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Your Point Of Power - November 2010

by Cathy Combs


In the Goddess traditions October 31st marks the beginning of the new agricultural year. This is such a powerful time of year. The roots are going deep down into the Earth in the seemingly Unseen Realm to do their transformative work as they prepare yet again to sprout into the Seen Realm above ground in the Spring.

As I consider the vitality of this process I can't help but be aware of a Principle I truly love: the complementarity of opposites. The Moon does Her brilliant work at night. The Sun does Its work during the day. They're both always there. They're just not seen under certain circumstances.

This last six weeks since the Fall Equinox has been an amazingly busy transformative time below ground in the land of my dreams and above ground in the land of where my work can be seen by me and others. On September 28th I had said to the Universe, "If what is happening is an indication that the staircase is ready and I just don't see it yet make it plain and I'll do it." That very night I had the most amazing dream! I dreamed that I delivered a baby dinosaur. I could actually feel the delivery happen in my body. I didn't know what it was until I looked at it and then I wondered: "What in the world does this mean?" The words that came to me are: "I am delivering my own ancient Wisdom."

Ten days after my dream I wrote the following affirmation: "Fired by Faith and Understanding I go forward with a Magnified Zeal to do what I love to do."

In the Tarot deck I use the number ten is the Wheel of Fortune. I have to simply smile at the synchronicity of the timing and meaning of these moments.

A few days ago I had an amazing realization. I realized I was doing everything backwards in preparation for these next steps on my journey. Instead of waiting until everything that I thought needed to be in place is in place I'm supposed to start right here doing all that I want to do. I immediately sent out an e-mail to 20+ friends and colleagues all over the nation saying I'm ready to come and do Sunday services, afternoon and evening workshops and weekend retreats. I immediately got back some responses and invitations.

In one sense I have no idea how things are going to unfold. I certainly do know my Point of Power, and yours, is in the present moment and how we use it. How do I define who I am in each present moment? How do I respond to circumstances in each present moment?

It is so clear to me by now that how I answer these transformative questions ever so dramatically colors my world. Will I affirm that God is all there is? Call It all Good!

Or will I affirm that the world is a frightening hateful place and thereby create that world?

I had a fascinating up close and personal look at these questions recently. I came out of the situation realizing: "It cannot matter to me whether I am understood or not!" I have to simply continue being who I am, knowing my Truth, and calmly and confidently doing that which is mine to do."

I may never know what profound Good may come out of what I might call an exceedingly negative moment. The moment I call It all Good I will see the Good and I already have. My attitude is so completely different. My experience is so completely different. It doesn't matter whether they get the point or not! It very much matters that I do! That same Truth holds true for you as well.

I keep realizing at a more and more magnified level how exponentially blessed I am. I am so very grateful for the blessings in my Life. It is not lost on me either that I look for the blessings in my Life. I look for how "All things are working together for my Good and I am working with them in the Love and Wisdom and Power of Spirit."

I clearly see so much of what is in front of me, ahead of me, and all around me. I give thanks in all circumstances. When I don't give thanks in all circumstances I revisit them to see where is the blessing that I'm not yet seeing. Where is the Forgiveness I have not yet offered? I use these processes over and over again to create the Life I truly want to be living.

I am living the Life of my dreams. I have been laughing so much. Thankfully that is not unusual for me. It has always been, and will always be, my Life Purpose to share the Joy that I feel and to uplift and inspire wherever I am.

My Point Of Power underlying all this is my unflagging understanding that God is simply Life Energy. How we use the Life Energy we are is our Choice moment by moment. As I have said so very often: "Life is an inside out process." Understanding that Truth awakens us to a Life of Unlimited Possibilities.

As I continue this feeling~thought process yet another complementarity of opposites occurs to me: how transformative contemplation is! In our Western world we are so overtrained toward doing; not realizing it's already done in Spirit. Quantum Reality is always and already present! Quantum Prayer is to align with this inviolable Truth and revel in It. Celebrate It. Allow room for It. Emphatically know the Truth of our being: We are exponentially loved!!! We are Love Incarnate!!!

If you'd like to hear a live discussion of these Principles and more, I'll be teaching a class based on my book, "Quantum Prayer: It's Already Answered!", at Unity Church Of Overland Park (corner of 103rd and Antioch) on three consecutive Monday evenings from 6:30pm - 9pm beginning December 6th. You're invited. Hope to see you there. Blessings of this new and precious unfolding year of exponential blessings. Declare what you want to see unfold and allow room for the magnified Life you are bringing forward. By your Attention and Intention you have made it so! I celebrate you! I celebrate me! Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you Universe for Your Magnified Love and Light and Joy and Peace! Yes!!!