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Heretics & Heroes: Part II of XII - February 2012

by Cathy Combs


Heretics: Those brilliant, courageous free thinkers who are so far ahead of the curve they see around the corners where the blind can't see. My heroes include: Joan of Arc, Mary Magdalen, Galileo, Michael Servetus, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Rev. Theodore Parker, Margaret Fuller, Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox, Bishop John Shelby Spong, Dr. Barbara McClintock, Dr. Stephen Hawking. I'm sure there are thousands of other names who would make my list.

Perhaps you can tell by my list of heroes that heretic goes beyond a religious term. Even if you think you know the story of my heroes' lives I encourage you to look again. Whatever you do, do not rely on what is in your textbooks from long ago. Do more reading. You'll be shocked, amazed and motivated by what you discover. I assure you!

Can you imagine living in a world where you are 30 or 50 or 600 years ahead of your time? Can you imagine what that feels like? What Courage it takes to live that Life? Can you imagine holding to your Truth and then the world finally catches up to where you've already been and then you receive the Nobel Prize for Chemistry or the Pulitzer Prize for Literature? That wasn't their motivation. I feel more like it was the world's way of saying: Thank you for your Brilliance. I'm sorry I didn't understand you sooner.

Heretic, as I am using the word, is a social concept that attempts to define Truth as someone else's definition, certainly not ours. Needless to say I reject that attempt to limit what my Inner Wisdom tells me. So did these brave courageous souls. That is the very foundation of progress: To think for ourselves: To understand we have an unfailing Inner Wisdom that guides us.

We are Spirit Incarnate. As we continue to get God out of the sky and live from Spirit within, then and only then will Peace come to Earth because we have awakened to the Truth of our being. We have awakened to our "response-ability" to live from Excellence.

I have said repeatedly that all the avatars of all religions, all disciplines, they are the Great Examples, not the Great Exceptions!!! They recognized themselves as examples. They repeatedly said that whatever they can do we can do. They did not set themselves apart. Religion did that. It is important that we awaken to that Truth.

It means so very much to me that we awaken to the Joy of what living from the inside out feels like, to what we all can do. Those who are ahead of the curve they are awake! They are alive to the Intelligence I AM. They are undaunted by criticism.

What I really love is even though some of these great individuals lost their lives for living their Truth (Joan of Arc and Michael Servetus were burned alive at the stake), their Greatness, their Integrity is alive in the fabric of the Universe impelling us forward, upward, onward. They were unwilling to conform to the norm. They knew there is a higher order: their Integrity and Natural Brilliance indicated the radiant Truth. They say to all of us: Be willing to shine your Light and Live from your Truth. What greater Gift could there be to give the world?

Dr. Doreen Virtue shares the message from one of her angel cards, "Don't descend. Others will soon join you in shining the Light for all to see." That's what Courage is. That's what Faith is. That's what Confidence is.

It's a reminder to me that others do see us. They see the Light. They are shining theirs too. They'll join us. Hang on!!! The next higher level is reached as we all continue onward, upward, forward.

I'm so grateful that Unity, an organization I love so very much, is speaking publicly about the New Atheism. This article is in the January/February 2012 issue of Unity Magazine. It is so important that we get past this God in the sky image. It's time for us to recognize the divinity of our humanity. That's the opportunity of 2012 and each and every moment. Fear is not our identity. It is our wake up call impelling us toward a new answer, a re-looking at what we are doing, a re-framing of our lives from a holistic, not dualistic, vantage point.

The heretics of today will lead us forward to a new visioning, a new future based in Love, Generosity, Confidence, Joy, Faith, and Abundance. We are Enough. The time is now. It's never been better.

Heretics are motivated by their own inner authority, not some status quo imposed by some outer "other." Inner Authority is the Ultimate Wisdom inherent in all of Life. The hallmark of Inner Authority, Inner Wisdom, is Peace. Action without Peace is belligerence, an absence of Peace and Wisdom.

A hallmark of heretics is a deeply devoted understanding of the sanctity of our humanity, a connectedness with all of Life. They may not use those words but that is their prime motivator as I understand it.

By that definition I am happy and proud to identify as a heretic. I follow what I am guided to do and say in each moment. I recognize that I am the Divine in Expression as we all are. Matter and Spirit are one and the same: Two Expressions of One Reality.

This is the great great healing unifying Understanding of 2012 and beyond. I am so thrilled that I keep meeting more and more leaders in so many places, so many disciplines who recognize in their own words and their own way that we are one humanity and one world. We don't have to say the same thing. We can, however, learn to listen with and from a compassionate open heart. Love speaks volumes. No words need to be said. A smile, open arms, extended hands communicate the message loud and clear.

I am here to be a hero for myself and all others. I look to this day when we all embody, internalize, that Great Reality. Now is the time. I am Ready!!! Will you join me??? I am so looking forward to meeting you and working with you to bring Peace to Earth. Yes!