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Confidence: My 13th Power - September 2011

by Cathy Combs


September is a very special month to me. Not only is it the month we celebrate one of my very favorite High Holy days in the Goddess calendar, the Fall Equinox, it is the month I celebrate the day I threw away my braces. This year I celebrate the 37th anniversary of that momentous event.

This year is even more special because right now I am unfolding whole new levels of my dreams coming true in hugely magnified ways. My key word for 2011 is "Magnified Joy: I Like It!" That's my mantra and intention for this year.

It really is my mantra for my whole Life. It always has been, and always will be, my intention to live my Life from the highest, holiest intention I know. Joy is certainly the epitome of that Life Intention. The undergirding of that intention is Confidence.

I have spoken time and again about my understanding that Confidence is a spiritual quality. Confidence comes from the Latin root word, "Con fide," meaning "with Faith." When we understand who we are we can be nothing but Confidence Itself. I absolutely love knowing that Reality. Knowing that Reality vitally connects me with the spectacular specialness of Life, the Magnanimity and Generosity that mean so very much to me.

Here are some of my favorite quotes that reflect that uplifted Spirit:

"My Life is my message." Gandhi

"The basis of your Life is freedom. The purpose of your Life is Joy." Abraham teachings

"We're not so much learning lessons but having experiences each moment." Teri Wilder

"Resistance is not realizing how Power-full we are." Cathy Combs

"I have learned this at least, by my experiment (to go to Walden Pond and simplify my Life, to suck the marrow out of Life) that if one advances confidently in the direction of their dreams, and endeavors to live the Life they have imagined, they will meet with success unexpected in common hours." Henry David Thoreau

Thoreau's quote so completely epitomizes the Magnanimity and Magnificence of our humanity that I so love. It tells us so completely that our humanity is sacred and to be revered and treasured. That is precisely why I am living the Life I am living and doing the work I am doing.

All of these quotes inspire me because they reflect the Awareness we embody when we are Awake to how special we are. As we embody the vibration of Joy we uplift, inspire and change the world within us and around us. What a special way to live.

Living from the "inside out" we are attuned to our Nature as Power Itself. We move with a Peace, Ease, and Grace that carry us through each moment no matter what is happening.

We don't always see or know what is coming but when the moment is in front of us we meet it with Peace, Ease and Grace because we remember who we are. We take a moment to breathe, relax, center and move forward in Awareness. There is no resistance. There is no fear. We are centered in the moment. We are centered in our true Nature, Spirit Incarnate, the Wholeness and Vastness of the Universe.

Living from that perspective is a reverent and awe-inspiring place to be. It brings a smile to my face just considering that Place. It speaks of Unconditional Love which allows room for everyone and everything no matter what it is. That is a hugely expanded place to live from which means we are always aware that Change is constant. Growth is constant.

We always, always, always have Choice as a spiritual Gift. We can always choose how we will meet our Life circumstances. We can always choose how we will create our world. It doesn't mean control others. It doesn't mean control things from the outer. It means: Be Awake. Keep breathing. Relax. Enjoy. Appreciate. Give thanks. Be grateful.

In considering these Truths about the sanctity of our lives an Awareness that means a great deal to me is to realize we are born into this world time and again on an ever upward spiral of spiritual development. It is our very purpose to actualize the Divinity we are. Not everyone realizes that purpose, that process. Realizing that makes a difference in how we live our lives. When I remember that Truth I can hold the "less than" attitudes and actions with Compassion, Grace and Understanding realizing we are all on a never ending journey.

The fascinatingly great paradox is we are always learning and we already know and are all there is to be. Being Conscious of that great Truth makes the difference in our lives.

So, as we go forward into this beautiful, colorful, changing Season may we open to Joy, Peace, Power, and Abundance as never before. May we honor the sanctity of our humanity realizing we live in a here and now world. Heaven is right here right now. Hell is right here right now. We have the Power of Choice to create our world.

I choose: Grace. Expansiveness. Peace. Generosity. Joy. Confidence. Compassion. Understanding. Forgiveness. Rejuvenation. Awareness. Faith. Kindness. Magnanimity.

The list of my Choices is really endless but this is a beginning of the views that I fully intend to live from each moment.

I invite you into an expanded view and experience of who you are. I truly do believe we are all created to live from an expanded Joy and Generosity that are endless. As we give that Gift to ourselves we truly do lighten and enliven the world within us and all around us. All Aboard? The train is leaving the station now. Namaste to us all!!!!!