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Hot On The Trail!!! - August 2011

by Cathy Combs


As always my titles mean so many things. Here we are in August in the Midwest. Yes, it most certainly is hotter than Hades. In the Goddess Earth-based traditions early August is the time we celebrate the first harvest of our agricultural plantings. It also symbolizes and celebrates the bounty we're reaping in our feelings, thoughts and actions.

Hades is another name for Pluto, the Wealthy One. You may or may not be familiar with this powerful creation story. Every tradition, every culture everywhere has its own creation story. The story tells us about our feeling~thinking Nature, our relationship with Power and Creation. This creation story defines whether we believe we are Power Itself or we are powerless, "power-less." Needful to say, the difference is enormous!!!!!

In my ongoing retreat experiences I am co-facilitating with my dear friend, Bukeka, one Reality I shared is my belief that we are Unconditional. We are Spirit Incarnate. We are beyond circumstances. We create Life from the inside out!! We create our own economy. We think Prosperity: We identify as Prosperity: So shall it be!!! As I said in my last newsletter: "It's not the economy, Sam." It's your feeling and thinking about what is possible or not. As we draw on the Limitless Invisible Essence of our Beingness we create Abundance of every kind.

When we mistakenly feel and think that the so called "outer" defines us we are hotter than Hades in the frustration we feel and create and recreate because we have incorrectly identified ourselves. Frustration is a fascinating friend calling us back to our Interior where all Power resides everlastingly.

One of the many calendars I have hanging on the walls in my home is titled, "Fearless Women." One of the affirmations by Chuang Tsu stated: "Forget the fears. Forget distinctions. Leap into the boundless and make it your home." I love that Reality. That is my home. When I have forgotten where I live, what my true Identity is Awareness brings me back time and again. It works the same for you every time.

Another idea I shared in our July retreat is a saying I heard years ago: "When the millionth women's circle meets we will experience Peace on Earth." That idea speaks to the Power of Community. It speaks to the Power of women. It speaks to the Power of Intention. To what end or beginning will we focus our Intention? What Creation story do you wish to create? It's no accident. It's not chance. It's not circumstance.

It is Awakeness! Aliveness! Intention! Focus! Understanding! Confidence! Faith! Generosity! Magnanimity! Eternality! The circle goes round and round endlessly. We are reminded again and again and again where we are in the Circle of Life.

This cycle reminds me yet again: "Breathe In. Breathe Out. Repeat." Birth. Growth. Death. Recycle. Flow is the Generating Center. Confidence comes from knowing we are Great Enough to release, let go, begin again!!!

That reminds me of a fabulous true story about Dr. Ihaleakala Hu Len. He emanates the Power of Forgiveness. An entire hospital of criminally insane patients was healed in two years as the director simply read the patients' charts and healed himself of every hint of any illness the patients had. The director was living from the Principle: As we heal ourselves we heal the world. How about that as a cool, healing balm to every hotheaded person or situation?

This story also brings into Focus a key aspect of the myth and mistake of living our lives from the outside in. We must give up our propensity to blame others for our unhappiness. We mistakenly think that by blaming others we protect ourselves from the unhappiness in our lives. We don't yet understand there's no need for blame, shame, resentment, fear, anger or guilt. There is a much higher order built on the Principles of: Spirit Identified Unconditional Love, Grace, Harmony, Peace, Joy: Just a few of the spiritual qualities that define our very Nature as Spirit Incarnate. We must give up our Self-hatred, our separation identity in order to feel the Oneness of this Beloved Realm.

We must take proactive action in our own best interest to heal ourselves from any intended or unintended violence that we have taken in as our Identity. Violence and Self-hatred are illusions of separation. We bought into the reality of a false story of who we are. None of that is our true Identity.

If you feel bogged down by the heat of Self-hatred, unforgiveness and powerlessness I heard a playful acronym that I just love at our last retreat. It is YAHOO: You Always Have Other Options!!! Believe me, I'm not just talking to you. I'm talking to myself too.

This brings us into the healing place of Self-Love and Forgiveness. Breathe In. Breathe Out. Repeat... Again and again and again. Relax. Let go of each passing moment. We all make mistakes. Instead of using them as a hammer to beat ourselves into submission how about a new beginning? How about a celebration of what we are learning? How about celebrating all the moments of our lives and accepting ourselves as is and celebrating the unfolding of a greater and greater Love, Joy, Passion and Compassion for ourselves and others? That's our true Identity. That's the true meaning of our Journey into Joy.

It takes great Courage to come out of our supposedly self-protective shells and acknowledge our mistakes. It is also from this place that our great Compassion and Connection with ourselves and each other can be seen, appreciated, reveled in, and shared. That's where our self-destructive heat becomes the warmth of Healing, Faith, Compassion, Understanding, Joy, Abundance, Wealth, Peace, Wholeness, Community.

There's much more than enough to go around. That is the great story of our true Nature. We are Infinity Incarnate. We are Unlimited. We are the millionaires and billionaires of shared Caring and Concern. Out of that vast Vision of Connection comes all that we are, all that we need. We are enough!!! We are more than enough!!! We are shared Joy!!!!!

You are invited to the celebration now in session. You are the ones we've been waiting for. There's always room for more. The healing and welcoming are in process. Namaste!