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The Harvest Moon Rises - October 2011

by Cathy Combs


I love this time of year. Mother Nature is so beautiful in all Her agricultural splendor. In the Goddess spiritual tradition we celebrate the New Year this month. The third harvest festival is celebrated as we continue the cycle toward winter.

This has been an amazing year as I continue my journey of selling my book, doing retreats, making new connections, and being showered with so many blessings.

As we celebrate the last harvest festival in this agricultural growing season I would like to share some thoughts on a way of life called "gift culture." In our Western world as we move toward Thanksgiving and Christmas I was particularly moved by the article I was reading on "gift culture."

This article and practice particularly impressed me because this gift culture is being practiced in one of the poorest nations in the world. The author was speaking to the issue that everything is valued. Nothing is wasted. They are very much in tune with the usefulness of everything. They do not live in a throw away culture as we Westerners do. They live from a tremendous sense of interdependence and community. Everyone and everything is valued. There is a tremendous sense of caring and generosity. They live from the understanding that value is inherent, not earned!!!

The paradox is particularly poignant to me because there is such vast spiritual and economic poverty in our nation, such a vast separation between people, as I read yet again of another teen killing himself due to the continuing harassment simply because he's gay.

The paradox, of course, is there is such tremendous generosity everywhere as well. Among the atrocities there is the unmistakable beauty, reverence and awe of so much too.

We have choice. We have a conscience. We have Consciousness Itself as a guide. In all my studies I am reminded again and again how vast the possibilities are.

In a book I just finished rereading for the second time I am reminded by the author, Adrianna Larkin, how vast the spectrum seemingly is between Love and fear. Adrianna's book, "Igniting The Sacred Fire: Reinventing Yourself At Any Age", is a personal, poignant sharing of her journey through the ebb and flow of staying true to her Sacred Fire, her music.

The personal Truth I love in all of Life is we all have tremendous Gifts to share. Those who commit horrific atrocities are just so disconnected from their Giftedness, so buried in self-hatred and fear, they don't see nor feel their inherent value and beauty.

That's where we come in time and time again. So many spiritual teachings speak to the value of Intention and Energy and Connectedness. We truly are all one!!! As we heal ourselves we heal each other. We heal the world. That is our one and only purpose!!!

A thought that is brand new to me right now is that as we grow in our spirituality we won't need mirrors to see how we're doing. We will have such inner Clarity we will know ourselves fully.

This is the dawning of the New Age we are moving into as we progress toward 2012, a time that represents the end of the fear-based culture and the dawning of the culture where we honor our inherent divinity.

As an educator, and simply a conscious caring human I've been on this empowerment journey a long time, long before I ever even knew what 2012 signifies for me now.

What I care about most is every moment, every day is an opportunity to express and share the infinite, inexhaustible, inherent Beauty of this world right here, right now. We are the Divine in Expression. As we live from that Awareness we shine the Beauty, Hope, Understanding and Compassion for all to see and experience and share.

We bring a new Harvest Moon into expression. We release the fear, guilt, regret, abuse, shame, blame we have learned and experienced. Rather than seeing ourselves and our world and resources as limited and fear-based we can choose to move out into a brand new Vision of ourselves as the Divine in Expression. We can allow room for the new Vision that science is so dramatically showing us now that matter and Spirit are one and the same Energy and Expression. They always have been and always will be. We have just been misinformed by our own ignorance and the intentional misinstruction of those who want to rule by fear and dominance.

The Giftedness that will carry us in and through this New Age that evolves and expands every day and every moment is Confidence, Compassion, Wisdom and Understanding and all the other spiritual Gifts that are the very fabric of who we are as spiritual beings having a human experience.

I'm thrilled to be alive in this time and place. I love my Life. I love what I'm doing. I know we're all on an endless shared journey growing into the full Expression and honoring of who we already are. Keep your eyes on the prize. You're it. You are wonderful. You are needed and important. May you always know it and feel it.

If you don't know it and feel it already may you allow room for the new Courage, Confidence, Wisdom and Understanding to fire you and inspire you to new levels of Generosity, Cooperation, and the Gift Culture that is our true inherent Nature.

Blessings of Joy and Abundance to you, one and all. I'll hold the mirror for you until you can know it for yourself. I know others are holding it for me too and I'm grateful. Thank you, Harvest Moon. I love You sincerely. Namaste. Peace. I'm out!!! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!