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Advancing Confidently: My Dream Is Reality!!! - February 2011

by Cathy Combs


On January 9, 2011 in my home church community we declared our word, our intention for the year. My word phrase is: Magnified Joy: I like It!!! February is a very special month for me. February 2, 2011 I celebrate my 36 year anniversary of joining my first Unity Center, Unity of Walnut Creek in California where I had moved as a young adult to "find my dream." I have indeed found my dream and I've been living it for many years, doing my very best at whatever I am doing.

February 2nd is also Imbolc, the high holy day in the Goddess tradition celebrating Brigid, the Goddess of Inspiration. This day is one of my favorite days in the whole year. Inspiration is our very connection with the Breath of Life we are. Breathing in and breathing out we attract and we release. We acknowledge the ebb and flow of the Life we are.

In a fascinating way Brigid is also the symbol of Confidence and Faith for me. When we are confident our breathing is relaxed and fluid. When we are afraid our breathing is very shallow and restrictive.

When we are confident Inspiration comes easily. A sweet example of that is the preparation for our upcoming Women's Retreat weekend. We laughed and giggled our way through the whole process of outlining what we would do for the weekend.

Offering this retreat weekend on March 18th and 19th is another expression of Confidence and Faith for me. This weekend is the celebration of the Spring Equinox, another high holy day in the Goddess tradition honoring the Earth's physical expression of equal night, equal day. Offering a project of this magnitude is the next step in my unfolding dream of traveling the country and the larger world offering Sunday services and retreats wherever I go. I am following my Inspirations and going wherever they lead me. It's fun!!!

Another example of Inspiration that is reaping huge benefits is the constant reading of inspirational material that I do. Every night I read stories from Catherine Ponder's landmark book, "The Dynamic Laws Of Prosperity." Last night I was reading some of the stories about the magic multiplier, the power of the number ten. Catherine Ponder was relating stories of Gratitude for whatever money we have and how to increase this supply by mentally imaging as it multiplies by ten and then ten again and ten again if we want to do that and knowing that our supply comes to us easily, quickly, freely because the Universe is Infinite. Opportunities and gifts and surprises of all kinds are flowing out of the woodwork for me, these last few weeks especially. I'm always giving thanks for every blessing, understood and not understood, and the results are amazing.

I really love these stories because they speak the Truth of how effortless our Life is when we're in the Flow of the Infinite. That is our true heritage. Confidence, Faith, Inspiration are just a few of the Gifts of our true spiritual heritage of Ease and Grace. I'm sure that's a new way of feeling and thinking for so many people but I assure you when you allow room for that kind of expansive Expression in your Life the Answer is immediate and awesome.

This Truth is just one reason why the Goddess tradition is so very special to me. The Goddess tradition is one example of the Unitive Principle that I speak of in my book, "Quantum Prayer: It's Already Answered! Quantum Reality: It Already Exists!" The Goddess tradition honors: balance, equality, immanence of Deity, recognizing the Earth and our bodies and feelings as sacred, honoring the inherent worth and dignity of all Life.

All of these sacred values speak to the Power of Empowerment, a value that I have spent my entire Life teaching to whomever had eyes to see and ears to hear. Empowerment is the Understanding of the "inside out" Life I am constantly teaching. There is nothing outside of us that isn't in us first!!! We are already and always sacred. That is our very Nature. When we live from that Knowing our breathing is indeed easy, our bodies and minds are healthy, our lives express the happiness of our true Nature. Isn't that the Life you want for yourself? It's yours for the allowing!!!

All of the holistic, unitive traditions teach the same thing: Change your feelings change your Life. Change your thinking change your Life. When we say: I want this and I know I can have it we get it!!! That is the spiritual Law!!! When we say I want this but I don't believe I can have it we have just shut the door on ourselves. We will never get it. That is also the spiritual Law. The top half and the bottom half of the arithmetic equation have to match. The match is: I want this and I know I can have it. I have seen this equation work thousands and thousands and thousands of times and like I have said again and again so very often the Answer is so immediate I am either laughing or crying in Amazement and Gratitude. We are One with all that is!!! That is the Unitive Principle that I know and love with all my heart. I am still growing in Appreciation of the Immensity of this Principle. It is Limitless. So are we!!!

In closing, I want to share a reminder that the registration deadline to sign up for the Women's Retreat is February 28, 2011. The info is on my website under My Speaking Engagements section. Hope to see you there.

I also want to share a reworking of a new insight I had recently. We live our highest and holiest Dreams and Lives by constantly enlarging the territory of our comfort zone. We can do anything our heart desires. The more we do the more we can do. Simple as that!!!

I shared a story with a friend recently about a Snoopy poster I had on my wall for years: Snoopy is riding a surfboard, hangin' ten, goin' all out!!! I said, "I'm hangin' ten all the way to the waterfall and then I'm going to sprout wings and fly." That is the Faith and Confidence I know and love. That is the Life I share with you.

I wholeheartedly invite you into an expanded view of who you are. Come along with me and live your own version of Magnified Joy. I know you'll like it. We are so exponentially loved!!! We can prove it to ourselves every day. Be It!!! You'll see It!!! Namaste!!!!