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A Radically New Understanding - May 2011

by Cathy Combs


May is my birth month. There sure is a lot to celebrate. A year ago this month my first book of many to come was released. This month I will be co-facilitating a second retreat with my dear friend, Bukeka Shoals. The retreat is based on my book, "Quantum Prayer: It's Already Answered! Quantum Reality: It Already Exists!" and on Bukeka's upcoming book, "Worthy."

This month I also celebrate the winding down of a 12 year and a move into a 13 year. It is a very significant move. In Tarot, 12 is the Hanged One. This card symbolizes seeing Life from a new perspective. 2011 is a very significant year for me. My new Life as a retreat leader and international speaker is taking off.

It is quite synchronistic that following a 12 year is the Death card. An old perspective is being released and a new more expansive Understanding is evolving. I find it to be quite hilarious that in this timing I am taking another class in Spiral Dynamics, taught by Harv Morrow, an 86 year young man with the brightest, sweetest, electrifyingly brilliant Spirit you can possibly imagine. He shared with us his intention to live to be 140, an intention of mine that I have shared with numerous friends.

He spoke of a term, scenius, coined by the musician Brian Eno. Scenius is an environment of shared genius in any particular field. The intention of gathering is to bring everyone in the group up into their level of genius.

I find the synchronicity of this timing to be so fascinating. I recently read a letter sent to us by the leading Hopi elder speaking to our need to live in balance with ourselves, each other, and Mother Earth. I know with all my heart this is our next scenius to evolve into with a genius level of Understanding and honoring of who we are.

In our first class Harv ended his lecture saying, "We haven't even begun to Understand who we are." I knew what he meant and I almost fell out of my chair hearing someone I greatly admire saying what I know to be the Absolute Truth of who we are. In our second class he identified someone else I know who expresses that very same Understanding: we are God!!!! We are Spirit in the physical.

With all my heart I know this is the Truth that will transform our world. It is the Truth dawning into 2012. What an amazing personal synchronicity to be entering and evolving into a 13 year in 2012. I look forward to the Gifts this transformation will bring.

Another fascinating synchronicity with the letter from the Hopi elder is a quote I just read from Swami Kripalu: "Crying is one of the highest devotional songs. One who knows crying, knows spiritual practice. If you can cry with a pure heart, nothing else compares to such a prayer. Crying includes all the principles of Yoga."

I don't know a lot about Yoga but I do know that three of the Principles are balance, stretching and release. If we learned nothing else in Life just these three Principles would bring so much healing, so much Peace.

Another mindboggling synchronicity in all I'm learning is that new research shows there are toxins in our tears. When we cry we are releasing toxins we have trapped in our bodies by trying to hold everything in, hiding our vulnerability, instead of allowing it so we can feel our connection with ourselves and our precious, precious Life!!!

In our Death-denying, stoic Western culture we are just barely beginning to Understand and value the Magnificence of who we are!!! 2012 symbolizes the end of fear-based "reality" as we move into fully recognizing, honoring and expressing the Divinity of our humanity reclaiming our Identity as individualized expressions of the Divine!!!

The scenius that I see being created right now is more and more people recognizing fully who they are: People working together in a hugely Magnified Joy, Love, and Peace to honor themselves and each other, to care for Mother Earth, to live in Balance, Harmony, Abundance and Peace for all. What a fabulous, holy, new horizon to welcome!!!

Saying that, I am reminded of Riane Eisler's landmark book, "The New Wealth of Nations" where the emphasis of our relationships with everything and everyone is cooperation, not competition!!!

What I hear in that idea is that when we Understand the Magnificence of who we are, instead of the morbid dread and fear of who we have been erroneously taught that we are, Cooperation is such a natural expression and extension of that Truth. Spirit Incarnate is quite simply: Love, Peace, Joy, Confidence: Wholeness in Its Infinite Expressions!!!

Isn't that a world you would absolutely revel in creating for yourself and all others? What clear, purifying tears do you gently need to release so your trapped Splendor can be released and expressed to Light the World with Pure Joy and Abundance of every kind?

How does your Understanding of Abundance, Limitless, More Than Enough need to be transformed? What words and practices do we need to reclaim so we Understand their true spiritual meaning and purpose? One word and practice that means everything to me is tithing. I Understand and honor the Generosity, Faith, Confidence and Trust underlying this spiritual Principle and Practice. Giving from an attitude of Gratitude exponentially multiplies what we have. We are allowing space for Limitlessness to express in, through and as us!!! Hoarding, motivated by the myth of scarcity and "not enoughness", exponentially decreases the little we think we have!!! Living from the Consciousness of who we really are creates the miracle of the loaves and fishes in every moment. That's the Life I want. That's the Life I have. That's the Life I AM. I'll finish here by sharing an affirmation I wrote on 10/8/10: "Fired by Faith and Understanding I go forward with a Magnified Zeal to do what I love to do." I invite you into the Life you love. You are Magnificent. May you know that Truth with all your heart!!! Let's walk forward together, upward into a radically new Understanding starting Now!!! Namaste, dear friend!!!