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2011: My Bridge Of Faith: Keep Walking And Talking - January 2011

by Cathy Combs


Season's Greetings one and all. Many happy returns of the day. Carpe Diem!!! How about that for a list of greetings for this Julian Calendar New Year?

My second order of playful business for this day, month and year is to give thanks for an awesome 2010 and the unfolding 2011.

Even though Christmas 2010 has come and gone I'm still listening to Christmas music as I sit here with you sharing my thoughts and unfolding dreams. I already know that 2011 will be my biggest year ever so far. I plan each year that way.

I read an article again recently that will play a big part in my unfolding year and in my unfolding spiritual growth. The article detailed a 25 minute conversation Dr. Marshall Rosenberg had with an irate man in a room full of others who were being agitated by the man's anger and pain. The man was screaming at Dr. Rosenberg calling him a murderer because he was an American. By the end of the conversation the man was inviting Dr. Rosenberg to his house for dinner celebrating the feast of Ramadan.

Dr. Rosenberg is the originator of the teaching of Nonviolent Communication. The process involves reflecting back to the person that we hear their feelings. What is so impressive to me about this process is the enormous Confidence and Generosity it takes to stay calmly focused in such an enormously emotionally loaded situation.

What I love about this process is the complete absence of the need to defend ourselves or our position. From this heart-centered place we are simply Presence. That's what I want to bring more and more of in my Life. It is a hugely expanded Place to live from!!!

Another special moment I want to share with you is a quote I saw today from one of my very favorite people on the planet, Dr. Maya Angelou. She said, "We always marvel at the beauty of a butterfly. We rarely consider the changes it had to go through to attain that beauty."

This quote mirrors perfectly a realization I had recently about not taking myself for granted. I realized at a new level of Appreciation that what I know has come as the result of a very intentional 40+ year process of paying attention to what I'm thinking, saying and doing. Someone new on that path won't have what I have so Compassion and Understanding and Appreciation for where they're at is hugely in order. Otherwise, judgment and lack of Compassion set in and that's not a pretty process.

As I continue my journey into 2011 here's a partial list of my favorite quotes and realizations that I use repeatedly to keep me going in the direction I want to go in toward the continued unfolding of all my dreams:

Dr. Maya Angelou makes my list again with her precious story about the power of saying "Thank you." She was sharing her experience years ago about visiting a Unity Church in Miami and being invited to say a few words. She said a few words and then started a heartfelt series of repeating "Thank you." After a few minutes the whole congregation joined her in saying "Thank you." In sharing that story before I have said I'm sure the Energy there was electric. I love those words. They are so Powerful. For me they are an acknowledgment of Presence. "Thank you" acknowledges who we are!!!

The Dalai Lama's question for us: "How much bliss will we make room for in our lives?" I love this question because it leads into the one underneath it: "What is our "set point" for Happiness?" Our set point is our top limit for any blessing. I want to make room for a continuous flow of Happiness, Gratitude and Appreciation. How about you?

Another quote I love is: "We cannot outperform our Self-image." This quote tells me in no uncertain terms be very intentional about loving and appreciating who I AM, remembering that I AM Spirit in the physical. So are you!!! It is exponentially important for us to honor and celebrate who we are. Our lives clearly reflect the names we are calling ourselves!!!

The last two I'll share go together: "Give thanks in all circumstances" and "Celebrate Life as it is." I love these quotes because they radiate and express such an enormous Self-Confidence. It means we are Solution-focused. We remember our True Essence as Spirit Identified Ego. We remember that we are the Solution. There is nothing outside of us to look to for a Solution. Be Still and know who we are!!! The Solution is always and already in Spirit, in us!!! Ask for what we need and want knowing that in our asking the immediacy of the Answer is always surprisingly amazingly Present.

I have experienced this awesome Truth so many times. In the Asking I have learned time and again how exponentially I am loved. This is a precious Knowing because it so flies in the face of what a fear-based life tells us. Fear says: Be on guard all the time. Don't trust anyone. Above all else certainly don't trust yourself. Believing any of these lies as a way of life is the surest way to an early emotional, spiritual, physical death. None of that even remotely expresses the True Nature of our Being.

In 2011 how about a set point where we acknowledge and honor at an ever increasing level of consistency that we are: Joy Incarnate! Peace Incarnate! Generosity Incarnate! Confidence Incarnate! I sure do love all those Spirit Identities.

I know with all my heart that we are here to live an ever-expanded Life of Consciousness. It means so very much to me to live from a Perspective that lets others know what is possible. A sweet Joy and blessing that comes out of that Intention is that so many people are reveling in my success and telling me how happy they are for me. That's what we're all here for I'd say: To celebrate ourselves and each other. To lift each other up. In the words of one of my very favorite songs: "We let the Joy rise up in us. We let It be. We lift each other up!!!" So, Seasons Greetings one and all. Many happy returns of the day. Carpe Diem!!! Seize the day!!! It's yours!!! Celebrate it!!! Peace!!! I'm out!!!!