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The Greatest Love Of All - December 2011

by Cathy Combs


The greatest Love of all is recognizing we are Love Incarnate. I have spoken time and again about the Power of living our lives from the inside out. From this Awareness of who we are at our core we do great things. We bless, uplift and transform our world. Here's what this inner Knowing means to me right now. Last month I shared with you that I particularly honor the Native Americans, who much to their detriment, helped the Pilgrims survive that first winter. These Native Americans were the Wampanoag. What I further found out is even though their last native speaker died more than a century ago a "celebrated linguist, Jessie Little Doe Baird, is helping the Wampanoag revive their native language." This story is on KCPT, 10pm Independent Lens, titled, "We Still Live Here-- as Nutayunean." I'm thrilled to know of the saving of their language. I lived on the Chimewah reservation as an infant where my father taught English to a six grade class. I treasure the stories I was told from that experience. They're funny and inspiring.

Here's another beautiful story. A very dear friend of mine, Bukeka Shoals, is in South Africa right now helping the children in the orphanages there with her singing and her great shining loving Presence. I can't wait to hear about her experiences.

In the same vein, I just read about a family who has traveled to South Africa, to the province of KwaZulu-Natal and how that first trip so transformed their lives they go back every year because they formed such friendships there and they were so touched by the need there. This family has formed a nonprofit organization named Isipho (Zulu for gift). In the sweet way that the world is so small and connected I can't help but wonder if my friend and this family were in the very same village.

I also want to share my thoughts with you about the spiritual multiculturalism celebrated in December: the Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. Celebrating and honoring multiculturalism means so very much to me. I grew up in an all white neighborhood. The grade school I attended had one young girl of Hispanic and African American heritage. I can't help but wonder what she must've felt like in that sea of white faces. I then attended an integrated inner city high school. I loved it. I then attended KU where I met people from all over the world. I loved it. In graduate school in California I met even more.

I'm mentioning these stories and personal experiences because I truly believe it takes great Love, Confidence, and Courage to intentionally go outside of whatever belief system we experienced as children. I also believe that this is how Peace is possible. Being willing to ask the questions: Who am I really? Who are you really?

In this vein I want to particularly mention people I've met who are Muslims. Their core belief is Peace. I have met so many people from the Middle East. They are the sweetest, kindest people you can imagine. They are not terrorists.

I want to share with you in particular how going outside of the spiritual tradition I was raised in has exponentially influenced and enriched my life. I believe in Soul choices. I believe my Soul chose the spiritual tradition I was raised in so I could learn the Soul lessons I needed to learn in order to do the work that is mine to do in this lifetime. That is certainly not an understanding I was taught as a child. It is an understanding I have come to know through all the reading, teaching, and studying I have done.

I have always intuitively known that it is up to me to do what is mine to do. No matter what was going on outside of me or within me I always knew I could get through it successfully. I'm not saying it was always easy. It wasn't. I learned invaluable lessons about being vulnerable, asking for help, asking questions, listening to and observing myself and others. I believe we are exponentially loved by a benevolent Universe that many call God. I have come to know that this Presence is not outside of us. It is the very Essence of who we are. This now embodied Knowing has dramatically changed my Life. It is the subject of my next book, "Quantum Prayer: Book Three: Who Are You Really?"

I believe with all my heart that when we truly understand we are Love Incarnate we will bring Peace to the world because we will have brought our fully embodied Wholeness to our every experience, every moment. That is our Purpose...our heritage... our Identity!!!

Yes, I realize many people don't know that yet. I am not deterred. I know so very many people are learning that embodied Truth. People are understanding at a new level, and a new rapidity: Spirituality and science are one and the same: Different words: Same Reality: the Animating Principle of the Universe. We are all sacred individualized Expressions of this one and only Reality. Yes, we do look different. Yes, we do sound different. Yes, we do sometimes do horrible things. It's all part of the process of our Soul growth. We already are Love Incarnate. We are all growing into an embodied Awareness of this great Truth. It's an ongoing never-ending internal eternal unfolding process.

Very soon I am taking myself into a brand new environment where I will be volunteering in as yet unknown capacities with the children, parents and staff of perhaps the largest daycare system in the US. I love educating, uplifting and inspiring others. I know I will be educated, uplifted and inspired in return. That's how the Wheel of Life turns in Its wise and wonderful way. I can hardly wait. I met some of the faces who so desperately need to know that they are Love, and that they are Loved!!! I met many of the faces who are already so radiantly shining with Love and Light and have so much more to share and to spare. That is one of the prized definitions of Wealth and Prosperity that I so greatly love and cherish. That is the true wealth of nations: to know that we are Love Incarnate. All aboard? Are you ready? I sure am. Let's see what we can do. We're heading into 2012 which for many of the enlightened people that I so treasure symbolizes the worldwide Awareness that we are Divinity Actualized. I so look forward to this Awareness and Awakening. I am grateful for the opportunity and the invitation. We are so needed!!! That means you. That means me. That means everyone. There is more than enough Love to go around. There is more than enough Peace to go around. As we learn to cooperate we will heal rather than hurt. We will be Love where there was none. We will be Hope where there was none. We will learn that when we share we multiply our resources and we divide our sorrows. I love that worldview. Welcome aboard!!!!!! Let's open our hearts and minds and enjoy and share this amazing adventure together. Ready??