressive in our own unique ways and we honor this talent by putting it forth into being.

Another aspect of a more contemplative time is we have more time to enjoy the beauty of Nature. No matter where we are there are changes taking place in our natural environment. Henry David Thoreau had the experiences of a lifetime in his deliberate choice to live in the wilderness for two years. We have his beautiful work titled "Walden Pond" that came out of his deliberate experience of Nature.

I love being out in Nature. I was watching the Full Moon today. I spoke recently of almost driving off the road I was so fixed on absorbing the Beauty of the Full Moon. How about other natural wonders like Victoria Falls in Africa? I haven't been there yet other than in pictures but I'd sure love to go.

How about spending some contemplative time enjoying and appreciating any of the natural wonders in Mother Nature's exquisite Universe? Pick any ones you want and pay attention to the Peace, the Joy, the healing that take place in your body, mind, soul and Spirit. It's a wonderfully beautiful time of year to contemplate the many blessings we've experienced so far this year.

If you haven't spent any time, or enough time, appreciating and giving thanks for your many blessings now is the time. This process is exactly the process that creates an even greater flow of blessings that are already within and all around us just waiting to be noticed and appreciated. This reminds me of a time when I wasn't feeling particularly upbeat and the idea popped into my mind to give thanks for my blessings during a 20 minute car trip I was making at the time. I said to myself that I was going to give thanks for as many things as possible that came to mind without repeating any blessing. I was astounded at how many blessings came to mind.

So, as we enter this beautiful contemplative time where Mother Nature's roots go deep down into the soil of our precious Earth we can dedicate our time to going deep down into our precious spiritual roots and celebrating the Life of our dreams and see what comes up into expression as we approach another Spring season a few months down the line. Here's to creating and celebrating and appreciating the Life of our dreams in advance. I so look forward with you to seeing and hearing all about the Life we are creating. By our example we Fire and Inspire this precious world we share. Namaste!!!